Wednesday, December 9, 2015


  1. The defunct paper and its liabilities were first taken over for pittance by loan taken from the coffers of Congress Party. For this a shell company called Young Indians with majority stake of the Gandhi family was made. Then the loan was written off by the party headed by the Gandhi family.  The publication was stopped in 2009 and the huge property of the Newspaper National Herald was given for rentals thereby accruing huge rentals every month. All this under section 25 of companies act. So with a loan which was written off by Congress party, a private trust has acquired a property of thousands of crores. This is very similar to Damad making a killing worth hundreds of crores from few lakhs with active support from the Government which was controlled by Gandhi family.
  2. Now when a complaint was made by Subramaniam Swamy the family goes to court to stay the requirement for court presence.  Instead of stay; court concludes that there is prima facie case and directs them to be present.
  3. For this reason the entire Congress MPs stalled both houses of Parliament and did not allow any business to be transacted. Now the court was moved by Gandhi family and when the same court gave an order which was not liked by Gandhi family they blamed it on the Government. Sonia even thought that by invoking Indira Gandhi’s name (I am Daughter in Law of Indira Gandhi) she would get some sympathy.
  4. The nationalists in the Congress party should understand that this one family is using Congress as their tool. To further their plans. The nationalists in Congress party should say that enough is enough and take over the party electing a true grass roots leader. Only then the party would see some signs of revival. Otherwise with the shameless acts as opposing GST on any pretext would erode the left over credibility of individual nationalists and law makers of the Congress party. Please listen to your conscience and make a different Congress party devoid of the Family. Let the bills be passed, let the Parliament function. Please don’t get carried away by Gandhi family. They are using you.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Every one saw Kejriwal taking sides with Nitish during elections and tweeting for his support. He never attended any election rally but everyone knew who he was supporting.

Now Kejriwal by attending the swearing in ceremony and hobnobbing with them clearly shows that he has sided with corrupt Congress and more corrupt RJD.

People must understand that it was always just a garb that he wanted to change the way politics is played in India. Once he told that AAP will never side with anyone as he always thought that he is only clean and others are corrupt. Now he has joined with corrupt forces.

Now he has lost that high moral ground. What remains is only power more power and even more power.

Monday, November 9, 2015


Bihar elections are over. Gathabandhan got two thirds majority. All media and everyone who can utter a word are cursing BJP and laughing at their performance. The general tone of the debate is such that
  • Modi should not have exposed himself and so has become more vulnerable.
  • Modi government’s popularity and performance is on the wane.
  • Congress would be revived by this.
  • Reforms would come to an end.
  • BJP has started losing.
  • Bihar is the beginning of BJP downfall.
Modi should not have exposed himself and so has become more vulnerable – Modi govt lacks numbers in Rajya Sabha and they need it for reforms to be escalated. The obstructionist Congress could be kept at bay democratically by getting more numbers in Rajya Sabha for this more MLAs are required. So Modi is all out to get democratically more numbers in Rajya Sabha by taking every election serious. He wants to deliver on  his poll promises and therefore is taking all out efforts. Risk of becoming vulnerable is there but for long term benefits for the nation this has to be taken and endured which is what he is doing.
Modi government’s popularity and performance is on the wane – Not at all. People have expressed and endorsed his policies and his efforts have been recongnised by them. They voted for mahagathabandhan because in many seats (as much as 120) BJP was fielding their candidate for the first time as for all these years they were with Nitish and so these constituencies were always with JD(U). The task for BJP was first to get introduced to the electorate. Here they voted for tried and tested Nitish who as it is had a clean image. Remember BJP never severed ties. It was Nitish who severed ties like Biju Janata Dal. Refer to FIRST YEAR OF MODI SARKAR - RASHTRAVRAT
Congress would be revived by this – for anyone who is on a death bed there is a moment of energy surge before dying. This surge is due to gathabandhan partners. 
Reforms would come to an end – I stick my neck out and say that now with vengeance BJP government would go for reforms. This is where BJP would gain. Such setbacks would not allow BJP to become complacent in reforms or governance. How much obstructionist the Congress can become this winter session, the reforms are here to come. As it is from 2016 Mar Congress representation from Rajya Sabha would start dwindling due to many members would end their terms.
BJP has started losing – For last Sixty years BJP and erstwhile Jan Sangh were losing and now is the consolidation phase of the party. One or two elections would not make a difference. In Bihar it always played a second fiddle to the principal party and therefore more than 120 seats the BJP representation was never there. Only now BJP has become a principal opposition party and a major player in state politics with 27 percentage vote share. So for a party which played a second fiddle to become principal opposition is a good performance and indicates that its time has not come.
Probably next elections it would become a ruling party and who knows this government may not last its term as RJD has more seats then JD(U)!!
Time would tell whether it was Bihar's loss when Gathabandhan won the election. One gets what they deserve.

Monday, October 5, 2015


            Yesterday I was cycling. This has become a routine for me. For past decade I have been cycling to my office. My cycle is without gears. I was fast and rode past a fellow cyclist who was briskly peddling. He was a school going kid; may be in class tenth. I saw his tensed face, I could see that he was not enjoying the cycle ride at all. The road was straight and without any gradient. I noticed that his cycle had gears and I almost knew the thing; I saw his gear combination and confirmed that he was in the wrong gear, which made him peddle more.
            This is the case with most of the cyclist especially kids who have just started cycling. Their parents buy cycles having gears and broad tyres, may be because geared cycles are in vogue or may be out of affection thinking to buy best in the market or just because they want to simply splurge. Nowadays many cycle models come with gears. Infact it is difficult to find a modern light weight attractive looking bicycle without gears. The kids are not taught the correct usage of the gears and often end up selecting a low gear combination on a straight and level road. As a result on a level road, the cycle ride is slow, requires lot of peddling and riding becomes frustrating for the kid. Wrong selection of gears coupled with broad tyres, tire the kid. The kids should first experience the quantum of effort required for a level road, to negotiate a gradient and what to do on a slope only then would they appreciate the gear and its use. Only then would they be able to select correct gear for correct gradient. In any case city roads don’t require gears.
No wonder the geared broad tyred cycle originally designed for cross country and steep gradients when marketed by cunning shopkeepers to the city based gullible customers, resulted in good money for the salesman but a harrowing experience for the users who never got it right how to ride.
With geared broad tyred cycles the joy of cycling is no longer there. Worst thing is these bicycles are exorbitantly costly.
For city rides, the best bicycle is a light weight bicycle with thin tyres and no gears.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015


As per the rough estimates, METRO RAIL concrete works is designed for a minimum life of 50 years and it is a collective responsibility of each one of us to ensure that the metro infrastructure is not degraded/ damaged by our lackadaisical approach. The corporation managing the METRO has a direct involvement in maintaining the concrete works and other infrastructure through their annual and continual maintenance plan, but we as citizens should also see to it that from our side none of the infrastructure is damaged and try to safe guard the national property. Even sticking of various advertisement banners (other than which is officially approved) could become an eye sore at the least and harm the concrete structure. We should therefore imbibe RASHTRACHAKSHU attitude and must stop or bring to the notice of the corporation any such acts which has a potential to damage the structure. By doing this we can assist the administration to tighten their procedures and ensure that the processes are in place to implement timely maintenance of infrastructure.
The photograph of Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) Metro pillar, shows that there is apathy towards their upkeep and maintenance. If one keenly observes the accompanying photograph, one can see ‘Peepal’ sapling has taken roots at the base of the pillar and on the other side. Invasive roots could initiate cracks in concrete structures. There are advertisement and printed fliers pasted on the pillar which are unauthorized. To curb this, there should be strict action on any kind of tampering of the pillars including unauthorized pasting of advertisement fliers. The place adjacent and near to the pillar is dirty not kept clean. This picture was taken from a pillar on MG Road as a sample.  
I urge the authorities to immediately look into the matter and fix the responsibilities for the lapses. The concerned department should be pulled up for the apathy and if proper procedures are not there they should be instituted to check the quality and maintenance of each pillar. Only then the metro line would be able to satisfactorily complete its designed life and enhance the safety of the users. I would be taking up with the BMRCL authorities very soon so that they become aware of the lapses in procedures.
I urge fellow citizens to keenly observe and proactively participate in maintaining our national assets. Observation and timely intimation to authorities would go a long way in preserving our national assets. Please become nations RASHTRACHAKSHU.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Shashi Tharoor of Congress says “At a recent media conclave, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar hedged his bets, suggesting that ex-servicemen would get 80% of the promised pension, and adding that "100% satisfaction to everyone is never given in real life."  This is an utter travesty. Is Mr Modi prepared to stand before the nation and say that we should not believe anything he promises, but that he will try to deliver 80% of it? If the Kargil war had happened on his watch, would we have to be content with getting 80% of the heights back?” Remember Kargil was a requirement and 100 %  had to be met. Akhand Bharat is the demand and may not be fulfilled in near future.


I ask Shashi Tharoor if that was the case then under Indira Gandhi it was your government which brought down the pension (in 1973) from earlier levels and created the problem. If that is not enough it was your Government which was there in the UPA I and UPA II avtar for last 10 years and you were cabinet minister in that government – why was it not implemented? Let’s attribute it to your policy paralysis and when it has been declared by Modi Government as an implementation of poll promise, if not praising the step, the least is not to comment on it.  


OROP issue has been addressed by Modi Government in an appropriate manner. We must remember the difference between 'demand' and 'requirement'. The requirement of OROP is met. Demands are subjective and no one can satisfy ever growing demands in full. Gen Satbir and others are just politicizing the issue. Congress is supporting it as it wants to remain relevant in politics.


Gen Satbir, whatsapp rumor churners and other veterans at Jantar Mantar should pack up and start doing some constructive work rather than searching for employability by agitating for the sake of agitation.

Friday, July 31, 2015


It is unfortunate that a prominent road in New Delhi is named after Aurangzeb, the most ruthless and cruel among the many ruthless and cruel Muslim rulers. Greatest oppressor, mass-murderer and who introduced jyzia tax. What a paradox – There is no road named after the great Chatrapati who fought all his life nailing Aurangzeb and ultimately Marathas were successful in uniting this great country when they unfurled saffron flag in Atak
What are we as a nation doing about it? Majority citizens of this country have already made peace with history or are numb to the insults inflicted upon our nation.
Time has come to review and correct this aberration of having road named after Aurangzeb. Bharat Ratna Dr Abul Kalaam people’s President, great visionary, eminent scientist, Karmayogi and role model to Gen Next breathed his last giving a lecture at IIM, Shillong on 27th July 2015.
There would be many memorials built after the great man, but immediately let us rename Aurangzeb road by naming it after the great man, thereby erasing the memory of the tyrant Aurangzeb. This could be apt Shradhanjali to our nuclear man.   

Monday, June 1, 2015


The primary duty of police force is crime prevention, investigation and maintenance of public order. This is necessary to achieve a broader objective of welfare of the individual and society at large.

We all know that police force is limited and if police doesn’t get last mile surveillance, the organisation would always fall short of its duty. Last mile surveillance cannot be achieved with the existing force levels unless the citizens pitch in. We should be ready to become watch dogs for police, to help them achieve their aim.

We are all very busy in our own world and family responsibilities keep us occupied. Although busy, many conscientious citizens keep observing things going on in our vicinity. Through various interactions with our neighbours we come to know about persons living in the colony. Sometimes we come across such actions of our neighbour, close associate or a family staying in our locality which go against our conscience as a person and unlawful as a citizen. These actions could be in the form any of the following - employing a child labourer, black money creation, corrupt practices or suspected antinational or terrorist activities. It can also cover flouting of corporation rules including illegal construction, encroachment, not paying property or commercial tax commensurate to the usage or any other illegal actions. Sometimes we are sure about their activities and sometimes we just suspect.  Many times we would like to talk to them but fear that they won’t listen. Majority of times as a result of our busy schedule we don’t take action or because we stay in close proximity and fear that giving a complaint would spoil the relationship or our stand would make it difficult for us to continue staying in our colony and so being peace loving, they avoid getting into trouble. In some cases, there might be very practical constraints of old age and therefore the indifference. Sometimes for some reasons the conscientious citizens may not want to get involved with police. Some would refuse to BELL THE CAT for fear of getting the identity revealed and exposing themselves to hate rage.

We all agree that if the wrongdoing or the suspected act is nipped at the bud then society could be saved from a larger wrong. If there becomes a constant fear of getting detected then many wrong doers would not indulge in such activities. A proactive citizen is a boon to the society. Remember inaction, silence and indifference towards wrong doings have made the evil to triumph. We should help police to help ourselves and thereby our society.

Would you like to BELL THE CAT?

Here is a forum called Rashtrachakshu (Eyes of the Nation) where conscientious citizens can help the society by informing us of your ‘FIND’ and we would do the rest. Your identity would not be revealed.

Following are the guidelines –

Please email your suspicion at . We would require your contact number and would contact you back.

At present we request conscientious citizens from only BANGALORE area contact us. We are also seeking conscientious volunteers from all over India to start this movement. Please feel free to contact us at . We request your contact number (s) and in a nutshell your background to proceed.

Lest I forget - Have you taken RASHTRAVRAT? Still not? Please read

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Modi Sarkar has completed one year. There would be many ‘for’ and ‘against’ views. Congress would ask ‘Kahan Hai Ache Din?’. English News Channels as always would be engaged only in such news items where there is a scope of garnering high TRP’s.


My take on first year of Modi.


Nation building cannot happen in one day. If we aspire for cleanliness, planning and modernization then in democratic set up patience is the word and for that one year is very less.


Laying the foundation is most important part of the building. It takes quite some time for people to start noticing the building construction above the ground level.


Some refuse to wait, more get frustrated and many remain skeptical. Only a very few hold on.


First few steps for building the nation have been taken by Modi Sarkar


Jan Dhan Yojana –

for financial inclusiveness for all especially rural and BPL families.


E-auction of natural resources –

more than anything else the process has been firmly established and thousands of crores of rupees corruption has been plugged.


Swach Bharat abhiyan –

This would take at least two generations. Cleanliness has been given due place by the highest authority and it needs to be lauded. We all like our surroundings to be clean but awareness at national level was missing. Swach Bharat Abhiyan has brought this back.


Black Money Act –

To deter those who launder money and stash in other country.


Defence Projects –

Almost all the pending big ticket Defense projects have been cleared. For last 10 years procurement and modernization had come to stand still. Whether it is production of submarines, acquisition of artillery guns, making light utility helicopters, fighter planes or air craft carriers, all issues have been addressed. It is a significant achievement.  


Foreign Policy –

With each foreign visit Modi Sarkar has ensured investments and geopolitic border talks with neighbours.


Disaster Management –

The reaction time shown by Modi Sarkar is unparalleled and requires a standing ovation. Be it timely help to Indians in Yemen or to Nepal.


Land Acquisition Bill –

Unless land is available, no industry can come to rural India. Industry brings in employment and regular income. Investments are waiting. 


Tail Piece - Transforming our country into a great nation requires an unswerving effort put in by generations together. It is a continuous process and therefore making our nation great and maintaining it should become our passion, our second religion, our national creed, our national culture and a second nature. For this we should give some time to MODI SARKAR.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


             When I read it in news that Swami Agnivesh had alleged that Kejriwal wanted Anna Hazare to die during his ten day fast to have greater impact on the movement I rubbished it as a mere publicity stunt by Swami Agnivesh.

            On 22 Apr when Kejriwal was on the dais protesting against the ordinance about Land Acquisition Bill, a farmer committed suicide some meters away from the dais from where leaders were speaking against land ordinance. A few meters away from the stage, Kejriwal with Manish Sisodia and others kept watching the farmer screaming and hang himself with his towel. A crowd of around 2000 had gathered to hear the speeches.

            The news reports tells us that even after the suicide the speakers including Kejriwal continued with their rally even as farmer’s body was hanging from the tree. Even when the farmer’s body fell on the ground Kumar Vishwas and Kejriwal were unmoved. They tried to blame BJP that they had sent the farmer at the rally to sabotage the rally.

            That Kejriwal wanted to make a political drama out of the suicide was obvious. This only shows the power hungry Kejriwal’s cruel self and selfish motive.

            People around him have judged him by now (Yogendra Yadav and party) and others are getting the taste of his opportunism.

            Power corrupts and misplaced ambition makes a man cruel and selfish. Kejriwal has shown this and the people are urged to judge this man and halt him right now.

            I tend to believe Swami Agnivesh after this incident.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


First he was in a hurry to become Chief Minister. In 2013 elections AAP did not get enough seats but he set aside his – self professed high moral ground and took Congress support to become Chief Minister. The moment he became CM, tried to set aside his ‘anti VIP culture stand’ and selected a huge bunglow for himself, immediately retracting when he saw opposition to his bunglow.


It was just a month into his Chief Ministership and general elections were announced. Opportunist Kejriwal thought it was a right time to plunge into general elections to take advantage of anti-incumbency sentiment against Congress. He immediately resigned as CM and tried to go national. After the drubbing, now it has come to light that Kejriwal tried to engage Congress for forming government in Delhi with their support of six MLAs!!!!!!!! The audio tapes have surfaced corroborating this. This was the time when Arvind was shouting at top of his voice that BJP is breaking Congress and are in talks with six MLAs. It is being called political realignment!!!!!!! Not to talk of transfer of two crore rupees at midnight in AAP account by a single donor and a AAP candidate was caught with 8000 liquor bottles on the eve of elections.


It is nothing but power hungry opportunism. The meaning of 67 seats in Delhi assembly is nothing but an outcome of jittery delhi votors who did not want to have another hung assembly and transfer of Congress, JD (U), TMC, BSP, SP and all other parties opposed to BJP. Another reason was freebies announced by Kejriwal. Kejriwal believes in freebies rather than wealth creation – this is cheap popularity and not leadership. At the end Delhi has lost the plot and wasted precious votes.


Where is Kejriwal? The anti VIP culture and ‘aam aadmi’ Chief Minister is cooling his heels at Jindal Health Center for 10 days leaving administration of Delhi to his deputy.


So Kejriwal should stop feigning that he is different, his party is different as he has shown political opportunism, compromise and greed in this short period of one year.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


BJP won handsomely in J & K. The vote share and seats were such that no party could form a government. It had to be a coalition or J & K under Central rule. In a democracy this is a bad idea.

As per definition any political party contesting elections has to abide by the constitution of India and PDP is a political party and BJP and PDP came together to form a government based on a common minimum programme for development and betterment of J & K.

The moment the government was formed PDP started to show their colours  - CM Mufti Mohammad Sayeed thanked Pakistan (?) for the successful elections in the valley by saying “Pakistan, militants allowed conducive atmosphere for polls”. As if we are at their mercy. Next he unilaterally released Masarat Alam who is a known separatist and was under detention. This is at the least contrary to common minimum programme and anti national. This has created a severe embarrassment for BJP.

Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has shown his colours. BJP should come out of alliance at the next provocation or any apparent anti-national activity and clamp Central rule on J & K. PDP should be shown its position and told that under the garb of a political party they cannot push their separatist agenda by covertly supporting separatist leaders.

It is good that PDP has not got the numbers to form the government by itself. BJP can rein in the party with its near equal seats. Otherwise the PDP party’s agenda would have gone largely unchecked

Tailpiece – The alliance would break before six months and J & K would come under central rule for another six months before BJP forms a government with NC.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

कुछ तो लोग कहेंगे, लोगोंका काम है कहना।


1.         It is draconian, it is more sinister than British Raj, it is a land grab, government is against farmers, modi is property dealer, farmers are being bulldozed – all opposition parties are crying hoarse on the land acquisition bill. What are the contentious issues, what are the differences from the UPA bill and why the opposition is opposing. Let us see one by one.

2.         Original Land Acquistion Act. “The land acquisition act of 1894 was created with the purpose of facilitating acquisition by the government of privately held land for public purposes. The word "public purpose", as defined in the act, refers to the acquisition of land for constructing educational institutions or schemes such as housing, health or slum clearance, as well as for projects concerned with rural planning or formation of sites. The word "government" refers to the central government if the purpose for acquisition is for the union and for all other purposes it refers to the state government. It is not necessary that all the acquisition has to be initiated by the government alone. Local authorities, societies registered under the societies registration act, 1860 and co-operative societies established under the co-operative societies act can also acquire the land for developmental activities through the government.” - Sourse Wikipedia. The most relevant issue as far as the land owner is concerned is compensation. On compensation this law further states that – “Provision for settlement of dispute pertaining to apportionment of the compensation amount is available under section 30 of the Act. In such a situation, the Deputy Commissioner should refer the matter to the court. The claimant will be entitled to the compensation which is determined on the basis of the market value of the land determined as on the date of preliminary notification. According to section 34, if there is delay in payment of compensation beyond one year from the date on which possession is taken, interest at the rate of 15 per cent per annum shall be payable from the date of expiry of the said period of one year on the outstanding amount of compensation until the date of payment.”   - Source Wiki.

3.         Contentious Issue of Compensation.

Over the years it was considered that the compensation is not enough considering it is not only the land but the livelihood of many. Land was seen as a source of regular income, a capital especially for farmers. Therefore there was urgent requirement of amending this law as per the changed social situations and aspirations of the land owners. In 2013 UPA came out with draft amended land acquisition bill which did not see the light of the day. The bill came up after a prolonged consultative period with all stake holders. BJP introduced a refined and improved version of the bill plugging impractical corners of the bill. Let us see the main difference between the three bills at a glance in the table given below.

4.         Differences in the Land Acquisition Bill.

Table : Major Differences in the Land Acquisition Bill

Land Acq Bill (LAB) 1894
Market rate only.
For a typical rural household that owns the average of 3 acres of land, the Act will replace the loss of annual average per capita income of Rs.11,136 for the rural household, with:
  • four times the market value of the land, and
  • an upfront payment of Rs.1,36,000 (US$ 3,000) for subsistence, transportation and resettlement allowances, and
  • an additional entitlement of a job to the family member, or a payment of Rs.5,00,000 (US$ 11,000) up front, or a monthly annuity totaling Rs.24,000 (US$ 550) per year for 20 years with adjustment for inflation – the option from these three choices shall be the legal right of the affected land owner family, not the land acquirer, and
  • a house with no less than 50 square meters in plinth area, and
  • additional benefits may apply if the land is resold without development, used for urbanization, or if the land owner belongs to SC/ST or other protected groups per rules of the Government of India
If the affected families on the above rural land demand 100% upfront compensation from the land acquirer, and the market value of land is Rs.1,00,000 per acre, the Act mandates the land acquirer to offset the loss of an average per capita 2010 income of Rs.11,136 per year created by this 3 acre of rural land, with the following:
  • Rs.18,36,000 (US$ 41,727) to the rural land owner; which is the total of R&R allowances of Rs.6,36,000 plus Rs.12,00,000 – which is four times the market value of the land, plus
  • a house with no less than 50 square metres in plinth area and benefits from Schedule III-VI as applicable to the rural land owner, plus
  • additional payments of Rs.6,36,000 each to any additional families claiming to have lost its livelihood because of the acquisition, even if they do not own the land
(Source Wikipedia and PDF document)
Same in addition, the ordinance has brought 13 land acquisitioning acts left in LARR 2013 bill under its ambit, thereby increasing the number of beneficiaries.
The LARR Act 2013 exempted 13 laws (such as the National Highways Act, 1956 and the Railways Act, 1989) from its purview. However, the LARR Act 2013 required that the compensation, rehabilitation, and resettlement provisions of these 13 laws be brought in consonance with the LARR Act 2013, within a year of its enactment, through a notification. The Ordinance brings the compensation, rehabilitation, and resettlement provisions of these 13 laws in consonance with the LARR Act 2013.
(Source  - PRS legislative research)
Expanding the Categories
The LARR Act 2013 requires that the consent of 80% of land owners is obtained for private projects and that the consent of 70% of land owners be obtained for PPP projects.
The Ordinance exempts five categories from this provision of the Act. The five categories are defence, rural infrastructure, affordable housing, industrial corridors and infrastructure projects including Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects where the central government owns the land.
Social Impact Study and acquisition of multicropped land and irrigated land beyond certain limits
LARR 2013  - these are applicable to all types of acquisition.
Applicable to all types except - The five categories  -  defence, rural infrastructure, affordable housing, industrial corridors and infrastructure projects including Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects where the central government owns the land.
Return of unutilized land.
The LARR Act 2013 required that if land acquired under it remained unutilised for five years, it was returned to the original owners or the land bank.
Ordinance states that the period after which unutilised land will need to be returned will be five years, or any period specified at the time of setting up the project, whichever is later.
Period of retrospective application
The LARR Act 2013 states that the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 will continue to apply in certain cases, where an award has been made under the 1894 Act. However, if such as award was made five year or more before the enactment of the LARR Act 2013, and the physical possession of land has not been taken or compensation has not been paid, the LARR Act 2013 will apply.
Ordinance states that in calculating this time period, any period during which the proceedings of acquisition were held up: (i) due to a stay order of a court, or (ii) a period specified in the award of a Tribunal for taking possession, or (iii) any period where possession has been taken but the compensation is lying deposited in a court or any account, will not be counted.


5.         Aim of Amending the LARR 2013 Act.  The social impact study include public hearings and expert committee report and action renders the acquisition process extremely time consuming and impractical. Land acquisition social impact study may not see the light of the day. The clause of return of unutilized (for 5 years) land is highly impractical as the all the big projects have a gestation period running into years which easily surpass 5 year period. No project would then see the light of the day. In effect the LARR 2013 was such a piece of legislation arrived by true democratic spirit of taking into account all the suggestions of all the stake holders without going into its merits and practicality that the legislation would sure prove to be anti-acquisition and anti-growth. It is an excellent example of how a thing cannot be get done as a result of impractical legislation.  

6.         Why Opposition.     It is very easy to paint the party in governance as anti-people / anti-farmers. The opposition does not have anything else to sensationalise and to attract the masses at present. Kejriwal finds it very easy to oppose everthing as his is a fledgling party. So he calls Modi property dealer. As it is people have seen how many times kejriwal has misled the people for votes. He believes in freebies rather than wealth creation. BSP, JD (U), SP knows that elections are due in UP and Bihar and if they can paint BJP as anti-farmers they could gain votes.  Leftist have found that if they oppose they can still remain relevant for some more years in India. Congress wants to remain a player in politics and this is one issue which can touch emotions of farmers. Their seriousness though could be understood by absence of Rahul Gandhi in budget session. They know farmers are not going to read the fine print and so are trying out at chicanery to change the perception of BJP from a performing government to an anti-farmer party. TMC knows that they are on slippery ground on Sharada Chit Fund scam and any attention deflecting subject is welcome. Akali Dal is opposing as elections are round the corner in Punjab and they are on slippery ground. I really have a doubt whether Shri Anna Hazare has really read the fine print of Ordinance.

7.         Tailpiece.      Key infrastructure projects worth lakhs of crores have been stalled because of impractical land acquisition legislation. If it is not done, projects won’t get completed.  The costs would keep getting escalated and the benefits of completed projects would not get accrued. It would be a waste of national wealth. BJP should go on regardless. Otherwise it will fritter the mandate. Opposition would mount another attack on the ground of non performance of the government, which is bound to get manifested with this flawed LARR 2013 legislation.

कुछ तो लोग कहेंगे, लोगोंका काम है कहना।

छोडो, बेकारकी बातोंमे, कही बीत ना जाए रैना।।