Friday, November 30, 2012

Chance, One Chance and One More Chance Please..

Chance, One Chance and One More Chance Please..


While playing the last test match, we lost to England in cricket, and in that very match Sachin failed to garner runs due to his bad form. This became big news on every news channel. The channels were scrambling to give coverage of that one minute phone call made by Sachin to Sandeep Patil, the cricket selector. Next day in various newspapers the news of so called ‘pep talk’ of one minute was covered in detail. How Sachin offered to selectors that they can drop him if they thought he was not making enough runs for the country and how the selectors told him that there would be two more tests to be played, one at Kolkata and the last at Nagpur and he would be getting more chances to bring back his form and prove his game.


When this was going on I heard the news of how the parents were running pillar to post to hear atleast a “Sorry” from Pakistan for their barbaric act of killing Capt Saurabh Kalia and his jawans. Capt Saurabh Kalia was tortured and killed along with his other long range patrol Jawans by the Pakistani rangers just before the start of Kargil war.


For a second I thought that how many chances Sachin gets to prove if he fails in one or two test matches. If only Capt Saurabh Kalia and other jawans got another chance…


In the test match of life, if the ‘SELECTORS’ had given one chance, only one chance to Capt Kalia and other jawans, today they would have been alive, staying happily with their family. A slight mistake, a slight misjudgement on their part while on Long range Patrol and they were caught by Pakistani rangers. Next, while playing the match of life for the country they were out… dead …killed by rangers by torturing in the most inhuman barbaric way. How much the parents of Capt Kalia and others must have yearned for one chance … only one chance for their son, when they hear Sachin getting more chances to get his runs in the test matches.

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