Saturday, January 18, 2014


“ Personally I did not want to contest Loksabha polls, but the party feels that I should. I will therefore contest not to become prime minister but to establish Swaraj in the country” Arwind Kejriwal spoke on 18 Jan. – Rajiv Gandhi came to politics using these lines, Rahul Gandhi used these lines, 'aam' political leaders use this line and join politics. All leaders of every political party says this line - I don’t want to, but people forced me to contest.


“ No sitting MLA would be given Loksabha ticket” Now rules have been changed for Arwind Kejriwal, how correct was Mr Binny in narrating the inner party confusion of AAP.


“ We are not against any race, country, caste or religion it was media that made AAP racist” Arwind Kejriwal said on 18 Jan 14. Again Arwind Kejriwal in order to support his erred cabinet minister gave this statement. Every party blames media when allegations start hurting it. Being racist, corrupt or communal everything is media creation. Easiest excuse a politician could give is to say everything is media creation, which is what Arwind has done. In the same manner of Arwind, one can say that AAP is not a serious party it is a media creation. Congress is not a corrupt party it is a media creation.


Arwind Kejriwal has been allotted C II – 23 as official residence (18 Jan 14). This is a CPWD house at Tilak lane, Lutyens, near India Gate, New Delhi. This is from central pool and not from New Delhi quarters. This is a 1600 sq feet house with lawn and garage! These houses are actually meant for central government officers. By giving this one Central govt officer would be denied a house. The house is old so naturally big, spacious. The stance of no houses for AAP ministers has been flouted by none other than Arwind himself. Why seek publicity on such gimmicks when it is not possible to adhere to?


Ideological confusion, intraparty indiscipline, arrogant talk of various new members on various TV channels, the racist actions of Mr Bharti and their volunteer goons, the immature actions of Ms Birla, the flipflops and publicity gimmicks of Arwind Kejriwal and sudden emergence of some self-aggrandizing personalities like Mr Ashutosh who think that they are now solution givers for our country indicates the anarchist tendencies which should be stopped as soon as possible by sane aam  people of our country.


AAP is an example how  fast a political party could become an ‘aam’ political party just like many others in the country.

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