Thursday, March 12, 2015


First he was in a hurry to become Chief Minister. In 2013 elections AAP did not get enough seats but he set aside his – self professed high moral ground and took Congress support to become Chief Minister. The moment he became CM, tried to set aside his ‘anti VIP culture stand’ and selected a huge bunglow for himself, immediately retracting when he saw opposition to his bunglow.


It was just a month into his Chief Ministership and general elections were announced. Opportunist Kejriwal thought it was a right time to plunge into general elections to take advantage of anti-incumbency sentiment against Congress. He immediately resigned as CM and tried to go national. After the drubbing, now it has come to light that Kejriwal tried to engage Congress for forming government in Delhi with their support of six MLAs!!!!!!!! The audio tapes have surfaced corroborating this. This was the time when Arvind was shouting at top of his voice that BJP is breaking Congress and are in talks with six MLAs. It is being called political realignment!!!!!!! Not to talk of transfer of two crore rupees at midnight in AAP account by a single donor and a AAP candidate was caught with 8000 liquor bottles on the eve of elections.


It is nothing but power hungry opportunism. The meaning of 67 seats in Delhi assembly is nothing but an outcome of jittery delhi votors who did not want to have another hung assembly and transfer of Congress, JD (U), TMC, BSP, SP and all other parties opposed to BJP. Another reason was freebies announced by Kejriwal. Kejriwal believes in freebies rather than wealth creation – this is cheap popularity and not leadership. At the end Delhi has lost the plot and wasted precious votes.


Where is Kejriwal? The anti VIP culture and ‘aam aadmi’ Chief Minister is cooling his heels at Jindal Health Center for 10 days leaving administration of Delhi to his deputy.


So Kejriwal should stop feigning that he is different, his party is different as he has shown political opportunism, compromise and greed in this short period of one year.

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