Wednesday, May 21, 2014


In Delhi elections (Dec 2013) AAP became second largest party with 28 seats and formed the government with Congress support. Though he was CM, Kejriwal did not stop using cheap publicity tactics and anarchist ways.  In order to reap rich dividends in General elections, Kejriwal driven by his ambitions resigned as CM and entered the fray. He thought that once again he would come winner like in assembly polls. Hastily, without any homework, picked up some names and declared them as most corrupt. Mr Nitin Gadkari was one such name. Promptly Gadkari slapped a defamation case against Mr Kejriwal. Court during the hearing made scathing remarks on Mr Kejriwal and directed him to submit Rs 10, 000 as surety. Now Kejriwal having lost both Varanasi and Delhi sensed another opportunity to display his gimmicks. He promptly refused to submit 10, 000 Rs bond and therefore was ordered for judicial custody till 23 May 14.

The case is entirely subjudice and  legislature or executive is not involved in it. Though now AAP in Delhi has started false propaganda that just because he has taken against Mr Nitin Gadkari, BJP is being vindictive therefore they have sent him to jail. This is nothing but shear propaganda in order to garner sympathy votes for ensuing Delhi elections, which are being forced upon AAP on the people by heckles resignation by Kejriwal.

People of our country in general and of Delhi in particular are intelligent enough to see through the game plan of Kejriwal and once again they would give a fitting reply to AAP in the elections. BJP should be cautious in dealing with this anarchist and gimmick mongering Kejriwal.


Shekhar said...

Completely agree. If he had good intentions, he would have stuck with Delhi. Will not be surprised if he loses big time in Delhi assembly polls.

Neeraj Gupta said...

So true