Sunday, January 5, 2014


A duplex house on Bhagwan Das road was allotted to Chief Minister of Delhi Arwind Kejriwal and the keys were handed over to him. One part having 3000 sq feet would his house and the other part would be his office.


He was almost set to enter that house, but the news is some voters called him and told that this may go against his image of his ‘spartan’ nature. Following the phone calls of aam aadmi, now he has rejected the house.


Chief Minister would be very soon be given another house, now whether it would be 3000 Sq Feet house or less or slightly more that is just a discussion issue. Chief Minister should get a house. Nothing wrong in this but when the issue is used to show case the ‘spartan’ style in keeping with the image of the Chief Minister for furthering the new agenda of AAP of going national, seeds of doubt are sown. The sincerity is suspect.


Communist parties for long used to show case this spartan style in Bengal, in fact Buddhadeb used to stay in his own house when he was Chief Minister of West Bengal (though he was doing it for Jyoti Basu). Jan Sangh leaders often used to live a life of spartan. Even Dr Harshavardhan stays in his own small house. BJP leaders like Ram Bhau Mhalgi used to stay in his small house all through his life even when he was elected as Member of Parliament number of times. Same was the case with Prof Ram Kapse. There are many. As compared it must be noted that Arvind Kejriwal has fast graduated from ‘NO’ to sarkari house to ‘YES’ to allotted house.



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