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One of the ten fundamentals of Rashtravrat is ‘Hone your skills, pursue your hobby and exercise your body’.

We all agree that exercise is a must. For whatever health care system government or private sector offers us, whatever insurance cover we get, whatever support system we may have, still unless we don’t exercise we will not remain healthy, energetic and cheerful.  Being fit and trim enhances our presentation and soft skills. We need to exercise our body regularly for at least one hour every day. We have to be selfish in pursuing this for keeping oneself healthy throughout our life. We can achieve this by making a tailor made exercise regime suitable for our body consisting of some breathing exercise, some jogging in the morning, some rigorous house cleaning schedule or some dance form. What is important is regularity. If we do it regularly for say 21 days it will become a habit.

Primarily there are two types of exercises. One is based on weight training by using external gadgets and second type of exercise is based on using the weight of oneself. Each type has positive and negative points which should be studied and adopted by the individual as is suitable. In the first case, weights, treadmill or a gymnasium is required. Here external weights are used against which our body applies force outcome of which is our muscles get exercised and get formed. Positive point about this type of exercise is, our body looks sculpted. The negative points are a weight trainer is required; it is expensive and time consuming. External weights and gadgets are more useful for professional body builders, those into acting field and stage performers. In the second case our own body weight is used to impart exercise and to tone muscles like in sit ups, pushups, pull ups, Suryanamaskaras and different Yogasanas. Positive aspect is it is less time consuming, less expensive and does not require any infrastructure. Negative point is, the body remains lean and thin and muscle development is not evident to the extent of the external weight training method. This method is suitable for individuals who are not into showbiz. In fact this is the best method for people who are into sedentary jobs.

Here second type of exercise (using our own body weight) regime is discussed. This exercise is to be carried out in two phases –

First Phase of Exercise - To be carried out early morning with empty stomach. Avoid cacophony of sounds. For pranayama or breathing exercise, the best seating position is Virasana. Breathing exercises should be regularly attempted to get the results. One may not get results instantly. Atleast six months are required for anyone to start noticing positive effects on the body and health. Start with a small prayer which has been constructed by the person himself in his mother tongue. The prayer should be short. It should last for two to three minutes and should contain self-conditioning thoughts.  Carry out pranayama consisting of Kapalbhati, anulom vilom and Dhyan. Kapalbhati, anulom vilom to be increased gradually. To start with kapalbhati to be carried out 28 times, then increased to 108 and then gradually to around 400 times. Same with anulom vilom start with 28 times and increase it to 108 times. The mind should be conditioned to remain happy throughout the day. This should be achieved repeating to self that being happy is a state of mind and to remain happy is a decision that one has to take against all daily worries and work. Duration should be around 30 minutes. When carried out regularly, without realization of the individual, the regimen gets optimally developed to suit the health requirements of the performing individual.

Second Phase of Exercise – While the time of the day for first phase is critical, one can carry out this phase at his free time. Typically it should start with jogging and running upto 3 kms.  it goes without saying that run / jog distance to be increased gradually. Followed by 12 suryanamaskaras. This must be followed by neck exercises to take care for those sedentary computer professionals who run a risk of cervical spondylitis. For exercising the neck, apply pressure by the left palm to push the head and resist the pressure firmly with the neck. Hold till 30 counts. Same exercise should be repeated by pushing head towards left by right palm and then with the palm, push head downwards, upwards, towards front and rear. This exercise is very effective on cervical spondylitis.  
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