Tuesday, August 14, 2012


We are going to celebrate 65th Independence Day anniversary of our nation.

There is a Japanese saying

“Today should be better than yesterday and worst than tomorrow”

It applies to our nation in a sense that, our present should be better than past and worst than coming times. It means that our country should progress every passing year. The citizens and stakeholders in the country should be happy, and a sense of security and well being should prevail.

When I was in the school I used to stay in Dombivli. It is a small town on the outskirts of Mumbai in Thane district. We used to get almost 24 hrs of electricity barring some occasions. Water was never a problem. My school was just 10 minutes walk. Now after 20 years I am told that the same town has regular power cuts. Water is regulated and comes for couple of hours everyday. The roads and amenities are same but the population has increased four fold. Children have to travel for long by bus. Hardships of everyday life have risen because development has not kept pace and, the net effect is SCARCITY of basic amenities.

Advancement of technology if not put to use to enhance quality and reliability of basic amenities like drinking water, sanitation, electricity and living conditions, then mere feigning progress by showcasing advancement of technology in terms of different gadgets is of no use. There is serious buzz that government is thinking of giving free mobile telephones with free talk time to below poverty line (BPL) families. This is a classic example of lack of ground realities by the government. It seems government doesnt even know the primary rung of Maslow’s triangle.

The most important aspect which propel the citizens to progress is a fair, robust and workable system. Not only should the system be fair it should be perceived by the people that it is fair. People are not much affected or bothered by economic disparity but get disheartened by seeing unfair means getting rewarded. Unfair means has a cascading effect of decaying the system further. No person can be happy in an unfair system. People can live with economic disparity. People can live with mediocrity. People can live with hardships. People can wait. People don’t want subsidy. People don’t want reservations. What they long for is fair system. Choose a system and stick to the system without intervening it.

"When you know that in order to produce, you need to obtain
permission from men who produce nothing,

When you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods,
but in favors,

When you see that men get rich more easily by graft rather than by work,


When your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them
against you,


Ayn Rand

The sense of security and well being comes only when the system is fair and everyone knows that what they get is what they deserve. Important aspects of a fair system are

 Abide by the ten rules of RASHTRAVRAT.

To make a society caste free and corruption free.

To deliver fast and timely justice.

Teach next generation, the importance of sticking to rules.

We must not forget that our actions have direct bearing on our Nations prestige.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Assam is burning.

For last one month, State of Assam is burning. Many have died in the violence. Hundreds are injured and thousands are in the relief camps.

Who are the perpetrators of this crime? There are lakhs and lakhs of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in Assam, who for vote bank politics have been given shelter with requisite ration cards and also electoral ID cards. These immigrants are making the life of native residents insecure and terrorising them to no end. If this act of terrorism is not curtailed effectively the same history of mass exodus of Kashmiri pundits repeat in this part of the country. Here the native Assamese and Bodo's will be targeted and they will exit from their land.

If the indication of population density of the regions are heeded then, Bangladesh in next fifty yrs would have population density of more than 1500 per sq Km (presently it is 1069 per sq Km) compared to about 600 per sq Km of that of India! The pressure of this population density of Bangladesh is enough for us to sit up and ponder. Add to it the issue of global warming and reports of 20% land of Bangladesh getting inundated by sea waters and there by creating more pressure. This gives a figure of approximately four crores.

To add to that on Saturday there was this huge premediated planned crowd garnered by Raza Academy, where provocative speeches were given to provoke the crowd (all muslims) and they were openly supporting illegal Bangladeshi immigrant muslims. Media also gave a very controlled (which normally they dont show when Baba Ramdev or Sadhvi Rutambhara speaks) coverage as if nothing has happened. In fact now it is obvious that the crowd and the riots were preplanned with all the wherewithal available with them. the pelting of stones, the burning of national property and the killings of police men were all predecided so that major riots erupt.

The media should cover objectively the real perpetrators of this crime. Where are the likes of Teesta Setalvad and other harbingers of human rights now? They are always active when state of Gujarat is concerned. Here in Assam it seems they are not bothered. Is it because it would raise inconvenient questions about Bangladeshi immigrants, or is it because it would raise inefficient handling of the situation by CM of Assam?


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An effort wasted, an opportunity missed.

Anna has disbanded his team and has started to build up new party. Like all the religions, to start with, every political party have a noble agenda of nation building. In order to achieve that, it has to come to power, to come to power it has to become popular and catch the imagination of the electorate. In doing so it gets distracted from its aim and only winnable candidates are chosen. These are not leaders but managers of parliamentary seats. Once ‘these’ managers are elected, they start managing their constituencies instead of leading their constituencies. Managing means doing all sorts of things to be in power. Power corrupts. Unless we have a charismatic leader who can influence the electorate and make them understand the national goal, the decay will not stop. It requires a statesman, a visionary and a person with aura and charisma.

What Anna is doing by creating a new political outfit, is trying to split the votes. Which in itself is fore bearing of a hung unstable parliament. Unstability gives birth to more corruption. Instead, at the national level he should have chosen least bad from all the available bads or atleast become a rallying leader to create a front of already established like minded parties. It requires charisma which Anna lacks. In any case even if by floating a new party he will not come to power in its first general election, nor will he have any say in formulating policies for giving a corruption free government. What he will ensure is creating a toothless lokpal bill as he won’t have enough members to influence the bill.

The anti corruption fast was an effort wasted, an opportunity missed.