Friday, March 7, 2014




Read this – speaking at the event in Jaipur in the morning of 07 Mar 14, Kejriwal said Mr Modi did not meet the media, travelled in private plane, got down to give a speech and then flew back. Further referring to this, he said that, the way of giving speeches by Modi is not democracy and as per paper reports right after his speech, the AAP leader rushed out of the venue without meeting media persons who had been waiting for over an hour, and flew back to New Delhi in a private long range plane.

Read this – Arvind Kejriwal has not vacated his house which was allotted to him when he was Chief Minister nor has he applied for extension. He was a former 'babu' and knows the rules very well.

Read this – Arvind Kejriwal has not given any indication to investigate into the alleged violent protests at BJP HQ. They had announced that they have internal lokpal committee under Yogendra Yadav. Which is till now  only a hogwash.


To top it, we had to tolerate the nightmarish governance of Delhi when he was there for 49 days. I am in Delhi and could see the poor governance (or no governance at all) in Delhi. In 49 days not only he misgoverned it but gave subsidy worth crores without bothering into going for proper vote of account and therefore most of the subsidy would be negated in coming months. There are many things which proves the misgovernance or no governance at all.


So the intention of Kejriwal is well proven – to grab the power at any cost.

Sane citizens beware of such anarchist and mobocrazy guys of AAP.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Arvind Kejriwal was detained in Gujrat for violating model code. The moment this happened, Kejriwal started blaming Gujrat chief minister. This was followed by well-orchestrated and violent maoist style protests against BJP by AAP workers at Delhi, Lucknow and other places. In Delhi there was a pre-planned demonstration which was violent and led by Ashutosh the journalist who joined AAP recently. This was planned demonstration as a mass SMS was circulated for gathering the supporters. The mob was led by Ashutosh who is contesting from Delhi and everybody saw that first he scaled the gate and tore the BJP poster and then was feigning to pacify the crowds, so that he may get absolved in the rioting case when model code of conduct is in place. The camera did its job! People have seen him as an arrogant spokesperson of AAP earlier on Television channels. Prashant Bhushan spoke to media and tried to tell the same story of victimization. Ever since AAP has come to power in Delhi, they have adopted a similar pattern to catch eyeballs and get attention of the public in order to popularize the parrty – Act against the law, use anarchist, maoist and violent means to protest, call everyone Chor and then show that they are victims. Arvind Kejriwal has learnt to act like a simple man having lot of cough and cold when confronted. Just to show how harassed he is still he is doing so much for the country! He likes to be shown as the most wronged person on earth. Every time he is confronted with law he declares he is ready to die for the country.  Day by day it is becoming clear - this party wants to make headlines at any cost. They are not into serious governance as was displayed and experienced by people of Delhi when it was badly governed by AAP. No sane persons would support such a party. Only people having maoist and anarchist attitude support AAP. This party is fast becoming a party of mobocracy believers and its leaning are strikingly towards Left.
Sane and nationalist citizens – beware of AAP. Think twice before exercising your vote.