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कुछ करो


9th Jun, 22 yrs back  - tortured and mutilated remains of Lt Saurabh Kalia and 5 Jawans were given by Pak in gunny bags!!

19th Jun, 22 yrs back pt 5140 near Tololing was captured (B Coy Lt Sanjiv Singh Jamwal and D Coy Lt Vikram Batra of 13 JAK RIF led the operation). This was the famous 'दिल मांगे more' moment of Lt Vikram Batra.

7TH Jul, this day 22yrs back point 4875 in Mushkoh Valley was captured. Capt Vikram Batra was martyred during the capture. It is now named as Batra Top. The martyrdom of Lt Saurabh Kalia and Capt Vikram Batra shook up the nation and we Indians saw the fourth war with Pakistan.

8th Jul. This day 22 yrs. back Tiger Hill was recaptured. This was a decisive point in Op Vijay. The tables turned and India regained the lost ground.

In memory of OP VIJAY here is a two-part KUCH KARO –


Part 1 – कूछ करो

Part 2 – बारी हैं फिर कुछ करने की

10 Jun 1999. 6 am. 7 Race Course Road. Prime Minister’s residence. ..

Brajesh Mishra, Principal Secretary to PM was at the door with an important message to Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee. They had a short talk and it was decided that Cabinet Committee with Chief of Staff Committee would meet at PM’s residence at 9 am same day. Before calling on, Brajesh Mishra had been briefed by Joint Intelligence Committee chief and Service Chiefs along with Dte Gen Mil Ops.

There was unusual somber atmosphere when the emergency cabinet meeting began. PM was in a huddle with Defence Minister George Fernandes and Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh, on his right. On his left sat, Mr Brijesh Mishra who was also National Security Adivisor, followed by Defence Secy and the three service Chiefs. The meeting started with a presentation by Joint Intelligence Committee chief which was under Chiefs of Staff Committee. It was just a repetition for all the stakeholders as most of them were briefed in the midnight itself. This meeting was to bring all agencies to the same level of information and decide the future course. 

The JIC chief presented the situation to the PM, Cabinet ministers and others present including the Service Chiefs.

With grim face JIC chief started . ..

"Yesterday at Bajrang Post, Pakistanis called and handed over six gunny bags to the 4 Jat Regiment Long Range Patrol (LRP) scouts in the Kaksar sector. All six gunny bags had mutilated bodies of Indian soldiers.  The tortured and mutilated bodies of Lt Saurabh Kalia and 5 sepoys were handed over by Pakistani rangers".

JIC chief further said - "Earlier on May 3rd, the Indian Army’s 121 Brigade in Kargil received reports of armed intruders in the Kargil sector. In the first half of May, patrols were sent in the Kaksar Langpa area of Kargil to check whether the snow had retreated enough for the summer positions to be re-occupied. As the terrain consists of high altitude mountains and inclement weather during winters it becomes extremely difficult to sustain and so, by mutual arrangement, both armies vacate certain forward posts during winter. But last winter, with a premediated plan, the Pakistan Army did not vacate its posts, and instead took over vacated Indian Army posts. This is a new behaviour pattern emerged in the history of Pak treachery. To confirm these intrusions on 15th May, LRP was sent from the Bajrang Post in the Kaksar sector consisting of Lt Kalia and 5 jawans  - Arjun Ram, Bhanwar Lal Bagaria, Bhika Ram, Moola Ram and Naresh Singh of the 4th Jat Regiment. Lt Kalia, confirmed large-scale intrusion of Pakistani Army and foreign mercenaries on the Indian side of the Line of Control (LoC) at Kargil".

Photo Courtesy - Imgur - KAKSAR SECTOR

The briefing of JIC concluded and the Cabinet and the Service Chiefs understood that the aim of Pakistani Infiltration was driven by an ambitious Head of Armed Forces (of pakistan) Gen Pervez Musharraf. Who wanted to show his nation that he solved Kashmir issue to their advantage. Therefore a plan was set in and at the onset of summer, infiltration started and by May this year over 5000 Pakistani infiltrators from Pak regular army Rangers disguised as militants occupied the heights commanding the NH1  with the aim :-

1.  To occupy military posts in Kargil as it is a sparcely populated part of Ladakh. It has tactically vital features and many unoccupied posts atop peaks overlooking NH1 (national highway which connects Jammu Srinagar Kargil Leh). Kargil is about 175 km from Pak occupied Skardu so it can be used as logistical and artillery support base.

2.     To dominate NH1 and thereby cut Leh from rest of India.

3.     To affect the logistical supply route to Leh. 

Photo Courtesy - Wiki - Map showing the Line of Control 

Photo Courtesy – Wiki – This shows the NH1 alignment from Jammu to Leh alongwith Pak Infltration

Briefing finished and all eyes were on Mr PM. We as a nation had to decide our future course. PM had keenly heard the briefing. He had cancelled all his engagements for the day. PM, fluttering his eyelids, looking in the general direction of the three service chiefs but meant for everybody there sitting on his right and left, after a long eerie pause throwing his hands open,  uttered heavily loaded two words –

………कुछ करो ।

PM departed the room and drove straight to PMO office.

The task of each one was cut :- To translate KUCH KARO into executable and timebound tasks with least damage to own image and forces and to be able to push the intrusion and get back the territory which was occupied by the infiltrators.

Indian side should be seen winning and strong. For that, the Defence Minister with three service chiefs would have to make a plan for flushing out the intrusion without escalating it into full fledged war.

Foreign Minister would try to shape the world view of what has happened and diplomatically expose Pakistan.

Cabinet secy and Defence secy to take a call on any emergency logistical defence procurement requirement.

Chief of Army Staff along with DGMO spelt KUCH KARO into an executable task to the Northern, South Western Commands of Army. The task of Indian Armed Services was to recapture peaks that were in immediate vicinity of NH1. After this flush out all the infiltrators present. 

Everyone had done their homework and started the execution of the plan – The GOC in C Northern Command asked the GOC 14, GOC 15 and GOC 16 Corps Cdr to secure the Vital Ground KAKSAR BATALIK and DRASS. The respective Corps Cdrs in turn asked the GOC Div Cdrs to secure respective ground of tactical importance covering each of the div area which consisted of brigades and battalions. This led to the coordinated attacks on Tololing Point 4590, Pt 5140, Mushkoh Pt 4875, Pimple area, Tiger Hill in Drass and Batalik Turtuk sub sector Point 5353 and other areas.

Navy and Airforce had their tasks spelt out. The IAF launched Operation Safed Sagar, in support of mobilization of Indian Army. Indian Navy launched Operation Talwar to block Pak ports with an aim  to cut off supply routes.

The rest is history. This military op was code named as Op Vijay which started from 03 May 1999 till 26 Jul 1999.

To derive correct course of action from a seemingly ambiguous direction given by the top leader needs an uncanny understanding of the person, situation and ramifications. This is a fit case study in management - How to translate ambiguity to executable, verifiable and time bound tasks - which the three Service Chiefs’ showed after that crucial two word  कुछ करो dictate. 

Part 2 – बारी हैं फिर कुछ करने की

Enemy country infiltrations with an intent of area domination and to gobble some posts which happened during Mar – Jul 1999 have international ramifications, have agenda driven media waiting to extract TRPs and opposition parties grabbing the moment to corner the government of the day. Keeping in mind the interests of the country, the government has to act. Most importantly it is to be seen that the citizens remain motivated and their faith is not shaken.

PM Atal Bihari knew his subordinates well and had faith in their capabilities. He knew with his laconic कूछ करो direction, each one would come up with a befitting plan to face the situation. This trust of the top leader in his subordinates, clarity of the senior level, mid level leaders and the soldiers’ will to defend saw us victorious in OP VIJAY. 

Today in 2021 when the whole world is ravaged by Chinese Corona virus कूछ करो becomes all the more relevant. This biological war has been unleashed by China but unfortunately nations are not acknowledging this, due to various reasons.

कूछ करो becomes more relevant when China gobbled our vast territory in Aksai Chin and we had bitter experience in Dhemchok and Galwan.  

It becomes relevant when Pakistan fights a proxy war in Kashmir.

To translate this कूछ करो into a practical, verifiable timebound plan, the National Security Advisor (NSA) and Chief of Defense staff (CDS) need to ascertain the National Threat Perception (NTP)

1.  List out all tactical threats across the border that has to be tackled upto Battalion and Bde level.

2.  List out all tactical and strategic threats upto COMMAND level.

3.  List out all Nuclear Biological (like CORONA) Chemical threats upto National level.

4.  List out similar threats for Navy, Airforce, paramilitary forces.

5.  List out Cyber, Psychological, Financial, Religious threats and vulnerable national assets.

6.  The NSA and CDS should review these threats periodically.

7.  List out the requirements for mitigating these threats.

8.  Match the requirements with available technology/ available human resource. Look first in our country itself and if not found then scout outside. Matching is enough. Overkill may impose time and cost penalties which would turn the notional advantage into disadvantage.

Examples –


1.     Example for airborne mitigator for strategic and tactical threats - 42 Sqns of MIG were based on threat perception and prevalent technology in the mid 60s. Even if the threats remain same with the modern technology (e.g. Mirages), there can be a scale down of 42 Sqns. Along with technology the combat scene has under gone a change and military aviation has grown into a superior tactical and strategic arm. Present day fighter aircrafts carryout tasks of several aircrafts in one single modern fighter aircraft. With the fantastic capabilities, the emphasis should  be on ‘smart’ capability and not numbers. 


2.     Example for vulnerable assets - NH1 is very vulnerable. If gets cut by enemy then it will cut Leh/ Ladakh region. To mitigate this a plan was evolved to make another motorable road which would be open whole year. This is the alternate route from Himachal Pradesh. In 1999 the road was not good and used to be closed for almost half the year. With ATAL tunnel (opened in 2019) and Shingo la tunnel (slated to be opened in 2024) Shimla Leh axes would be open throughout the yr. Such kind of decisions which mitigate the threats are needed by NSA and CDS.

3.   Example for Biological Warfare – Even if the world does not openly say but the fact is Corona/ Covid is a biological war unleashed by China so that world economy is affected. India has taken steps to develop vaccines to combat covid. Seen from the biological warfare point of view, NSA/ CDS have stake in the program for mitigating this biological warfare. In this context the Indian vaccine program should be encouraged and supported.



Capital procurement for Defence forces (Army, Navy Airforce) is based on Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP). DPP is the outcome of Kargil Review Committee. An important aspect of procurement process is Acceptance of Necessity (AoN). AoN is defined as follows - The services based on Staff Requirements makes a case before Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) and only after council accepts the necessity, a go ahead for procurement is given. This ensures acquisition is based on a national threat and is not subjective. The capital procurement based on threat perception of each service is good, but better would be a coordinated capital procurement for three services based upon NTP. As a nation we need to curb the tendencies of expanding the kingdom beyond requirement of NTP by each service. Procurement necessities based upon NTP when viewed from a platform which is at least one level above the Army Navy Airforce services would result in optimum procurement and coordinated spending. Based upon the NTP, The NSA or CDS should be the level for a coordinated capital procurement.



Thursday, June 17, 2021

Psychology of a Saint



He mesmerized us for all those years he was with us. He went when his time was up. We can’t forget him. Keep discussing him. Keep imagining he is still with us. Such was his silent influence over us that, now we see Dennis in every dog we come across. When I remember those emotive eyes and rolled back ears of Dennis, I get a feeling of Dennis in every animal I see around. When I go to give fish food to  our pet fish, I feel Dennis staring at me, dancing in the water mouth ajar, like Dennis used to stamp on the floor with dripping saliva and mouth wide open. The other day I was on the terrace and I saw a Bharadwaj bird (crow pheasant) on the tree… and again I got a fleeting reflection of Dennis and his antics in the bird. In fact, I saw Dennis in him.

This happens when one really misses someone and starts seeing the missed one in every being.

Now to many it may be an outright case of insanity. To some it may appear that I am hallucinating and my condition has gone bad. For few, I may be a case of deep despair on the loss of a beloved. Those who are mature enough and know the importance of relation will understand it.

What phenomenon is this? It is a small part of devotion. Seeing Dennis in every animal is devotion. This dedication towards Dennis is so strong that it often leads to imagining Dennis as he is here and now standing with his wagging tail looking at me, complete with his smell and feel of his coat!!! This devotion is just a small part of bhakti. Which gives a momentary happiness. Sant Meerabai experienced Krishna in every living and nonliving being around her, which gave her joy. What happened next was that there remained no distinction between two living beings, or between nonliving and living, or between self and others because everywhere she saw Krishna. Everything for her, folded into one entity – Krishna. This is Bhakti.

Rational thinkers (सांख्ययोगी) view it as a play of energy and matter.  Matter in universe is made of energy. There is energy where there is no matter and there is energy with energy bonds where there is matter. Sankhyas think and act as everything is energy and feel the merging of matter in to matter and all forms of energies into one. When the matter is unmerged, still rationalists see the connect between matter and energy. When merged mass manifests as energy, everything folds up into a formless oneness. Even in unfolded condition rationalists see it as energy continuum. Only energy remains!!!

The social service minded (कर्मयोगी) tread the middle path and take the best out of devotion and rationality. Practice of devotion slowly usher in the change in chemical compositions of the brain, bringing in thoughts of serving the society, nation and mankind. They think rationally and devote the time without any distinction to serve for the larger good of the society.

All such persons carry a kernel around them. The bhakts (भक्तंsee ‘Him’ everywhere, and in everything. Sankhyayogis see and feel the energy everywhere and there is no distinction or division left. Karmayogis tread the middle path resulting in selfless service sans distinction and division.

If one thinks, sees, feels and is convinced that ‘it’ is everywhere and I am ‘it’ then the whole perception changes. The psychology of a saint is this. The division ends. The ego finishes. There is only energy and therefore saints live in the present. They don’t brood over the past and don’t worry about the future. Such saints experience permanent joy.

Monday, March 22, 2021

कुछ सिखा के गया


A two-month-old Labrador was abandoned. Left barking in the Delhi summer sun. 8 yrs.’ ago he came to us and became a member of the family.

He considered the lady of the house as his GOD.  He constantly followed her in the house. Aligned his position so that he got a constant line of sight of his GOD. He revered her. In the morning slowly tiptoed near the bed and waited quietly. If she was asleep, gently went back without waking her up. He kept doing this. Once awake, he kept his head on her lap as if to say good morning. He studied and knew body language and signs to perfection even more than other members of the family!! He knew when she was tired and when she was in a bad mood and would try to compensate for everything.

He spoke without speaking. He heard without a word being uttered. He listened to what we thought and every time he was right. He miraculously could feel when we were about to finish our dinner, to come near the dining table to ask for his bite. He knew for sure, with the evening tea, his two biscuits would be there in the tray.  He waited for his bite. Never pounced or grabbed. Used his snout to poke and grab attention if we were busy reading newspaper or not talking to him.  

An epitome of goodness, kindheartedness and jovial in nature. Playful and loving. Always with a balanced and calm temperament, he tolerated all the nonsense heaped on him by playing kids. Never intimidated them. He maintained calmness at all times without getting provoked or perturbed.  Never ever complained and never ever demanded. Never showed any unhappiness. Never collected unhappy stamps and kept dragging. Never displayed his ego. Never showed any hatred. Always a happy dog. Dennis.

Suddenly last three months he started bleeding from his nose. After many doctors and hospitals, we knew that it may be a nasal tumor. He calmly suffered the onslaught of medications . At the most he used to complain to his GOD, about me when I administered medications by running towards her and keeping his head on her lap. But he knew. He knew his days were numbered. We consulted the doctors but he was certain. He knew he had to go. Suddenly he started becoming aloof. Earlier he used to roam in the house at his will. Not anymore. He started spending his time outside the main gate of the house as if indicating that his way is different. Even if we brought him in our house, he chose a corner and looked at us as if he was no longer part of our family. Last few days he refused food and water. Imagine a Labrador refusing to eat!! Gone were the days when his eyes used to gleam when we said ‘biscuit खाएगा?’ as if it was too trivial.   The end came and he graciously accepted it.

He showed what Bhakti marg is.

He showed what good temperament means. 

He showed how to dissolve the ego.

He showed that there is a time when one has to go. Without clinging without a whimper.

He showed how to live a happy life.

Even if I try to emulate some of the superlative qualities which he displayed, I would be a better person. We seldom come across a pure soul with higher conscience. I have experienced a soul which has higher conscience. I have experienced a pure soul. I am blessed.


Monday, March 15, 2021



Living and non-living beings makes up this universe. Fundamental particles which make this universe has interesting interplay between energy and matter.

Think that one day all the particles fold up into one single entity. Matter into matter to merge into one mass. Different forms of energy transform into one. Merged mass still has a form. When merged mass manifests as energy, everything folds up into a formless oneness.  Only energy!!! It remains as energy till consciousness prompts the latent energy to express it into matter. This may not be a one-time phenomenon. Folding in and opening up is cyclic one leads to another.

Form happens when energy starts transforming into matter. The moment energy manifests as matter, the universe comes into being!!. When the dense energy separates, or decides to separate or gets separated first sign of form happens. Division starts. Oneness is replaced by different forms. Consciousness leads to division!!

Awareness leads to division, which gives rise to form, identity, ego, I, my, me and self. The universe is present till ego is there. The moment ego is finished universe gets folded up.

Some questions …before the next part of this discussion on Division.


a.     What is relation between consciousness and energy?

b.     What makes the energy to start condensing…becoming denser eventually leading to matter?

c.      Can energy think?

d.     Is energy intelligent?

e.     Is mind a form of energy?

f.       Are thoughts a form of energy?

g.     How does the latent energy got awareness to express itself into matter?

h.     What is the tipping point to start cyclic (folding and opening) of matter and energy?

i.       How did the cycle start?

j.       Can anyone comprehend a sense other than five known senses?

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Agri Laws – Opening More Choices for the Farmers to Sell the Produce versus Age Old Middlemen Oriented System


If one hears out the agitating farmer leaders speaking on various channels, no one gives a logical reasoning as to why the farm laws are detrimental to farmers.

An analogy for farm produce and market model is given here, for better understanding for those who are still not very clear about the agri laws - A person starts up a business of manufacturing instruments but is barred from selling the instruments in the market directly. Instead he is told to sell through Instrument Manufacturers Market Committee (IMMC) only and inturn IMMC will sell it in the market then actually the startup owner loses on to its fair price and can never flourish. IMMC members on the other hand by selling those very instruments at a premium rake in the moolah! The IMMC is controlled by middlemen who decide the price of the product and charge the startup upto 8 % as their charges, in addition give loans on interest to the startups. How unfair the system is but for years this system makes the startups believe that it is the only way to do it. Suddenly the laws change and there is no requirement to go through the IMMC and a businessman or manufacturer who wants to sell his product in the open market may do so. By this the business startup gets fair price and wider market. These laws would make sure that according to one’s capability one could rake in the money. For a lesser capable startup IMMC process is still there and one can take the manufactured instrument and sell it through IMMC!

80 % to 85% farmers can now sell their produce in the open market and if it is difficult to grow and sell at the same time, then they can do contract farming. Where their produce can be picked up by the firm at the farm land itself. The rest 15% to 20 % farmers were already selling their produce at MSP to government FCIs. With the agri laws in place, the AMPCs middlemen now have to perform, will have to charge less to the farmers, will have to give correct market rates as other players would be competing.

Suddenly they felt that their turf has been reduced and that’s the real reason for their heartburn. They are middlemen but in the garb of a farmer agitating. They don’t have real reason so they don’t want to dialogue and summarily reject the agri laws! Therefore, from Yogendra Yadav to Ugrahan there is only rhetoric and no reasoning. There is only rabble rousing and no logic. There are only protests but no dialogue. The government has time and again requested for a dialogue; they have given proposals but without a dialogue only rhetoric remains. Mr Yogendra Yadav and Ugrahan wants their 2 min TRPs. This will also pass. Remember 1991 when economy was opened, leftists and others brought in many protests and there were 6 Bharat Bandhs. We all know where we are today because of reforms. In 1991 farm reforms were untouched as it was more delicate issue and we had missed the bus then. Now with these laws the farms reforms are here.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020



Rational thinking is difficult. Only a few ‘thinker’ mentality persons do it. Few are gifted with it. Some achieve this with practice, focus and intellect. To think rationally occasionally is difficult. More difficult is to think rationally, every time. Most difficult is to constantly think rationally, while doing all worldly things – throughout the life. Chapter 2 of Bhagwad Gita deals with rational thinking till 38th stanza. For rational thinkers the perspective towards life and world vision is based on questioning and balanced thinking. They think of energy, matter, its transformation. They are ever conscious of the thought of ‘energy is everything’. The one who perceives everything around as energy instead of different forms, differences and divisions is a perfect rational thinker. They don’t see divisions but the energy which links everything. Infact energy is everything.


Each of living and non-living in this comprehensible universe and beyond has energy. When energy gets associated with matter, it gets a form. Form is temporary with respect to time. Energy is permanent. Humans therefore should not lament on loss of any form. Loss of form and return to energy is bound to happen, if not today then tomorrow. Energy is eternal. The form which gets destroyed over a period of time cannot be a reason to lament or brood over. So, the rationalists focus only on the energy. They are not affected by any worldly interactions as they find everything very futile and are engrossed in enjoying the energy and experiencing themselves as a part of the energy. Let’s take an example – a lay person perceives an earthen pot as earthen pot, used to store and cool water. Whereas a rationalist though acknowledges it as an earthen pot, knows the truth – that it is nothing but made up of small mud particles or rather it is made up of fundamental particles. In a way it is energy with a form of a pot and that form is temporary.  He uses it as long it is there. When it breaks, the lay person feels bad as he had attached memories with it, he feels it was his, but no longer there and has lost something. Whereas in the same situation, a rationalist, sees the same earthen pot as ‘mud’ before and mud after it broke. For a rationalist, there was no change and therefore, no lament as there was no loss. A rationalist would never feel perturbed for the broken earthen pot nor rejoice when it was not broken. A true rationalist sees no divide only energy everywhere without any division………. Keep reading…………….!!!!!


Saturday, September 19, 2020



1.     Mental makeup - Rationalists and Atheists.  – This is the most difficult exercise. It requires intent to walk the thought. For half an hour think about ‘Origin of Universe’ how it must have happened. Give a deep thought. Apply all laws of physics and science. Ask oneself where we humans stand in the whole universe. Think about the origin of energy. We say that energy cannot be created nor can be destroyed. If this was to be true there had to be energy prior to Big Bang. If there was something prior to big bang then that something must have come to an end prior to the big bang or must have got converted into the big bang. If there was something else then bigbang cannot become the start. There had to be something else prior to big bang. What was that something else. How did the energy transform into the matter? Is there any intelligence to the energy? What is consciousness? Is it a form of energy? Many questions. Try to answer them by applying all the intelligence that one has. Take each question to logical conclusion. Form such questions and enquire yourself till your self is satisfied. Read a philosophical book. Every alternate day spend the morning hour in this manner. Once started, questions will keep coming and the thought process would become more and more organized sharp. Alternate exercise would bring in fresh thoughts and also place oneself in the correct perspective vis a vis the Universe. The outlook towards life will undergo a shift and will change towards higher conscience and higher goals.


2.     Mental makeup – Service oriented – Start with a small prayer.  The prayer should be in the language which one understands. The attributes of the prayer are described in the next paragraph on Mental makeup – Devotional Minded. For next half an hour, list the short term and long-term work one has to perform. It should cover the work which one undertakes to earn money, and the work which should be undertaken for the society and for the larger good of the society. Call it service towards larger goal of society or simply social service. Try to list the work that  one has to accomplish in terms of one’s profession, service or business. While doing this try to think about a work which is a service to the society and devote some time to carryout that service. Be it financially, or be it in physical effort for carrying out the work. Through some NGO or directly by self. The work so chosen be carried out without any attachment or expectation in term of return, reward or recognition. For example, if one wants to help a poor family. Help the family but don’t get attached to the thought that since the family was helped it should return the help in some way or other in future. This is a difficult exercise. Difficult because, one can think that they can do it easily, in everyday life it is difficult to achieve and it requires resolve to execute the plan. Once it is achieved, gradually expand the circle of this service as a practice and develop it in such a way that there is no attachment towards the results or the benefits. When one plans and work to earn money or recognition, it will be always associated with happy and sad moments as there is an attachment and expectation for the results, but if one plans and work for betterment of society or for a larger goal then one derives only and only joy out of that. This is a learning for the individual. Slowly when the goal shifts from earning to non-attachment the bliss surrounds.


3.     Mental makeup – Devotional minded - Keep eyes closed. Call out a prayer. Prayer should be in the language which one understands. Preferably in the mother tongue, or in the language which the person understands well. It should be short and simple. Made up of small statements. The statements should be positive, holistic and should cover noble goals. The prayer should never contain any negative statements or aimed at hatred at someone or wishing bad things for somebody. The statements of prayer should be such that they give positive conditioning to the mind. Preferably prayer should be recited everyday at the same time in same sequence and should be uttered in the same language. If regularly recited with conviction it has the power to energize whole body and mind system. It has the power to condition the mind. It has the power to make the reciter have positive thoughts, make the outlook positive and optimistic. Prayer has the power to have firm conviction on the things and ideas which we have conceived as thoughts. This conviction becomes the driver for the things which the person does. It is said that our action is driven by thoughts. Prayer makes the thoughts positive and therefore our actions become more constructive, positive and synchronous with nature.  After the prayer, chant in a comfortable rhythm. Chant for fifteen minutes. It should be loud. Not very loud to disturb others but loud enough to be heard by our own ears like a side tone. The next fifteen minutes chant in mind. There is no need of counting the chants. In counting, the focus shifts in counting rather than the chants. The effect of chanting is therapeutic and it changes the outlook towards life and others. This is the easiest of all three mental makeups on the road to bliss. It requires nothing special; it can be carried out anywhere and only requires unrequited trust in God. 


These exercises are for uninitiated or curious persons who wish to mitigate their daily worries, anxiety and other such problems. These exercises are for those who want to start the day to day life based on teachings of Bhagwat Gita. Those who want to derive therapeutic guidance may also try these exercises. Those who are in search of happiness should also try these exercises. These exercises pave the way to joy and subsequently to bliss.  

Keep reading………