Wednesday, September 23, 2015


As per the rough estimates, METRO RAIL concrete works is designed for a minimum life of 50 years and it is a collective responsibility of each one of us to ensure that the metro infrastructure is not degraded/ damaged by our lackadaisical approach. The corporation managing the METRO has a direct involvement in maintaining the concrete works and other infrastructure through their annual and continual maintenance plan, but we as citizens should also see to it that from our side none of the infrastructure is damaged and try to safe guard the national property. Even sticking of various advertisement banners (other than which is officially approved) could become an eye sore at the least and harm the concrete structure. We should therefore imbibe RASHTRACHAKSHU attitude and must stop or bring to the notice of the corporation any such acts which has a potential to damage the structure. By doing this we can assist the administration to tighten their procedures and ensure that the processes are in place to implement timely maintenance of infrastructure.
The photograph of Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) Metro pillar, shows that there is apathy towards their upkeep and maintenance. If one keenly observes the accompanying photograph, one can see ‘Peepal’ sapling has taken roots at the base of the pillar and on the other side. Invasive roots could initiate cracks in concrete structures. There are advertisement and printed fliers pasted on the pillar which are unauthorized. To curb this, there should be strict action on any kind of tampering of the pillars including unauthorized pasting of advertisement fliers. The place adjacent and near to the pillar is dirty not kept clean. This picture was taken from a pillar on MG Road as a sample.  
I urge the authorities to immediately look into the matter and fix the responsibilities for the lapses. The concerned department should be pulled up for the apathy and if proper procedures are not there they should be instituted to check the quality and maintenance of each pillar. Only then the metro line would be able to satisfactorily complete its designed life and enhance the safety of the users. I would be taking up with the BMRCL authorities very soon so that they become aware of the lapses in procedures.
I urge fellow citizens to keenly observe and proactively participate in maintaining our national assets. Observation and timely intimation to authorities would go a long way in preserving our national assets. Please become nations RASHTRACHAKSHU.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Shashi Tharoor of Congress says “At a recent media conclave, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar hedged his bets, suggesting that ex-servicemen would get 80% of the promised pension, and adding that "100% satisfaction to everyone is never given in real life."  This is an utter travesty. Is Mr Modi prepared to stand before the nation and say that we should not believe anything he promises, but that he will try to deliver 80% of it? If the Kargil war had happened on his watch, would we have to be content with getting 80% of the heights back?” Remember Kargil was a requirement and 100 %  had to be met. Akhand Bharat is the demand and may not be fulfilled in near future.


I ask Shashi Tharoor if that was the case then under Indira Gandhi it was your government which brought down the pension (in 1973) from earlier levels and created the problem. If that is not enough it was your Government which was there in the UPA I and UPA II avtar for last 10 years and you were cabinet minister in that government – why was it not implemented? Let’s attribute it to your policy paralysis and when it has been declared by Modi Government as an implementation of poll promise, if not praising the step, the least is not to comment on it.  


OROP issue has been addressed by Modi Government in an appropriate manner. We must remember the difference between 'demand' and 'requirement'. The requirement of OROP is met. Demands are subjective and no one can satisfy ever growing demands in full. Gen Satbir and others are just politicizing the issue. Congress is supporting it as it wants to remain relevant in politics.


Gen Satbir, whatsapp rumor churners and other veterans at Jantar Mantar should pack up and start doing some constructive work rather than searching for employability by agitating for the sake of agitation.