Monday, January 7, 2013


On Dec 16, we all woke up to a rude shock of brutal happening in the Capital of our country. We all citizens protested against the brutality and against dismal law and order situation in the country. Many politicians gave statements in all their sincerity but ended up kicking a hornets nest. Police made their presence felt everywhere and increased their beat area. Govt tried its best to show its sincerity by sending the girl to Singapore (may be a bit late). Our Honorable Home Minister gave a statement that he has written to State Governments, asking for their suggestions in forming stricter law against these crimes and suggestions on what should be the age of a juvenile culprit to be considered fit for punishments to the crime he was party to.
To my mind this is a case of administrative action to be employed by an able administrator and not of a policy making and therefore without wasting time asking for suggestions - act. What are we looking at to increase the number of years in jail? To give death penalty? These provisions are all there in the penal code. What is required at this juncture is services of a Chulbul Pande.
Stricter laws, lowering of age of juvenile culprits, more police force, GPS in buses are required but more than that what is required is in plain and simple words terror; and how this terror should be, this should be directed towards the prospective criminals.
Following are the steps which are immediately required:-
When the crime is brutal, equally brutal should be the punishment. Capital punishment of hanging is very dignified way of punishing such brutal actions. During freedom struggle our national martyrs were handed out death penalty and they were hanged. To give the same punishment to these brutal people is to insult the martyrs. It is to insult our national hero’s. lastly it is an insult to the punishment itself. These brutal animals…sorry animals are never brutal when they kill. In this case atleast her last wish should be respected and these six persons should be burnt alive and in public. In fact Kasab should have been hanged in public or if nothing else it should be covered live by television channels. Unless this is done, it won’t act as a deterrent.
The justice should be fast and the convicts should be brought to book in one week. The ideal is to burn them alive on 13th day of her demise. The rituals should be completed by burning those persons alive. Then only her soul will rest in peace and would become an effective deterrent. Punishing the guilty after 5 – 10 yrs won’t provide any deterrent.  
The treatment given to the juvenile culprits should be based on the brutality of the crime. This Govt should not go by the mathematical number of his age, which shows he is less than 18 years. What a shame to teenage. The crime indulged by him and the brutality shown by him is no way indicative that he is a juvenile. It is a work of a pervert, adult sick brain, although his physical age may be within 18 years. To spare him is to have one convict alive. To spare him is to insult the girl. To spare him is to create a role model for many vulnerable juveniles, who would become bolder and indulge in such crimes and get away, by the law.
There is no requirement of asking for suggestions. At this moment of disgrace we require the services of Chulbul Pandey, who by his mere presence can stop the crime. The police should be given a free hand to nab the culprits and treat them as culprits. Human rights activists should not interfere in this. Then only these brutalities will stop. Otherwise they will not.

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