Thursday, April 23, 2015


             When I read it in news that Swami Agnivesh had alleged that Kejriwal wanted Anna Hazare to die during his ten day fast to have greater impact on the movement I rubbished it as a mere publicity stunt by Swami Agnivesh.

            On 22 Apr when Kejriwal was on the dais protesting against the ordinance about Land Acquisition Bill, a farmer committed suicide some meters away from the dais from where leaders were speaking against land ordinance. A few meters away from the stage, Kejriwal with Manish Sisodia and others kept watching the farmer screaming and hang himself with his towel. A crowd of around 2000 had gathered to hear the speeches.

            The news reports tells us that even after the suicide the speakers including Kejriwal continued with their rally even as farmer’s body was hanging from the tree. Even when the farmer’s body fell on the ground Kumar Vishwas and Kejriwal were unmoved. They tried to blame BJP that they had sent the farmer at the rally to sabotage the rally.

            That Kejriwal wanted to make a political drama out of the suicide was obvious. This only shows the power hungry Kejriwal’s cruel self and selfish motive.

            People around him have judged him by now (Yogendra Yadav and party) and others are getting the taste of his opportunism.

            Power corrupts and misplaced ambition makes a man cruel and selfish. Kejriwal has shown this and the people are urged to judge this man and halt him right now.

            I tend to believe Swami Agnivesh after this incident.

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