Wednesday, December 9, 2015


  1. The defunct paper and its liabilities were first taken over for pittance by loan taken from the coffers of Congress Party. For this a shell company called Young Indians with majority stake of the Gandhi family was made. Then the loan was written off by the party headed by the Gandhi family.  The publication was stopped in 2009 and the huge property of the Newspaper National Herald was given for rentals thereby accruing huge rentals every month. All this under section 25 of companies act. So with a loan which was written off by Congress party, a private trust has acquired a property of thousands of crores. This is very similar to Damad making a killing worth hundreds of crores from few lakhs with active support from the Government which was controlled by Gandhi family.
  2. Now when a complaint was made by Subramaniam Swamy the family goes to court to stay the requirement for court presence.  Instead of stay; court concludes that there is prima facie case and directs them to be present.
  3. For this reason the entire Congress MPs stalled both houses of Parliament and did not allow any business to be transacted. Now the court was moved by Gandhi family and when the same court gave an order which was not liked by Gandhi family they blamed it on the Government. Sonia even thought that by invoking Indira Gandhi’s name (I am Daughter in Law of Indira Gandhi) she would get some sympathy.
  4. The nationalists in the Congress party should understand that this one family is using Congress as their tool. To further their plans. The nationalists in Congress party should say that enough is enough and take over the party electing a true grass roots leader. Only then the party would see some signs of revival. Otherwise with the shameless acts as opposing GST on any pretext would erode the left over credibility of individual nationalists and law makers of the Congress party. Please listen to your conscience and make a different Congress party devoid of the Family. Let the bills be passed, let the Parliament function. Please don’t get carried away by Gandhi family. They are using you.

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