Wednesday, March 11, 2015


BJP won handsomely in J & K. The vote share and seats were such that no party could form a government. It had to be a coalition or J & K under Central rule. In a democracy this is a bad idea.

As per definition any political party contesting elections has to abide by the constitution of India and PDP is a political party and BJP and PDP came together to form a government based on a common minimum programme for development and betterment of J & K.

The moment the government was formed PDP started to show their colours  - CM Mufti Mohammad Sayeed thanked Pakistan (?) for the successful elections in the valley by saying “Pakistan, militants allowed conducive atmosphere for polls”. As if we are at their mercy. Next he unilaterally released Masarat Alam who is a known separatist and was under detention. This is at the least contrary to common minimum programme and anti national. This has created a severe embarrassment for BJP.

Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has shown his colours. BJP should come out of alliance at the next provocation or any apparent anti-national activity and clamp Central rule on J & K. PDP should be shown its position and told that under the garb of a political party they cannot push their separatist agenda by covertly supporting separatist leaders.

It is good that PDP has not got the numbers to form the government by itself. BJP can rein in the party with its near equal seats. Otherwise the PDP party’s agenda would have gone largely unchecked

Tailpiece – The alliance would break before six months and J & K would come under central rule for another six months before BJP forms a government with NC.

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KShar said...

Well, remember how we released several hardened extremists in exchange of Mehboobas release some 25 years back.. that was the start of giving away Kashmir to extremists. But I also think that if a clear majority in Kashmir is aligned to some other ideology mainly that of Islam or Pakistan and see no good in India or Indian values then we should give them freedom. It is less about a piece of land and more about its people..