Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An effort wasted, an opportunity missed.

Anna has disbanded his team and has started to build up new party. Like all the religions, to start with, every political party have a noble agenda of nation building. In order to achieve that, it has to come to power, to come to power it has to become popular and catch the imagination of the electorate. In doing so it gets distracted from its aim and only winnable candidates are chosen. These are not leaders but managers of parliamentary seats. Once ‘these’ managers are elected, they start managing their constituencies instead of leading their constituencies. Managing means doing all sorts of things to be in power. Power corrupts. Unless we have a charismatic leader who can influence the electorate and make them understand the national goal, the decay will not stop. It requires a statesman, a visionary and a person with aura and charisma.

What Anna is doing by creating a new political outfit, is trying to split the votes. Which in itself is fore bearing of a hung unstable parliament. Unstability gives birth to more corruption. Instead, at the national level he should have chosen least bad from all the available bads or atleast become a rallying leader to create a front of already established like minded parties. It requires charisma which Anna lacks. In any case even if by floating a new party he will not come to power in its first general election, nor will he have any say in formulating policies for giving a corruption free government. What he will ensure is creating a toothless lokpal bill as he won’t have enough members to influence the bill.

The anti corruption fast was an effort wasted, an opportunity missed.


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