Wednesday, January 22, 2014



“I am an anarchist”. “We will fill Rajpath with our workers on Republic Day”. “ Let all Delhi Police take leave, and join Aam Aadmi Dharna in plain clothes” these were the statements from Aam Aadmi Party convener Mr Arwind Kejriwal while addressing the mob, during dharna at Rail Bhawan. Mr Arwind Kejriwal as Chief Minister made these statements!

His cohorts (Read Mr Ashutosh say that definition of Anarchist has to be changed if Arwind Kejriwal has used this word. Mr Ashutosh calls TV media men as dictators.

“ मैं जेटली और सालवे पर थुकता हूं।“ These are statements of Mr Somnath Bharti, Cabinet rank minister of Arwind Kejriwal.

Delhi witnessed chaos inflicted by AAM AADMI PARTY for last two days. At the end as a face saver AAM AADMI Party got three Police men sent on leave till finalization of enquiry. Mr Arwind Kejriwal earlier justified the actions of Mr Bharti and to prove his backing he demanded sacking of police men. When that did not happen, Chief Minister in order to save his minister got his cadres to stage a drama of dharna. Ideally Mr Somnath Bharati should have quit till investigations are over if the party were different as they claim, but instead Mr Kejriwal chose to defend him like any other party.

Since the formation of Government in Delhi we have been hearing insensitive arrogant statements from Chief Minister and his colleagues. Mr Yogendra Yadav, as if not aware of what is happening, tries to assuage the feelings of the masses by his soft tongue. Their speakers and media spoke persons are arrogant and try to give a feeling that they all are in the government and are here to teach a lesson to everybody on morality.

Mr Kejriwal, real meaning of Lal Batti Culture is preferential treatment to chosen few in the Government and the most visible symbol of it is “Lal Batti” atop a government vehicle. Today you may have shunned that “Lal Batti” from your car, but in practice by protecting your Cabinet Minister and sacking aam aadmi Police man, you have succumbed to the very same culture. Removing Lal Batti has become one of your many gimmicks, Mr Kejriwal.

AAM AADMI PARTY has become like any other party in terms of culture and display of power. Worst is they have declared themselves as anarchist. We must decide whether we want to be part of AAM POLITICAL PARTY which is also anarchist. No sane person should join the party of anarchists.

Tail Piece: In Army if an Army Officer or anybody of any rank incite others against the establishment, then he gets court marshaled and thrown out of Army. Kejriwal has done this publicly as a CM and legal notice should be served to him.


Unknown said...

I agree presuming that the policemen is honest and was actually following the rules. but imagine a different scenario. The illegal activities were actually going on in that area( not unlikely as the RWA has already lodged few complaints), Policeman in hand and glove with crime mafia( not very unlikely as thats how generally our police is and because in-spite of complaints no action was taken in past),the resident approached their elected representative to witness by himself, The MLA saw and got convinced that some thing is wrong and at that point asked the police to raid n inquire. if that is correct then if an elected representative cant address the grievances of people even after seeing it by his own eyes, just because the police is in hand in gloves with such mafia's, what should one do? what kind of democracy is this then?

राष्ट्रार्पण said...

I agree with you but for these three points

1. if they wanted to suspend policemen (read 'aam aadmi') then till enquiry somnath should have stepped down, this would have made AAP a different party not like others, whats the difference now, he is clinging to ministry till proven incorrect.
2. Kejriwal inciting rank and file of police which in itself is incorrect. only anti nationals do this.
3. it gives the feeling that AAP is raking up this and creating the drama in order to be in limelight till its membership swells. again incorrect.
4. I would be writing soon about it- its funding from ford foundation.