Monday, June 1, 2015


The primary duty of police force is crime prevention, investigation and maintenance of public order. This is necessary to achieve a broader objective of welfare of the individual and society at large.

We all know that police force is limited and if police doesn’t get last mile surveillance, the organisation would always fall short of its duty. Last mile surveillance cannot be achieved with the existing force levels unless the citizens pitch in. We should be ready to become watch dogs for police, to help them achieve their aim.

We are all very busy in our own world and family responsibilities keep us occupied. Although busy, many conscientious citizens keep observing things going on in our vicinity. Through various interactions with our neighbours we come to know about persons living in the colony. Sometimes we come across such actions of our neighbour, close associate or a family staying in our locality which go against our conscience as a person and unlawful as a citizen. These actions could be in the form any of the following - employing a child labourer, black money creation, corrupt practices or suspected antinational or terrorist activities. It can also cover flouting of corporation rules including illegal construction, encroachment, not paying property or commercial tax commensurate to the usage or any other illegal actions. Sometimes we are sure about their activities and sometimes we just suspect.  Many times we would like to talk to them but fear that they won’t listen. Majority of times as a result of our busy schedule we don’t take action or because we stay in close proximity and fear that giving a complaint would spoil the relationship or our stand would make it difficult for us to continue staying in our colony and so being peace loving, they avoid getting into trouble. In some cases, there might be very practical constraints of old age and therefore the indifference. Sometimes for some reasons the conscientious citizens may not want to get involved with police. Some would refuse to BELL THE CAT for fear of getting the identity revealed and exposing themselves to hate rage.

We all agree that if the wrongdoing or the suspected act is nipped at the bud then society could be saved from a larger wrong. If there becomes a constant fear of getting detected then many wrong doers would not indulge in such activities. A proactive citizen is a boon to the society. Remember inaction, silence and indifference towards wrong doings have made the evil to triumph. We should help police to help ourselves and thereby our society.

Would you like to BELL THE CAT?

Here is a forum called Rashtrachakshu (Eyes of the Nation) where conscientious citizens can help the society by informing us of your ‘FIND’ and we would do the rest. Your identity would not be revealed.

Following are the guidelines –

Please email your suspicion at . We would require your contact number and would contact you back.

At present we request conscientious citizens from only BANGALORE area contact us. We are also seeking conscientious volunteers from all over India to start this movement. Please feel free to contact us at . We request your contact number (s) and in a nutshell your background to proceed.

Lest I forget - Have you taken RASHTRAVRAT? Still not? Please read

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