Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Assam is burning.

For last one month, State of Assam is burning. Many have died in the violence. Hundreds are injured and thousands are in the relief camps.

Who are the perpetrators of this crime? There are lakhs and lakhs of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in Assam, who for vote bank politics have been given shelter with requisite ration cards and also electoral ID cards. These immigrants are making the life of native residents insecure and terrorising them to no end. If this act of terrorism is not curtailed effectively the same history of mass exodus of Kashmiri pundits repeat in this part of the country. Here the native Assamese and Bodo's will be targeted and they will exit from their land.

If the indication of population density of the regions are heeded then, Bangladesh in next fifty yrs would have population density of more than 1500 per sq Km (presently it is 1069 per sq Km) compared to about 600 per sq Km of that of India! The pressure of this population density of Bangladesh is enough for us to sit up and ponder. Add to it the issue of global warming and reports of 20% land of Bangladesh getting inundated by sea waters and there by creating more pressure. This gives a figure of approximately four crores.

To add to that on Saturday there was this huge premediated planned crowd garnered by Raza Academy, where provocative speeches were given to provoke the crowd (all muslims) and they were openly supporting illegal Bangladeshi immigrant muslims. Media also gave a very controlled (which normally they dont show when Baba Ramdev or Sadhvi Rutambhara speaks) coverage as if nothing has happened. In fact now it is obvious that the crowd and the riots were preplanned with all the wherewithal available with them. the pelting of stones, the burning of national property and the killings of police men were all predecided so that major riots erupt.

The media should cover objectively the real perpetrators of this crime. Where are the likes of Teesta Setalvad and other harbingers of human rights now? They are always active when state of Gujarat is concerned. Here in Assam it seems they are not bothered. Is it because it would raise inconvenient questions about Bangladeshi immigrants, or is it because it would raise inefficient handling of the situation by CM of Assam?

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