Wednesday, April 23, 2014


On 22 Apr 14 Shazia Ilmi supposed to be educated abroad and having liberal modern views has showed her limits and also exposed the double of Aam Aadmi Party in general and Arwind Kejriwal in particular. While speaking to muslim community elders in Mumbai, Shazia Ilmi exorted them to become communal and vote. When confronted she told actually her usage of communal was not political but she meant that muslims should not forget their community interests and therefore vote for AAP candidate. Now dictionary meaning of communal is exactly same – to think and act in the interests of a community. Our society is composed of different communities and within that if one community sets a vision of looking after its own community disregarding others is called communal mindset. Intolerance and exclusivist attitude is displayed out of this narrow vision. Shazia has done just that. She has gone further and told muslim community that their vote should be communal means, they should vote together for a particular candidate. Shazia Ilmi has shown her colours and that too very soon in politics thay she is blatantly communal. Arwind Kejriwal who always point fingers at others and leaves no opportunity to show how only he and his party is good, constitutional and uncorrupt. According to them only therefore they are fit to govern and get the votes. Arwind Kejriwal has time and again shown that he shies away from walking the talking which he tom toms. He did that when he asked for big bunglow for himself. He ducked the question. Then he backed Somnath Bharati when the loud mouth was wrong in his handling the police. Arwind Kejriwal then did the stunt of organizing dharna while he was Chief Minister and tried to hog the limelight. Arwind Kejriwal is silent again on yesterday's Shazia Ilmi’s communal call. Everytime something wrong happens Arwind Kejriwal chooses not to respond and we can see on television his foot soldiers ducking the questions.
Mr Kejriwal please accept that, your party is one of the many political parties in India and nothing different. Infact instead of Kejriwal, the youth of this country and others should understand that AAP is no different party. It has already shown how weak it is on the issue of governance, experiencing the mess that was created in 49 day rule of AAP in Delhi. It has already shown how intolerant this party is when their workers along with Ashutosh gatecrashed the BJP office in Delhi. Their party has now shown that how communal the party is. They are not in power anywhere, otherwise sooner we could have seen how corrupt the party is. Infact the degradation of AAP is faster than even the worst political party in India.    
Once again sane citizens beware and don’t vote for such a party of double speak. Citizens don’t waste your vote.

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