Thursday, November 6, 2014


Prime Minister Narendra Modi exhorted citizens of our nation to take in SWATCHA BHARAT ABHIYAN during Republic day speech and thereafter launched country wide programme. We all keep complaining about our dirty public places and we all know the importance of cleanliness. Therefore I am not going to write much on the necessity of cleanliness. From TV channels, other media and also we experience that this cleanliness mission is not getting the drive as it should get because of deep rooted apathy towards cleanliness. To inculcate proper civic sense, this drive should be continued for one generation atleast otherwise the habit of living in self-created garbage. So here are some very practical suggestions to atleast ensure that individual garbage creation is less.

-         Please identify a place or a corner outside your place of residence and adopt it for cleanliness drive. Clean it every week regularly. Desist others from dumping garbage in the selected place whenever you find somebody about to dump. Do it regularly.

-         Please instruct servants how to and where to dump your garbage. Many times without proper instructions the servants just dump at the nearest and easiest place available the moment they come outside the house with garbage. People frown at the households who have not instructed the servants.

-         Those who keep pets should always carry a polyethylene bag and news paper. One should not feel shy in collecting the POO of the pet and throwing it in the garbage dump. It shows good etiquettes. An owner not cleaning the POO is as bad as squatting outside for defecation.

-         Try and do community cleaning every week with your children along for about an hour outside the house. It will give healthy exercise and would inculcate cleanliness values to next generation. It will also creat sense of belongingness towards the vicinity area and would compel you to keep it clean always.

-         Please lessen EGO for cleanliness. Many times when it comes to cleaning an area which does not belong to us our ego comes in between. We start searching for excuses for not cleaning. This is actually job of corporation, only last week only I cleaned the place, people dirty it  - I am not their servant to clean and they dirty the place. Take cleaning the surroundings as a mission this would make you more tolerant and persuasive when others don’t cooperate.

-         Be regular in cleaning the selected corner / place. Take pride in keeping it clean, be restless when it is not clean, this sense of restlessness would come if you grow sense of belonging and attachment with the selected place. Try to do so.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Shri Rajan Vichare forced the catering supervisor to eat the Chapati in order to show him the bad quality of the chapatti. This act was seen by many on TV news channels. Even if the act was done just to show the quality of the food, the act itself is despicable, and should be unequivocally condemned. This amounts to manhandling of a person and trespassing personal freedom. It also amounts to insult of the individual and trying to hurt that catering supervisors self-esteem.

In a society, people judge a person on his external acts rather than on his intentions and thinking. Our image is built by our deeds and not by our intentions. This is more applicable to public figures and even more to elected members. Even if there was a need of taking corrective action for the quality of food was not good, this is not the way to do. To trespass other persons freedom amounts to showing extreme arrogance. Mr Rajan Vichare’s actions amounts to just that. Arrogance of power. As an elected member of parliament he had all the power to take executive action against faltering catering supervisor instead without thinking Mr Rajan Vichare displayed his arrogance of power and immaturity.

In this context the only way is Mr Rajan Vichare should publicly apologize to catering supervisor. Also other political parties should not give this act a Hindu Muslim colour and should show some maturity of thought and action.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


While delivering a lecture on Mahatma Ayyankali two days ago, Arundhati Roy called Mahatma Gandhi a castiest. “It is part of a political conspiracy to perpetuate the caste system that such heroes are never celebrated. All the while, the nation has been fed on centuries of lies about “mahatmas,” who never openly renounced the caste system but instead, advocated that the hereditary occupation of people who belonged to a particular caste ought to be the maintained social order, she said “The story of Gandhi that we have been told, is a lie. It is time to unveil a few truths, about a person whose doctrine of nonviolence was based on the acceptance of a most brutal social hierarchy ever known, the caste system. Gandhi believed that a scavenger should always remain a scavenger. Do we really need to name our universities after him?” Ms. Roy said.


Now everyone knows about Mahatma Gandhi, Sawarkar who alongwith Mahatma Phule and Mahatma Ayyankali were at the forefront to eradicate caste system. To remember Mahatma Ayyankali and Mahatma Phule doesn’t require to critisize Mahatma Gandhi. Mr Arundhati typical of her attitude to remain in public glare, often comes out with such outrageous comments.


She has earlier shown her anti national colours and now she has shown her disrespect to our father of nation. Just to remain in public glare, one cannot denounce others. This is what Kejriwal also does.


One can have differences of opinion but we cannot forget the work done for our freedom movement by these great men. Winning a Booker doesn’t grant someone a license to make irresponsive comments.  

Friday, May 23, 2014


First it was legislature, then executive now it is judiciary. Kejriwal in order to remain in limelight, does a drama a day. He threw up Chief Ministership for Prime Ministership – displaying tremendous lust for power. That did not happen. In order to remain relevant, has started this new stunt. Knowing very well the procedure of the court, just for the sake of getting noticed, Kejriwal refuses to submit a bond. His second in command Yogendra Yadav, a much sensible man, have done it. Kejriwal blames the system. He writes a letter from the jail and tries to justify his doing which is nothing but contrary to the judicial procedure.

Leveraging the fact that he is at present in the jail, AAP is now planning a door to door campaign. Hope Delhi people don’t get fooled again by his gimmicks and put a firm NO when Delhi election happens.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


In Delhi elections (Dec 2013) AAP became second largest party with 28 seats and formed the government with Congress support. Though he was CM, Kejriwal did not stop using cheap publicity tactics and anarchist ways.  In order to reap rich dividends in General elections, Kejriwal driven by his ambitions resigned as CM and entered the fray. He thought that once again he would come winner like in assembly polls. Hastily, without any homework, picked up some names and declared them as most corrupt. Mr Nitin Gadkari was one such name. Promptly Gadkari slapped a defamation case against Mr Kejriwal. Court during the hearing made scathing remarks on Mr Kejriwal and directed him to submit Rs 10, 000 as surety. Now Kejriwal having lost both Varanasi and Delhi sensed another opportunity to display his gimmicks. He promptly refused to submit 10, 000 Rs bond and therefore was ordered for judicial custody till 23 May 14.

The case is entirely subjudice and  legislature or executive is not involved in it. Though now AAP in Delhi has started false propaganda that just because he has taken against Mr Nitin Gadkari, BJP is being vindictive therefore they have sent him to jail. This is nothing but shear propaganda in order to garner sympathy votes for ensuing Delhi elections, which are being forced upon AAP on the people by heckles resignation by Kejriwal.

People of our country in general and of Delhi in particular are intelligent enough to see through the game plan of Kejriwal and once again they would give a fitting reply to AAP in the elections. BJP should be cautious in dealing with this anarchist and gimmick mongering Kejriwal.

Monday, May 12, 2014


One of the ten fundamentals of Rashtravrat is ‘Hone your skills, pursue your hobby and exercise your body’.

We all agree that exercise is a must. For whatever health care system government or private sector offers us, whatever insurance cover we get, whatever support system we may have, still unless we don’t exercise we will not remain healthy, energetic and cheerful.  Being fit and trim enhances our presentation and soft skills. We need to exercise our body regularly for at least one hour every day. We have to be selfish in pursuing this for keeping oneself healthy throughout our life. We can achieve this by making a tailor made exercise regime suitable for our body consisting of some breathing exercise, some jogging in the morning, some rigorous house cleaning schedule or some dance form. What is important is regularity. If we do it regularly for say 21 days it will become a habit.

Primarily there are two types of exercises. One is based on weight training by using external gadgets and second type of exercise is based on using the weight of oneself. Each type has positive and negative points which should be studied and adopted by the individual as is suitable. In the first case, weights, treadmill or a gymnasium is required. Here external weights are used against which our body applies force outcome of which is our muscles get exercised and get formed. Positive point about this type of exercise is, our body looks sculpted. The negative points are a weight trainer is required; it is expensive and time consuming. External weights and gadgets are more useful for professional body builders, those into acting field and stage performers. In the second case our own body weight is used to impart exercise and to tone muscles like in sit ups, pushups, pull ups, Suryanamaskaras and different Yogasanas. Positive aspect is it is less time consuming, less expensive and does not require any infrastructure. Negative point is, the body remains lean and thin and muscle development is not evident to the extent of the external weight training method. This method is suitable for individuals who are not into showbiz. In fact this is the best method for people who are into sedentary jobs.

Here second type of exercise (using our own body weight) regime is discussed. This exercise is to be carried out in two phases –

First Phase of Exercise - To be carried out early morning with empty stomach. Avoid cacophony of sounds. For pranayama or breathing exercise, the best seating position is Virasana. Breathing exercises should be regularly attempted to get the results. One may not get results instantly. Atleast six months are required for anyone to start noticing positive effects on the body and health. Start with a small prayer which has been constructed by the person himself in his mother tongue. The prayer should be short. It should last for two to three minutes and should contain self-conditioning thoughts.  Carry out pranayama consisting of Kapalbhati, anulom vilom and Dhyan. Kapalbhati, anulom vilom to be increased gradually. To start with kapalbhati to be carried out 28 times, then increased to 108 and then gradually to around 400 times. Same with anulom vilom start with 28 times and increase it to 108 times. The mind should be conditioned to remain happy throughout the day. This should be achieved repeating to self that being happy is a state of mind and to remain happy is a decision that one has to take against all daily worries and work. Duration should be around 30 minutes. When carried out regularly, without realization of the individual, the regimen gets optimally developed to suit the health requirements of the performing individual.

Second Phase of Exercise – While the time of the day for first phase is critical, one can carry out this phase at his free time. Typically it should start with jogging and running upto 3 kms.  it goes without saying that run / jog distance to be increased gradually. Followed by 12 suryanamaskaras. This must be followed by neck exercises to take care for those sedentary computer professionals who run a risk of cervical spondylitis. For exercising the neck, apply pressure by the left palm to push the head and resist the pressure firmly with the neck. Hold till 30 counts. Same exercise should be repeated by pushing head towards left by right palm and then with the palm, push head downwards, upwards, towards front and rear. This exercise is very effective on cervical spondylitis.  
Read about Rashtravrat to know more about it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


On 22 Apr 14 Shazia Ilmi supposed to be educated abroad and having liberal modern views has showed her limits and also exposed the double of Aam Aadmi Party in general and Arwind Kejriwal in particular. While speaking to muslim community elders in Mumbai, Shazia Ilmi exorted them to become communal and vote. When confronted she told actually her usage of communal was not political but she meant that muslims should not forget their community interests and therefore vote for AAP candidate. Now dictionary meaning of communal is exactly same – to think and act in the interests of a community. Our society is composed of different communities and within that if one community sets a vision of looking after its own community disregarding others is called communal mindset. Intolerance and exclusivist attitude is displayed out of this narrow vision. Shazia has done just that. She has gone further and told muslim community that their vote should be communal means, they should vote together for a particular candidate. Shazia Ilmi has shown her colours and that too very soon in politics thay she is blatantly communal. Arwind Kejriwal who always point fingers at others and leaves no opportunity to show how only he and his party is good, constitutional and uncorrupt. According to them only therefore they are fit to govern and get the votes. Arwind Kejriwal has time and again shown that he shies away from walking the talking which he tom toms. He did that when he asked for big bunglow for himself. He ducked the question. Then he backed Somnath Bharati when the loud mouth was wrong in his handling the police. Arwind Kejriwal then did the stunt of organizing dharna while he was Chief Minister and tried to hog the limelight. Arwind Kejriwal is silent again on yesterday's Shazia Ilmi’s communal call. Everytime something wrong happens Arwind Kejriwal chooses not to respond and we can see on television his foot soldiers ducking the questions.
Mr Kejriwal please accept that, your party is one of the many political parties in India and nothing different. Infact instead of Kejriwal, the youth of this country and others should understand that AAP is no different party. It has already shown how weak it is on the issue of governance, experiencing the mess that was created in 49 day rule of AAP in Delhi. It has already shown how intolerant this party is when their workers along with Ashutosh gatecrashed the BJP office in Delhi. Their party has now shown that how communal the party is. They are not in power anywhere, otherwise sooner we could have seen how corrupt the party is. Infact the degradation of AAP is faster than even the worst political party in India.    
Once again sane citizens beware and don’t vote for such a party of double speak. Citizens don’t waste your vote.

Friday, March 7, 2014




Read this – speaking at the event in Jaipur in the morning of 07 Mar 14, Kejriwal said Mr Modi did not meet the media, travelled in private plane, got down to give a speech and then flew back. Further referring to this, he said that, the way of giving speeches by Modi is not democracy and as per paper reports right after his speech, the AAP leader rushed out of the venue without meeting media persons who had been waiting for over an hour, and flew back to New Delhi in a private long range plane.

Read this – Arvind Kejriwal has not vacated his house which was allotted to him when he was Chief Minister nor has he applied for extension. He was a former 'babu' and knows the rules very well.

Read this – Arvind Kejriwal has not given any indication to investigate into the alleged violent protests at BJP HQ. They had announced that they have internal lokpal committee under Yogendra Yadav. Which is till now  only a hogwash.


To top it, we had to tolerate the nightmarish governance of Delhi when he was there for 49 days. I am in Delhi and could see the poor governance (or no governance at all) in Delhi. In 49 days not only he misgoverned it but gave subsidy worth crores without bothering into going for proper vote of account and therefore most of the subsidy would be negated in coming months. There are many things which proves the misgovernance or no governance at all.


So the intention of Kejriwal is well proven – to grab the power at any cost.

Sane citizens beware of such anarchist and mobocrazy guys of AAP.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Arvind Kejriwal was detained in Gujrat for violating model code. The moment this happened, Kejriwal started blaming Gujrat chief minister. This was followed by well-orchestrated and violent maoist style protests against BJP by AAP workers at Delhi, Lucknow and other places. In Delhi there was a pre-planned demonstration which was violent and led by Ashutosh the journalist who joined AAP recently. This was planned demonstration as a mass SMS was circulated for gathering the supporters. The mob was led by Ashutosh who is contesting from Delhi and everybody saw that first he scaled the gate and tore the BJP poster and then was feigning to pacify the crowds, so that he may get absolved in the rioting case when model code of conduct is in place. The camera did its job! People have seen him as an arrogant spokesperson of AAP earlier on Television channels. Prashant Bhushan spoke to media and tried to tell the same story of victimization. Ever since AAP has come to power in Delhi, they have adopted a similar pattern to catch eyeballs and get attention of the public in order to popularize the parrty – Act against the law, use anarchist, maoist and violent means to protest, call everyone Chor and then show that they are victims. Arvind Kejriwal has learnt to act like a simple man having lot of cough and cold when confronted. Just to show how harassed he is still he is doing so much for the country! He likes to be shown as the most wronged person on earth. Every time he is confronted with law he declares he is ready to die for the country.  Day by day it is becoming clear - this party wants to make headlines at any cost. They are not into serious governance as was displayed and experienced by people of Delhi when it was badly governed by AAP. No sane persons would support such a party. Only people having maoist and anarchist attitude support AAP. This party is fast becoming a party of mobocracy believers and its leaning are strikingly towards Left.
Sane and nationalist citizens – beware of AAP. Think twice before exercising your vote.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Arwind Kejriwal has resigned.        
The real story behind is like this –
Poll predictions and different voter surveys suggested that in 2014 Loksabha elections AAP would get 7 to 8 seats which was not fitting in Kejriwal's design. There was a dire need to create a situation where AAP appeared as a martyr, to blame both Congress and BJP and also to have an escape route to come out of the Delhi government. While in the Govt, Kejriwal was not available for party affairs and also was not able to concentrate on Loksabha polls. Since Kejriwal is the only known face of AAP, there was no other option but to make him free, shown as an activist and contest Loksabha polls on his name. AAP thinks that doing this would improve the seat tally further. Therefore the game plan was hatched around two weeks back by AAP. The whole resignation drama was enacted as per the decided script.
The first step was to call a press conference and file FIR on an issue which is already in the court and take big names of Central Ministers and Mukesh Ambani in the FIR.
The second step was to quickly reward the supporters of AAP who defaulted in payment of the electricity bills during last year AAPs agitation so that in case of snap polls there is a sure shot ready support base or vote bank.
The third step in the script was to create a situation where the tabling of bill itself becomes a contentious issue as regards to the Transaction of Business Rules.
The fourth step was to somehow resign and blame it on Congress and BJP. Having done that now Arwind Kejriwal is free to start Loksabha Campaign.
Arwind Kejriwal resigned on the frivolous issue of not being able to table the bill. In the first place the bill was purposefully not introduced properly as per the transaction rules. Here are some facts –
(a)  Delhi public was consulted (or atleast a show was done) when AAP wanted to form the govt and a referendum was taken. Why was it not taken then before resigning as Chief Minister?
(b)  The moment he resigned AAP declared that, they would contest more than 300 seats and an announcement of country wide rallies was made, which shows it was decided and scripted earlier than his resignation.
(c)  They got defeated during the bill introduction stage not on any other account. His support was intact. There was no reason to resign he could have concentrated on other 17 issues on which he formed the government and then tackled this issue but it seems they never wanted to govern it seriously. It shows that they wanted to make use of this govt to further their agenda of contesting Loksabha elections.
(d)  Arwind Kejriwal comes out with mostly hit and run type outlandish allegations terming all others corrupt except him. This is a classic case of demagogue who wants to cash on ignorance of the public, extreme populism and extreme narcissism.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Aam Aadmi Party scoffs at ideology. They say it is for the pundits and the media to indulge in ideology. They say that they are solution focused rather than ideology driven. Solution focused thinking originated from its founders Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg in Milwaukee and now occurs in an increasingly wide range of individual and group contexts.


This is why the party speaks in many languages as there is no ideology that binds them. Every person in Aam Aadmi Party thinks he is a leader and a prominent leader. Next that self proclaimed leader arrives at a solution of the problem as he comprehends and offers a solution. This is combined by the the haste in implementing it. Prashant Bhushan (who donated Rs 1 Cr to the party! and so practically calls the shots in the party) says that there should be a referendum in Kashmir on whether Army should be deployed in Kashmir or not. Mr Bhushan with his comprehension has solved the problem and gave solution post haste! Kejriwal says we (or I?) don’t agree to what Prashant Bhushan says.


The fact of the matter is any person who knows the history of the region would never say what Mr Bhushan advocates.



Like Mr Bhushan’s solution on Kashmir, for Mr Kejriwal there is a solution of protest for every problem. He protests in defence of Mr Somnath Bharti. He protests if some crime has taken place. He may soon protest when power outages happen in Delhi. People want to see governance not protests.


The solutions emerge from the study of the subject. The study gives insight into the problems. Insight gives birth to conviction. Convictions are translated into an ideology.


Leader plays on a larger canvass and has greater vision. He can mould the opinion of the people and also address a long standing issue. With a myopic vision, a manager addresses day to day issues. Bigger problems cannot be solved with such an attitude. In this context, there is a bill in the offing called ‘Nagar Swaraj Act or Mohalla Sabha Bill’. This bill is again a solution for bringing out more participation of people in decision making or more decentralization or making democracy more participative than mere representative. This bill has some additional provisions of right to recall a public servant, lodge a FIR and some more provisions. Now this is again a solution invented by Aaam Aadmi Party to the existing problem of less participation, corrupt politicians, lethargic police and inefficient governance. AAP must understand that this Bill is not a novel solution nor is the answer to the problem. Earlier local panchayats with far more moral authority and moral powers used to effectively solve day to day problems. Panchayati raj is still in vogue. There are problems in panchayati raj also and there will be problems in the new system which AAP wants to bring. There would be charges of corruption, anarchy, inefficiency in the new system also. Any system gets its character by the people who are in the system - the citizens. Whether it is participative or representative. People who make the system give the colour to it. The color of being corrupt, being lethargic, being inefficient or of misgovernance. So the question arises is why this new system?


We don’t want to be in constant election mode. We dont require Kejriwals so called 'Swaraj'. We have achieved Swaraj, what we yearn for is 'Surajya' other wise with mohalla sabhas again one day we will find the committee members as corrupt, lethargic and inefficient, then there will be yet another demand for a system of ‘Galli Sabha’ brought by some other Kejriwal in some other time. What we require is to galvanise the same system. Therefore we require leaders not managers. We require ideology not solution focussed half cooked answers. A manager plans, organise and coordinates an event where as a leader inspires and motivates. Kejriwal and party are managers whereas we require a Leader.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014



“I am an anarchist”. “We will fill Rajpath with our workers on Republic Day”. “ Let all Delhi Police take leave, and join Aam Aadmi Dharna in plain clothes” these were the statements from Aam Aadmi Party convener Mr Arwind Kejriwal while addressing the mob, during dharna at Rail Bhawan. Mr Arwind Kejriwal as Chief Minister made these statements!

His cohorts (Read Mr Ashutosh say that definition of Anarchist has to be changed if Arwind Kejriwal has used this word. Mr Ashutosh calls TV media men as dictators.

“ मैं जेटली और सालवे पर थुकता हूं।“ These are statements of Mr Somnath Bharti, Cabinet rank minister of Arwind Kejriwal.

Delhi witnessed chaos inflicted by AAM AADMI PARTY for last two days. At the end as a face saver AAM AADMI Party got three Police men sent on leave till finalization of enquiry. Mr Arwind Kejriwal earlier justified the actions of Mr Bharti and to prove his backing he demanded sacking of police men. When that did not happen, Chief Minister in order to save his minister got his cadres to stage a drama of dharna. Ideally Mr Somnath Bharati should have quit till investigations are over if the party were different as they claim, but instead Mr Kejriwal chose to defend him like any other party.

Since the formation of Government in Delhi we have been hearing insensitive arrogant statements from Chief Minister and his colleagues. Mr Yogendra Yadav, as if not aware of what is happening, tries to assuage the feelings of the masses by his soft tongue. Their speakers and media spoke persons are arrogant and try to give a feeling that they all are in the government and are here to teach a lesson to everybody on morality.

Mr Kejriwal, real meaning of Lal Batti Culture is preferential treatment to chosen few in the Government and the most visible symbol of it is “Lal Batti” atop a government vehicle. Today you may have shunned that “Lal Batti” from your car, but in practice by protecting your Cabinet Minister and sacking aam aadmi Police man, you have succumbed to the very same culture. Removing Lal Batti has become one of your many gimmicks, Mr Kejriwal.

AAM AADMI PARTY has become like any other party in terms of culture and display of power. Worst is they have declared themselves as anarchist. We must decide whether we want to be part of AAM POLITICAL PARTY which is also anarchist. No sane person should join the party of anarchists.

Tail Piece: In Army if an Army Officer or anybody of any rank incite others against the establishment, then he gets court marshaled and thrown out of Army. Kejriwal has done this publicly as a CM and legal notice should be served to him.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


“ Personally I did not want to contest Loksabha polls, but the party feels that I should. I will therefore contest not to become prime minister but to establish Swaraj in the country” Arwind Kejriwal spoke on 18 Jan. – Rajiv Gandhi came to politics using these lines, Rahul Gandhi used these lines, 'aam' political leaders use this line and join politics. All leaders of every political party says this line - I don’t want to, but people forced me to contest.


“ No sitting MLA would be given Loksabha ticket” Now rules have been changed for Arwind Kejriwal, how correct was Mr Binny in narrating the inner party confusion of AAP.


“ We are not against any race, country, caste or religion it was media that made AAP racist” Arwind Kejriwal said on 18 Jan 14. Again Arwind Kejriwal in order to support his erred cabinet minister gave this statement. Every party blames media when allegations start hurting it. Being racist, corrupt or communal everything is media creation. Easiest excuse a politician could give is to say everything is media creation, which is what Arwind has done. In the same manner of Arwind, one can say that AAP is not a serious party it is a media creation. Congress is not a corrupt party it is a media creation.


Arwind Kejriwal has been allotted C II – 23 as official residence (18 Jan 14). This is a CPWD house at Tilak lane, Lutyens, near India Gate, New Delhi. This is from central pool and not from New Delhi quarters. This is a 1600 sq feet house with lawn and garage! These houses are actually meant for central government officers. By giving this one Central govt officer would be denied a house. The house is old so naturally big, spacious. The stance of no houses for AAP ministers has been flouted by none other than Arwind himself. Why seek publicity on such gimmicks when it is not possible to adhere to?


Ideological confusion, intraparty indiscipline, arrogant talk of various new members on various TV channels, the racist actions of Mr Bharti and their volunteer goons, the immature actions of Ms Birla, the flipflops and publicity gimmicks of Arwind Kejriwal and sudden emergence of some self-aggrandizing personalities like Mr Ashutosh who think that they are now solution givers for our country indicates the anarchist tendencies which should be stopped as soon as possible by sane aam  people of our country.


AAP is an example how  fast a political party could become an ‘aam’ political party just like many others in the country.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Arwind Kejriwal says for 2014 general elections, the fight is between AAP and BJP. True as it is Congress party’s prop. The game plan was accomplished in Delhi. They want to repeat the same formula for general elections.

AAP started with opposing Congress and will end up supporting Congress or getting support from Congress.

AAPs stand on Kashmir articulated by Prashant Bhushan is highly anti national. Like minded people get attracted and so I would not get surprised if in coming days Ms Arundati Roy joins AAP. Their confused thoughts on FDI is another indicator of ideological bankruptcy.

Monday, January 6, 2014


I had earlier blogged about AAP’s tunneled vision (Read tailpiece of  ). My worst fears have come true. Prashant Bhushan has reiterated AAPs view about India. The talk of referendum for every aspect is a show of weakness as a nation and as a mature democracy. This is the second time in last few months Prashant Bhushan has come out with his views on Kashmir. He says that there should be a referendum on Army’s presence there in Kashmir. Tomorrow these AAP people would demand referendum on Kashmir itself. Prashant Bhushan had earlier said this. When people started criticizing the stand, the party did a quick U turn just to save its image. This is an old trick. Make a comment, if people gulp it develop it into an issue, if people reject it make a U turn and say that it was misquoted.

In contrast this is what a mature party should do - Soon after Abraham Lincoln was elected to the presidency in November 1860, seven southern states seceded from the Union. In March 1861, after he was inaugurated as the 16th President of the United States, four more followed.

The secessionists claimed that according to the Constitution every state had the right to leave the Union. Lincoln claimed that they did not have that right. He opposed secession for these reasons:

(a)  Physically the states cannot separate.

(b)  Secession is unlawful.

(c)  A government that allows secession will disintegrate into anarchy.

(d)  That Americans are not enemies, but friends.

(e)  Secession would destroy the world's only existing democracy, and prove for all time, to future Americans and to the world, that a government of the people cannot survive.

Referendum in Kashmir when its demography is skewed shows corrupt thinking of AAP leaders. For a one year old party, AAP is graduating fast towards self-destruction and if this is their stance and people support them then there is a danger to sovereignty of our country.

AAP - The self proclaimed crusaders of anti corruption plank are now indulging in a higher form of corruption – Corrupt thought, which is far more harmful than monetary corruption. Populism should not be exploited so much so that it starts hurting the core of our Nation - integrity.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


A duplex house on Bhagwan Das road was allotted to Chief Minister of Delhi Arwind Kejriwal and the keys were handed over to him. One part having 3000 sq feet would his house and the other part would be his office.


He was almost set to enter that house, but the news is some voters called him and told that this may go against his image of his ‘spartan’ nature. Following the phone calls of aam aadmi, now he has rejected the house.


Chief Minister would be very soon be given another house, now whether it would be 3000 Sq Feet house or less or slightly more that is just a discussion issue. Chief Minister should get a house. Nothing wrong in this but when the issue is used to show case the ‘spartan’ style in keeping with the image of the Chief Minister for furthering the new agenda of AAP of going national, seeds of doubt are sown. The sincerity is suspect.


Communist parties for long used to show case this spartan style in Bengal, in fact Buddhadeb used to stay in his own house when he was Chief Minister of West Bengal (though he was doing it for Jyoti Basu). Jan Sangh leaders often used to live a life of spartan. Even Dr Harshavardhan stays in his own small house. BJP leaders like Ram Bhau Mhalgi used to stay in his small house all through his life even when he was elected as Member of Parliament number of times. Same was the case with Prof Ram Kapse. There are many. As compared it must be noted that Arvind Kejriwal has fast graduated from ‘NO’ to sarkari house to ‘YES’ to allotted house.



Wednesday, January 1, 2014


As promised Arwind Kejriwal announces rate cut in power tariffs – I was reading the news paper. I remembered my days in Indian Military Academy or IMA as it is called. Few days prior to passing out parade, when we were in Indian Military Academy undergoing Army Officer’s gruelling course, we were briefed by our Commandant on the conduct of young officers in and Army unit. “In the unit you have to be careful. Your activities should be such that you should become a role model for others and should be liked by your Jawans. Remember in the unit, you would be looking by your two eyes but sixteen hundred eyes (a unit has around 800 jawans!) would be constantly looking at you”. He cautioned us and exhorted us to not to succumb to cheap popularity. “Cheap popularity will not carry you for long. People see through you. Try to be fair to others and act without prejudices. In the long run, people will regard you for your balanced and fair approach rather than freebies you dole out in order to garner popularity”.

AAP had contested the election on the plank that they would weed out corruption in the three power distribution companies and bring the tariffs down by 50 %. Manage the economy well and with these policies in place, automatically the power tariffs would come down. The benefit accrued from fine management and corruption less distribution would then be passed on to “aam aadmi” in bringing down the power tariffs.

In order to hurry in completing the poll promise what we get is a subsidy. In the second week of AAP governance what we get is 50 % lower tariffs by absorbing the costs by Govt. This amounts to a subsidy of 200 Cr with a rider that out of it 140 Crs would be taken back from power companies and 60 Cr from the Government. Today we don’t even know that these power companies would be ready to give back 140 Cr rupees and we might end up in getting all 200 Cr from Government coffers. Governments succumb to cheap popularity and subsidy is the easiest vehicle to ride on. The power companies may go bankcrupt in giving back 140 Cr to the government, thus affecting the power distribution. This kind of government bail out is the easiest way as the repercussions would be felt after few years and probably by the next Government. If subsidy was the solution then why only 50 %. Tomorrow in the next election a party may come up with a promise of bringing down power tariffs by 70 % or another party would go ahead and promise 100 % free power.

What we require is fair distribution of power without leakages and availablility of 24 X7 stabilised electricity and not cheap popularity resulting from reduction of tariffs by subsidizing from the govt coffers. The worst fears have come through.