Sunday, July 20, 2014


While delivering a lecture on Mahatma Ayyankali two days ago, Arundhati Roy called Mahatma Gandhi a castiest. “It is part of a political conspiracy to perpetuate the caste system that such heroes are never celebrated. All the while, the nation has been fed on centuries of lies about “mahatmas,” who never openly renounced the caste system but instead, advocated that the hereditary occupation of people who belonged to a particular caste ought to be the maintained social order, she said “The story of Gandhi that we have been told, is a lie. It is time to unveil a few truths, about a person whose doctrine of nonviolence was based on the acceptance of a most brutal social hierarchy ever known, the caste system. Gandhi believed that a scavenger should always remain a scavenger. Do we really need to name our universities after him?” Ms. Roy said.


Now everyone knows about Mahatma Gandhi, Sawarkar who alongwith Mahatma Phule and Mahatma Ayyankali were at the forefront to eradicate caste system. To remember Mahatma Ayyankali and Mahatma Phule doesn’t require to critisize Mahatma Gandhi. Mr Arundhati typical of her attitude to remain in public glare, often comes out with such outrageous comments.


She has earlier shown her anti national colours and now she has shown her disrespect to our father of nation. Just to remain in public glare, one cannot denounce others. This is what Kejriwal also does.


One can have differences of opinion but we cannot forget the work done for our freedom movement by these great men. Winning a Booker doesn’t grant someone a license to make irresponsive comments.  

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