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Thousands of visitors throng Qutubminar every day. Many of them read the epitaph and come to know that it was built by Qutubshah and admire the magnificence of it. Yes it was built by Qutubshah, but the story doesn’t end there, in fact it starts from there. The downfall of Hindu Kingdom started around this time.

            A thought came to my mind, that how many of us look back and read our real history. We are always fed on the British written history, which very cunningly gives all those periods which make us feel that we were always ruled. First by Alexander, then by Muslims and then by Britishers. When we talk about our history we are always apologetic about it. To start with, this history of subjugation was fed to our four - five generations and its continuity was ensured from then on.

When such biased history was preached continuously to four - five generations, permanent damage was done. Now we know that we are born to get ruled. Only subjugation.  Ask any one in the age group of 20 - 30 about what they know about Alexander the 'Great'(?) Why was he great or was he?, If we see from our perspective. Ask Gen Next who was Chandragupta, Chanakya and Bindusar (probably they may have heard the names of Chadragupta and Chanakya but not of Bindusar) and what was their most important contribution. Why should we read History from ‘their’ perspective? Here are some salient points in our History.

1.       Alexander may have been a great warrior but in Bharat he crossed Sindhu and could go till Beas River, not ahead.
2.       Upto 1400 AD South India was free.
3.       Till 1100 AD Mughals/ Turqs/ Muslims could not conquer Bharat.
4.    From 600 AD to 1000 AD Bharat was almost unified without any invasion.
 5.        During Chandragupta Mourya and Vikramaditya around 150 to 200 yrs Bharat was free   and progressing. The most important contribution of Chandragupta and Chanakya duo was to unite Bharat into one nation. Same goes to Vikramaditya and Maratha empire.
6.            From 1650 to 1760 Most of Maharashtra and later upto Atak (Now in Pakistan) India became Hindu-PatPatshahi under Maratha empire.
7.            We have finished only 60+ yrs after independence. Still a lot to go in a Nation's life! Although we have lost some land, we have lost Hindu nation to secular one, but we are still progressing.
8.            With so many invasions many important nations (Greece, Roman, Bactria and many others lost their nationhood but India is still alive!).
9.            Many nations still exists without the original identity like many central Asian nations and Egypt etc are there but now turned into Muslim countries.
10.          We are still alive and ticking, though in the long march towards existence we have lost Hinduhood and became secular that is alright we are still progressing.
11.          Whenever nations allowed their religion to be changed, change of nationhood happened.
12.          The terms like ahimsa are good for personal spiritual enhancement, but not for a nations upliftment! For a nation, PATRAPATRA VIVEK (पात्रापात्र विवेक), देशेकालेपात्रेच has to be applied. Otherwise nation becomes weak. 
13.          We ourselves made bounds for our religion, because of which our progress, openness, and our religion suffered a lot. They are  

(a)    Caste system and not to have relations with other castes.

(b)     Not to wed daughters outside the castes.

(c)      Not to cross Sindhu river, means we could not wage war going out of our land.

(d)          No reconversions were allowed so we lost our numbers!

(e)          Not to kill the enemy when he has surrendered - Ahimsa (A bane from Budhist religion).

(f)           In war  - fight with an equal.

(g)          Crossing of Arabian  sea and Bay of Bengal was considered not an Hindu act!
14. The just mentioned bounds were self-imposed for overall good at that time, our leaders (of that time) lost focus of GITA - The preachings of GITA were applied OUT OF CONTEXT.
15.          Gita while speaking on Caste system says - it was created TO SUSTAIN THE SOCIETY ON THE PRINCIPAL OF 'mental bend of mind' and 'skill set existing in a person' (चातुर्वर्ण्यं मया सृष्टं गुणकर्मविभागशः। अध्याय ४:१२) - That means the castes are according to the गुण - Mental Bend of Mind (सात्विक, राजस, तामस) and कर्म- The skill he has and the work he does. It never said it should be hereditary! Applying this every society in the world is divided in these four divisions!.
16. While speaking on treatment to others GITA says (including enemy) it says देशे काले च पात्रे च तद्दानं सात्विकं स्मृतम्। अध्याय १७.२० Translated it says, the treatment depends on the context of place, time and person. The treatment should be different for different times, different places and for different persons i.e. for different situations. Actually so much liberty this religion had given to its people but we concurred a wrong meaning and instead of becoming more liberal became rigid. In the zest to follow GITA, these two (गुणकर्मविभागशः and पात्रापात्रविवेक) important aspects were lost!
17. Alexander, Shak, Hun, Kushans invaded us but never had any agenda to convert the religion. Muslims had a specific agenda to Convert, to desecrate the symbols of our sentiments (मुर्तीभंजक, बुतशिखान). Again धर्मांतर याने राष्ट्रांतर.
18. Tamil is the oldest Classical language in the world (proto  Dravidian languages), and Sanskrit was the oldest Language in Indo Europeon languages. Both have antiquity of 2 millenium BC. Latin was the only language as old as Sanskrit and Tamil.
19. Other nations had Ambassadors at our kingdoms.

I have made the Indian history ‘panoramic view’ for today’s computer enabled generation in an abridged manner just to create interest in the reader. More information and knowledge could be gathered from other sources.  I think Gen Next should go through this small document in their spare time. At a glance it gives the panoramic view about our history.
To be continued.................

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1.         According to UN survey Indian population is going to stabilize in the year 2050 with population around 1.6 billion (1600 million). That is to say that the growth rate would become zero. According to me, this is a far fetching estimation and there is a basis for that. The current decadal growth rate of total population is 21.41 and the growth rate started reducing only in 1981. The average reduction of growth rate is around 2 % per decade till 2001. If the estimation of stability of the population (i.e. there would not be any further rise of population) is to come true the average reduction of growth rate should be well above 4 % for around 4 decades starting from 2001 onwards. In any case it should not fall less than 2 % there after, for another three decades. This is a tall order going by the current population control measures. Even if total population of India would  stabilise, with 0% growth rate by around 2060, with 1.6 billion population, there are other factors that merit consideration:-


(a)       The growth rate of Hindu population is just about 20% where as of Muslim population is around 29 %. The 0% growth rate of each community cannot be achieved at the same time and the Muslim population would lag behind Hindu population in achieving the 0% growth rate. Hindu population would hit the 0 % growth rate quicker because the starting point is lower.


(b)       As the Hindu population growth rate would be approaching 0% - quicker than Muslim population, it may be assumed that total growth rate of 0 % (for our country) could be achieved by an offset (negative growth of Hindu population and still positive but reducing growth rate of Muslim population for some years before it becomes 0%). Therefore internal corrections such as negative growth rate for Hindu population and positive growth rate of Muslim population would keep changing the demographic pattern even if the total population is stabilised. Sachar committee report also discusses this – “ due to high total fertility rates (TFR), lower child mortality rates and a better than average child sex ratio among Muslims which would mean that the Muslim population growth would start to plalteau around 10-15 years after it has for other social and religious communities in the country”. In fact my estimation suggests that it would take around 3 decades!


(c)        The illegal refugee problem from the porous borders of our country, which will require a separate analysis and would be discussed subsequently.


2.         As per Sachar committee report, by 2050 in the area of pre-partition India (i.e. including Pakistan and Bangladesh) the combined population of Muslims and Christians together would be close to the 50 % mark in comparison to the Indian religionists (i.e. Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and others). Further if the indication of population density of the regions are heeded then, Bangladesh in next fifty yrs would have population density of more than 1500 per sq Km (presently it is 1069 per sq Km) compared to about 600 per sq Km of that of India! The pressure of this population density of Bangladesh is enough for us to sit up and ponder. Add to it the issue of global warming and reports of 20% land of Bangladesh getting inundated by sea waters and there by creating more pressure. This gives a figure of approximately four crores.


3.         This growth of Muslim population in India cannot be seen in isolation. The influx from other neighbouring countries should be considered. Though Sachar committee has tried to play down illegal Bangladeshi immigration, by terming it as inconsequential. An influx of more than 1.8 crores Muslims from Bangladesh by conservative estimates and upto 3 crores cannot be ruled out. This makes around 2 % of the population of India which is not inconsequential at all. Imagine in just 30 years of existence of Bangladesh 1/6th of the size of the population of France coming and settling down in India! These Bangladeshi illegal immigrants are not settling down only in Assam and West Bengal but they are spreading out to states like Maharashtra (Mumbai), MP, Bihar and Rajasthan. Many of us would recollect sudden spurt of Muslim localities around us with mosques blaring out on PA systems every morning. Suddenly we have started coming across Muslim localities where they were not existed in near past. These all Muslim localities are mushrooming because of Bangladeshi Muslims settlers. It would take five minutes or so to read this article, - as per the estimates, in those five minutes ten illegal migrants would have come to India from Bangladesh! This is the rate at which they are coming. Remember our history is alive with many examples of Muslims settling down from West and northwest. The erstwhile ‘Hindu’ states of Baluchistan, NW frontier, Punjab and Sind regions in erstwhile India (now Pakistan) have become majority Muslim states. So much so that we have lost these areas permanently.


The Pattern


4.         As per the Sachar committee report, numerically, the majority of the Muslims in India are living in four states UP, Bihar, West Bengal and Maharashtra, which has atleast 10 million Muslims each. UP has the largest Muslim population in India with 22 % of India’s Muslims living there according to the 2001 census i.e. around 30 million people. The other states with significant Muslim population are Kerala, AP, Assam, Jammu and Kashmir and Karnataka with a population between five to 10 million Muslims each. As per the statistics, of the 593 districts in India, 20 have Muslim majority (yr 2007); of them 9 have predominantly Muslims (over 75 % Muslims) (Lakshadweep and 8 of J&K). The other 11 districts have between 50 to 75 % Muslim population (6 from Assam, 2 from J&K, one each from Bihar, WB and Kerala. 38 districts have Muslim population between 25 to 50 %. In about 182 districts, Muslim population was between 10 to 25 % (enough to influence the out come of the assembly and parliament results!). So of the 593 districts in India, 240 districts with a significant Muslim population of atleast 10 % and above have nearly 82% of India’s Muslim population. Where is this concentration? Border states of Assam, Meghalaya, West Bengal, UP, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and J&K apart from Kerala. The border states of Assam, West Bengal and Jammu & Kashmir are being filled (targeted) by Muslim population. Sooner the states like Rajasthan, UP, Jharkhand would join the league. There emerges a set pattern in the Muslim domination in the areas. The reading of the pattern shows that there is a gradual increase in the density of population in these states. These areas which are getting filled up are such which can make an easy corridor across India joining Pakistan and Bangladesh. Combined with this fact now if we observe the growth of Madrasses. There were around 790 Madarssas at the time of India’s independence in 1947. Now they are more than 50,000. Their distribution is mind boggling - Gujrat, Maharashtra, Assam and Rajasthan 2000 each, MP 6000, UP 2500, Bihar 2800, WB 2400, Jharkhand 1800, Uttaranchal 1000, Kerala 10000 and so on. Most noteworthy is MP which has 6000 of them. These Madarssas it is believed that openly teach the separatists and Jehadis ideas. The so called CD from Taliban which was recovered is again being down played by the pseudo secularists for the reasons best known to them. One should read the writing on the wall which is loud and clear that internal security is being systematically subverted by Pakistan, Taliban and the likes. The occupation of the land by various Muslim groups around every nationally sensitive areas such as airports, defence installations, city centers, and sensitive areas needs thorough study. The Muslim psyche is such that whenever they are in minority they remain quite and dormant. The moment they get out of minority status – trouble starts brewing. Another striking feature of the psyche is when in majority, the normal civilized way of democracy is never adopted and the tendency is to go for dictatorship of military rule. Almost all the Muslim nations are ruled by rulers, or by military dictator or by religious fanatics such as Taliban and their ilks. If one sees the role of Qutubshah, Adilshaha or Mongals, it was a regular family feud which often resulted in killing of the emperor by his son to assume the dictatorship. The pattern is very much evident when one studies the Pakistan’s rule. Bhutto was hanged, Zia was killed in an air accident which is abuzz with a plot. Nawaz Sharif was ousted and driven out of Pakistan so was Benazir Bhutto. Their in Bangladesh we all can see the fate of Sheikh Hasina and Khalida. We all know what happened to Mujibir Rehaman.   


Political Consolidation


5.         This gives an indication of the impending stratagem of the Muslim leaders and their likes. As the Muslim population rises, the Muslim leaders and the Muslim population belonging to various parties could very well exit at an opportune time and form an umbrella organization and seek out for all Muslim vote for such an umbrella Muslim organization. Such an experiment was successfully carried out during recently held Assam elections in which a political consolidation of Muslims in place by forming Assam United Democratic Front. This front though formed few months before assembly elections, it bagged third largest number of votes capturing 10 seats. In fact the party envisions itself as the political rallying point for Bangladeshi Mulsims. Demographic changes caused by illegal emigration have assumed dangerous proportions.  The districts of Dhubri (70.46 per cent), Barpeta (56.07 per cent), Hailakandi (54.79 per cent) and Goalpara (50.18 percent) had already earlier become Muslim majority districts with Nagaon, Morigaon and Karimganj, among others, joining the league now. Where ever there is Muslim majority there is secessionist tendency. The manifestations could be seen in Jammu & Kashmir, Assam and West Bengal in terms of illegal arms caches, bomb explosions and internal disturbances.






6.         If we don’t wake up and read the writing on the wall, by 2090 when Muslims would be around 25 % we would witness a fragmented India. West Bengal, J & K, Uttaranchal, UP, Rajasthan and other parts of India would be endangered.






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On Dec 16, we all woke up to a rude shock of brutal happening in the Capital of our country. We all citizens protested against the brutality and against dismal law and order situation in the country. Many politicians gave statements in all their sincerity but ended up kicking a hornets nest. Police made their presence felt everywhere and increased their beat area. Govt tried its best to show its sincerity by sending the girl to Singapore (may be a bit late). Our Honorable Home Minister gave a statement that he has written to State Governments, asking for their suggestions in forming stricter law against these crimes and suggestions on what should be the age of a juvenile culprit to be considered fit for punishments to the crime he was party to.
To my mind this is a case of administrative action to be employed by an able administrator and not of a policy making and therefore without wasting time asking for suggestions - act. What are we looking at to increase the number of years in jail? To give death penalty? These provisions are all there in the penal code. What is required at this juncture is services of a Chulbul Pande.
Stricter laws, lowering of age of juvenile culprits, more police force, GPS in buses are required but more than that what is required is in plain and simple words terror; and how this terror should be, this should be directed towards the prospective criminals.
Following are the steps which are immediately required:-
When the crime is brutal, equally brutal should be the punishment. Capital punishment of hanging is very dignified way of punishing such brutal actions. During freedom struggle our national martyrs were handed out death penalty and they were hanged. To give the same punishment to these brutal people is to insult the martyrs. It is to insult our national hero’s. lastly it is an insult to the punishment itself. These brutal animals…sorry animals are never brutal when they kill. In this case atleast her last wish should be respected and these six persons should be burnt alive and in public. In fact Kasab should have been hanged in public or if nothing else it should be covered live by television channels. Unless this is done, it won’t act as a deterrent.
The justice should be fast and the convicts should be brought to book in one week. The ideal is to burn them alive on 13th day of her demise. The rituals should be completed by burning those persons alive. Then only her soul will rest in peace and would become an effective deterrent. Punishing the guilty after 5 – 10 yrs won’t provide any deterrent.  
The treatment given to the juvenile culprits should be based on the brutality of the crime. This Govt should not go by the mathematical number of his age, which shows he is less than 18 years. What a shame to teenage. The crime indulged by him and the brutality shown by him is no way indicative that he is a juvenile. It is a work of a pervert, adult sick brain, although his physical age may be within 18 years. To spare him is to have one convict alive. To spare him is to insult the girl. To spare him is to create a role model for many vulnerable juveniles, who would become bolder and indulge in such crimes and get away, by the law.
There is no requirement of asking for suggestions. At this moment of disgrace we require the services of Chulbul Pandey, who by his mere presence can stop the crime. The police should be given a free hand to nab the culprits and treat them as culprits. Human rights activists should not interfere in this. Then only these brutalities will stop. Otherwise they will not.