Friday, May 23, 2014


First it was legislature, then executive now it is judiciary. Kejriwal in order to remain in limelight, does a drama a day. He threw up Chief Ministership for Prime Ministership – displaying tremendous lust for power. That did not happen. In order to remain relevant, has started this new stunt. Knowing very well the procedure of the court, just for the sake of getting noticed, Kejriwal refuses to submit a bond. His second in command Yogendra Yadav, a much sensible man, have done it. Kejriwal blames the system. He writes a letter from the jail and tries to justify his doing which is nothing but contrary to the judicial procedure.

Leveraging the fact that he is at present in the jail, AAP is now planning a door to door campaign. Hope Delhi people don’t get fooled again by his gimmicks and put a firm NO when Delhi election happens.

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