Monday, May 21, 2018


All along Rahul Gandhi in his speeches said JDS is B team of BJP. All along Kumarswamy blurted abuses on Congress and when they got 37 seats (around 1/6th) of assembly, Congress in their zest to prove success for Rahul Gandhi, Congress sort of purchased whole JDS party disregarding the mandate and so the unholy alliance has staked the claim.

This government would not last for few months as historically and statistically never a government with such a minority (1/6th) has survived beyond a year. Even Dev Gowdas 47 MP government did not survive for the same reasons.

After almost rout in every elections post 2014, Congress and other opposition parties are celebrating their euphoria win as if it is real. A picture is being given in Media that now all opposition will come together and will not allow Modi to win next general elections, forgetting that in 2014 also all these were opposing him in respective states. We Indians are happy with road bumps. The moment we see something is going on smoothly we challenge it; we try to derail it and try to delay it. That’s okay in democracy, but we the people must understand that in the present context BJP under Modi is the best bet. Not 37 MLAs JD CM who was purchased by Congress (not horses but full stable) to form a Govt. Not Mulayam without any ideology. Not Mamata with her brazen anti-democratic attitude. Not KCR or C Naidu as they are too small and not yet proven. Not Biju with limited existence. Not Kejri AAP as they have failed because of bloated ambitions. I am not taking name of Rahul as he has not shown any spark of leadership anywhere nor has shown how to speak. Maya can keep counting Maya in her 15 Cr house. Leftists would do better if they can retain their 3 rd place in WB. Sharad Yadav and Sinha can party and keep addressing press conferences for next few years before they dim out of politics. Lalu Yadav would take few years to learn to know how Benami transactions are not good for politics.

Now we know who purchased whom. Wait for few months to see how Karnataka Govt under opportunistic Kumarswami and clinging Congress take the state to chaos.

Thursday, April 19, 2018


I remember my grandma, a widow. She used to get up early in the morning, spend her time praying and reading Bhagwad Gita. In the afternoon after a short siesta she regularly visited nearby temple for Bhajan and Kirtan. By evening she cooked dinner for the family. She was not very religious nor did she like cooking very much. She had made this her routine. She used to say that doing what we like is one thing which is good, but at some point in life we must also start loving what we do to be happy. She kept herself occupied without indulging in the family politics. After a lot of thought she found these set of actions were best to pass her time. In fact it began as a routine and became a ritual for her. Come what may, every day after daily puja, she went for bhajan kirtan and in the evening cook dinner for the family. She worked whole day to achieve this. This regulated her life and kept her busy throughout the day. It was a ritual which she herself chose. She was happy, active and always smiling.

My retired neighbour in Pune gets up early in the morning and jogs straight to ‘Parvati’. It is a hillock with a mandir at the top. He starts at 5 30 in the morning and comes back by 9 am every day. He has been doing this for last 30 years, with a firm belief that this exercise keeps him healthy. He is now 90 years young and works his daily routine for everyday morning ritual of scaling the hillock. As a result, he has controlled his diet and performs other supplementary actions such that he remains physically and mentally fit for the morning exercise. This has brought in a lifestyle change which has controlled his eating ­­habits, sleeping habits and other daily chores so much that, he is 90 and still looks fresh and healthy.

Every Sunday my colleague does a local cleanliness drive. He cleans the area with broom, using all kinds of cleaning equipment which he has purchased over a period of time. He does it every Sunday regularly for three to four hours for many years now. People join him; sometimes miscreants litter that area during weekdays. Unperturbed whether people join or people litter he carries on with his ritual of cleaning bringing in a sense of satisfaction and joy of achievement. When one does something without any personal expectation his self-esteem gets a boost and over shadows any other desire. It gives the person immense joy and happiness.

A routine is set of actions regularly followed. Routine may be forced, or carried out without conviction or done because one has no choice. It is generally short lived. A ritual is more meaningful than a routine. A ritual almost changes the life style and makes it healthy. Mostly it is undertaken by choice and is enduring. A ritual is undertaken with faith. It is a result of commitment, sincerity and conviction. Rituals help to regain calmness and peace of mind. It helps to find happiness in small things. In the pursuit of happiness our endeavour should be to find a ritual which suits our mental makeup.  A service minded person would choose social work as a ritual. A devotional person would choose a religious activity as a ritual.

Society has started associating rituals as actions based on religious blind faith and has earned a negative meaning. Blind faith are a bane to the society and harmful to self. Routines actioned with conscious faith are rituals. Rituals augment positivity and happiness. Action with conviction is better than doing it without it. Every action has to be an outcome of reasoning or it should have been driven by conscious faith. Any action resulting from lack of faith or lack of reasoning would be an ill action. Those who don’t have faith and those whose actions are not an outcome of reasoning are bound to fail. For secure and happy life, adopt a ritual.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


I was watching my wife playing with our pet labrador. Always loving that they are, he was wagging his tail for all the names being showered on him. “Dennis. उल्लू का पठ्ठा. Stand up. You lazy moron” - She blurted prodding him to stand up as he was lying down after his morning feed.

As happy as always, he promptly started wagging his tail and stood up. Oblivious by the words and the meanings blurted at him. He was just happy that we were interacting with him. He was at peace.

Seeing him happy, a train of thoughts lead me from one subject to another. Just because he has muted his ego he is enjoying the moment. I would have been angry by now if I were to get showered by the aforesaid abuses blurted at me. In contrast he was happy being with us.

This jovial reaction to the abuses may be because of his lesser intellect than humans and that he was unable to understand the meaning of the word उल्लू का पठ्ठा. We are intelligent species and can think. That’s where we end up in a mess. Every word coming out of the other person is analysed, its meaning once realised we start noticing the intentions behind each blurted word, then connect the word with earlier episodes and derive meanings out of spoken and non-spoken words. We consider we have successfully decoded the spoken word.  We may not remember the exact words previously spoken by the other person but we do recall how we had felt then, as feelings stick. In doing this the present moment is lost by us. Henceforth we don’t enjoy the moment but delve in the past and turn off our mood or start expecting to hear the very words which we would like to hear. When we hear words other than what we expect, we feel sad.   

Such a negative reaction to the spoken word is natural as we have more intellect. Intellect to analyse the word. Intellect to hear non spoken words between the spoken words. Intellect to decipher the intentions behind the spoken words.  The dog has fewer brains and so he can be happy at being called उल्लू का पठ्ठा and can enjoy the moment. For us, knowing the language, connotations and past situations, we derive in depth meaning out of that spoken word and become mostly unhappy.

What if we train ourselves to calibrate our mind, intelligence and ego like a volume control knob to suit the situations with an aim of choosing to be happy? Like a powerful aero engine which is derated. Derating is to use the engine at less than its rated maximum capability in order to prolong its life.

By toning down our intelligence a bit and not thinking always logically, especially with relatives and friends we would be happier. Listening to our heart gives more happiness than taking decisions based on our brain. Our relations with relatives and friends would endure more if we do what our heart says and keep our intelligence and logic at bay. This way we would enjoy the moment, get less stressed up and be happy. Brain may help us in bringing comforts, but in the long run, it is less helpful to keep us happy than the mind driven by our heart.  

Friday, February 16, 2018


If we break up the matter to its elementary particles and view all living and non-living beings in context, then everywhere we find never ending chemical reactions. Some are dormant and some are active. Some are manifested and some are not manifested. All chemical reactions are referenced with time. For if there was no time dimension then there would not have been any chemical reaction at all or all chemical reactions would have folded at once in one moment. Since the world is perpetual in the realm of our understanding, therefore it can be easily said that each chemical reaction takes some moments to happen.
In the billions of chemical reactions all over universe there are some chemical reactions which are different and have something extra which all other chemical reactions don’t exhibit. That is life. When such a reaction happens, we say that a living being is born and when such chemical reaction cease to exist we say that living being ceases to live – though the rest of the chemical reactions keep on happening - as told in the second chapter of Gita by Lord Krishna –
अव्यक्तादीनि भूतानि व्यक्तमद्यानि भारत।
अव्यक्तनिधनान्येव तत्र का परिदेवना ।। २८ ।।
All beings are non-perceptible before birth, at birth they become perceptible and after death they become non-perceptible again.
In such successful special chemical reactions, when it starts, it takes some time before the chemical reaction ends. Start of chemical reaction event in our life is not in our hands and end of chemical reaction more or less is also not in our hands. So we are actually recipient of a block of time till the end of the reaction. How we pass these moments marking the beginning and end of chemical reaction decide whether we are happy or not.
The time between two events cannot be lessened and we have to live with it. It is we who decide how we pass this time. So some pass it by indulging themselves in hobbies, some by social work, some indulge in religious rituals, some for earning money and luxuries, some don’t do anything and wait for the time to pass, some indulge in activities which are antisocial and against the nature. It is based on their mental makeup. The time pass methods largely depend upon parents and circumstances till one starts treading own path. Thereafter the time pass methods and actions should be channelized as per the mental makeup. If they are not channelized as per the mental makeup, then the time pass becomes difficult, dangerous and painful to self and others. As per the mental make up the time can be passed by either reasoning (if one is a rationalist) and seeking knowledge (not information), if one is more service oriented then the time could be spent by doing unattached social service or to involve in some kind of employment or self-employment. If one is more towards ritualistic or religious minded then for him indulging in social rituals, prayers and chanting become primary way of passing time.
Since we have time at our disposal we should strive to pass this time in a way which gives joy. If we don’t take control and wait for the time to pass then we are bound to be plagued with unhappy and bad quality of life. The aim of each one of us is to spend the time in such a way so as to maximize happiness and minimize sadness and pain. To achieve this, select one of the three ways to lead the life. To do this one has to discern his mental makeup. This can only be achieved by spending some time thinking on self and observing oneself.
Animals also pass the time but there is a qualitative difference between passing time without knowing about it and spending time with full consciousness. It is difficult to spend time if there is a mismatch of our mental makeup and our actions to fill the moments staring at us. If there is a complete synchronization in the mental makeup and our actions then the resultant passing of time is very joyous. So as per the mental makeup one finds artists engrossed in art, scientist engrossed in research, businessmen in business and so on. If one sees the path of each individual from birth to death or from start of reaction to end of reaction, it is only one common path - the path of passing time consciously. How one passes the time, is of importance rather than What was done to pass the time. Every passing moment should be filled with that conscious action which gives joy to self and a remembrance to other. Once engrossed in such an action the time passes on its own.
The moment one starts feeling that time is not passing, one must stop and ponder. It should be analyzed by none other than self and the reason should be found out. Adopt a method of reasoning, service or chanting as per mental makeup, situation and circumstances.
Sometimes we get entrapped in such circumstances in life that we feel like trapped in traffic jam.  In traffic jam, although the vehicle has power to propel and we have capability to drive, we cannot use this power and capability to come out of traffic jam independently and we have to negotiate the traffic jam with a slow boring run ahead. It is same for our life. If we get entrapped in adverse situations we are forced to maintain a low profile even if we have ability and talent, till the adverse circumstances are mitigated. Let us call it a traffic jam syndrome. In case of traffic jam syndrome - best is to keep chanting GOD’s name and wait for the opportune time.
So check whether you wait for the day to end. In fact you don’t have to check it out. You will feel it, if one is not comfortable passing each day. If the answer is yes then, check the individual inclination and adopt path of reasoning or path of service or engage yourself in chanting GOD’s name in which you have faith. Try to get engrossed in whatever path one chooses. The proof of pudding is when engrossed in the selected path, one remains happy and becomes unaware of time.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


It started with killing of Sarpanch’s to undermine democratic process in Kashmir. It continued to the next level of torching of over 100 schools to create panic amongst the civil society and after demonetization  looting of banks to tide over the money crunch. The stone pelting from the slush funds which Pakistan provided to the unemployed public was started so that world can be shown the unrest. This stone pelting is not new to the muslim culture, this is the tradition from centuries they have been observing and they don’t consider pelting stone as uncivilized way. In fact stoning to death, public hanging and whipping is part of their culture. It may be barbaric for others but for them it is nothing but a culture accepted by the society. Killing of Indian Army officer from Kashmir while he was on leave and attending relatives marriage was to tell the Kashmiris to not to join the mainstream.

Hurriat never considered themselves as a part of India and always danced to the tune of Pakistan MEA. Hizbul Mujaheedin openly says that their struggle is more for JIHAD and less for AZAD KASHMIR, they want to establish ISIS and Islamic state. The struggle in Kashmir is more of Jihadi muslim plan for extending Islamic State and nothing to do to preserve KASHMIRIYAT or identity of kashmiris.

This is the background to the recent radicalization of school going girls and boys. Using college school going kids, two year kids with AK 47 and bands on foreheads of two month old infants to radicalize the society and wean away from mainstream idea of INDIA as a nation. The revelations of slush funds from Islamabad business houses to Saudi and routed back to Delhi to be delivered by Hawala to Hurriat and Hizbul Mujaheedin for instigating violence in Valley by enticing local unemployed youth is testimony to what is happening in the Valley.

It is not that BJP is in power so the valley is erupting. The fact is Pakistan and IS plan is being unfolded and from their side they have to hurry up to achieve the JIHADI movement to get a fresh impetus for ISIS elsewhere. We have to face this as a nation and in unison.

If we want to save Kashmir from going IS jihad way then we have to act and act fast –

-         Ban Hurriat. Scrutinize all accounts of such organizations from Financial intel point vies and deploy ED to squeeze them financially.
-         Ban Social Media for six months in the valley.
-         Establish IP addresses of all such pic/vdo clips and emails being uploaded and enquire till intel get the last thread.
-         Use force with impunity against extremists, terrorists, stone pelting college students and nuisance  without regarding international outrage – ofcourse international scene would have to be managed beforehand which the political dispensation would have to do it in a right manner.

-         Media should be coopted in this national task and urged them to report correctly keeping in mind the Nation and with maturity. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


On 9th May Delhi Assembly had a special session where Saurabh a MLA from AAP showcased how an EVM can be tampered for getting desired results by employing the cheat codes. Further he told to the assembly that this can be achieved in 90 seconds by changing the mother board of EVMs. He demonstrated it by using a look alike model of EVM designed by a computer firm. Following can be concluded after seeing that drama. 

1. By changing the mother board he claims, anyone can tamper the results - Changing the mother board amounts to changing the EVM itself. That means he is suggesting that by changing the EVMs results can be tampered. What is so great about it. Can it happen ever under the Election Commission to change all the EVMs by some one? Election Commision is an autonomous constitutional authority and it works independently. So suggesting this means creating confusion in the minds of gullible, illiterate electorate and computer illiterate including literate older generation people. This is intentional cheating and becomes a criminal offence. Election Commision should take suo moto cognizance of this and restrain any party from indulging in such kind of cheating. It should be denotified for this act of cheating. Here is the official rebuttal of Election Commission of India on the farce -

  • The Election Commission, through media, has learnt about a so-called demonstration of tampering of ‘look-alike’ EVM. In this context it should be understood that it is possible for anyone to make any electronic gadget which ‘looks-like’ ECI EVM and demonstrate any Magic or Tampering.
  • Very simply put, any ‘look-alike’ machine is just a different gadget, which is manifestly designed and made to function in a ‘tampered’ manner and has no relevance, incidence or bearing on the Commission’s EVMs.
  • It is common sense that gadgets other than ECI EVMs can be programmed to perform in a pre-determined way, but it simply cannot be implied that ECI EVMs will behave in the same manner because the ECI EVMs are Technically Secured and function under an elaborate Administrative and Security Protocol.
  • Such so-called demonstration on extraneous and duplicate gadgets which are not owned by the ECI cannot be exploited to influence our Intelligent Citizens & Electorate to assail or vilify the EVMs used by the Commission in its electoral process.
  • Election Commission of India (ECI) has scheduled an All Political Parties meeting on 12th May 2017 for EVM Issues and other Electoral Reforms. 

2. People should understand Arvind Kejriwal is using Delhi Assembly to indulge in free AAM AADMI PARTY propoganda by touching on such issues where only TRP ratings and confusion can be achieved but good for the society cannot be. 

3. The farce was attempted to divert the attention from the implosion within AAP and from various scams faced by Arvind Kejriwal and his late Brother in Law. 

Tail Piece - This happens when an incapable over ambitious person like Arvind Kejriwal heads an ideology-less and cadre less junta. A  ruderless ship and wastage of trust of electorate.

Monday, December 12, 2016



People are becoming impatient and have started getting demoralized thinking that greedy corrupt rich Indians have successfully circumvented the system. Roped in bank managers, made a racket and have almost converted black money to white by depositing in the bank. By mere putting in the bank money cannot change color. There will be prolonged period of investigation of these accounts and many skeletons will tumble out sooner or later.  
A very big exercise is underway and it would take time to get the results. It is like Samudramanthan. For days churning will take place. There will be ifs and buts, ups and downs, cat and mouse games. There will be long periods of investigations and raids. There will be false propaganda by detractors of demonetization and people having self interest in securing black money. There will be some blind followers opposing demonetization for the sake of opposing as their parties oppose demonetization for obvious reasons.
Some bank managers are indulging in unscrupulous dealings and because of which people are not getting their due withdrawals. The government should keep raiding and clamping on such managers mercilessly in order to protect commoners and their legitimate demand for money.
Some people think becoming cashless overnight is not possible and it is stupidity what government is asking. They think India is not ready for cashless economy. Any such large scale migration from cash to cashless would take time but with Government being proactive and individuals putting in their efforts the time can be telescoped very easily. We should have resolve to make our Nation more and more corruption free and one step towards that is cashless economy. If we agree that we want to be a less corrupt society then we must migrate towards cashless transactions. If we transact 20 % cashless and 80 % with cash we must try to migrate slowly in next couple of months to maximize cashless transactions. With little application one can go upto 50 – 50 % and with concerted effort we can achieve 80% cashless by value.
Also as a nation, if today there are 20 % cashless transactions government should aim at 60 % cashless by end of March and 70 to 80 % cash less transaction by value by end of next year in the first phase. This is possible. When I interact many people say that in remote villages cashless is difficult. Yes it is difficult and no rational thinker would want to switch to cashless overnight. As a nation if we can achieve 70 % cashless by value it is enough as a first step migration. Then these remote villages can be considered in 30% cash transactions and can be converted into cashless by end of phase 2.  
People say, earlier Modi said war was against black money. Now he says - go cashless. He is changing goal post. I say, every step is towards cleaner transparent transactions. To ease out black money, demonetization was required. Cashless transactions are key to enlarge tax net. For GST, cashless transactions are beneficial. To curb black money generation cashless would give traceability. We should not see things in isolation. Demonetisation and cashless transactions complement each other in curbing black money. The first phase of demonetization is now getting over and therefore cashless phase is being propagated aggressively by the government.  All these years there used to be talk of black money by political parties, when in opposition. When in power, there used to be only lip service by various parties. For the first time a party in power and a decisive PM has proactively started war against black money. All these years BJP was considered as a party of traders and in spite of this the PM has taken such a strong step speaks volumes of his intentions and will to take on all adversaries in this fight against corruption.

This samudramanthan will take time. It is a long drawn process. Patience, trust and resolve is solicited from those Indians who want their country to curb the black money menace.