Sunday, May 17, 2015


Modi Sarkar has completed one year. There would be many ‘for’ and ‘against’ views. Congress would ask ‘Kahan Hai Ache Din?’. English News Channels as always would be engaged only in such news items where there is a scope of garnering high TRP’s.


My take on first year of Modi.


Nation building cannot happen in one day. If we aspire for cleanliness, planning and modernization then in democratic set up patience is the word and for that one year is very less.


Laying the foundation is most important part of the building. It takes quite some time for people to start noticing the building construction above the ground level.


Some refuse to wait, more get frustrated and many remain skeptical. Only a very few hold on.


First few steps for building the nation have been taken by Modi Sarkar


Jan Dhan Yojana –

for financial inclusiveness for all especially rural and BPL families.


E-auction of natural resources –

more than anything else the process has been firmly established and thousands of crores of rupees corruption has been plugged.


Swach Bharat abhiyan –

This would take at least two generations. Cleanliness has been given due place by the highest authority and it needs to be lauded. We all like our surroundings to be clean but awareness at national level was missing. Swach Bharat Abhiyan has brought this back.


Black Money Act –

To deter those who launder money and stash in other country.


Defence Projects –

Almost all the pending big ticket Defense projects have been cleared. For last 10 years procurement and modernization had come to stand still. Whether it is production of submarines, acquisition of artillery guns, making light utility helicopters, fighter planes or air craft carriers, all issues have been addressed. It is a significant achievement.  


Foreign Policy –

With each foreign visit Modi Sarkar has ensured investments and geopolitic border talks with neighbours.


Disaster Management –

The reaction time shown by Modi Sarkar is unparalleled and requires a standing ovation. Be it timely help to Indians in Yemen or to Nepal.


Land Acquisition Bill –

Unless land is available, no industry can come to rural India. Industry brings in employment and regular income. Investments are waiting. 


Tail Piece - Transforming our country into a great nation requires an unswerving effort put in by generations together. It is a continuous process and therefore making our nation great and maintaining it should become our passion, our second religion, our national creed, our national culture and a second nature. For this we should give some time to MODI SARKAR.

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