Saturday, February 15, 2014


Arwind Kejriwal has resigned.        
The real story behind is like this –
Poll predictions and different voter surveys suggested that in 2014 Loksabha elections AAP would get 7 to 8 seats which was not fitting in Kejriwal's design. There was a dire need to create a situation where AAP appeared as a martyr, to blame both Congress and BJP and also to have an escape route to come out of the Delhi government. While in the Govt, Kejriwal was not available for party affairs and also was not able to concentrate on Loksabha polls. Since Kejriwal is the only known face of AAP, there was no other option but to make him free, shown as an activist and contest Loksabha polls on his name. AAP thinks that doing this would improve the seat tally further. Therefore the game plan was hatched around two weeks back by AAP. The whole resignation drama was enacted as per the decided script.
The first step was to call a press conference and file FIR on an issue which is already in the court and take big names of Central Ministers and Mukesh Ambani in the FIR.
The second step was to quickly reward the supporters of AAP who defaulted in payment of the electricity bills during last year AAPs agitation so that in case of snap polls there is a sure shot ready support base or vote bank.
The third step in the script was to create a situation where the tabling of bill itself becomes a contentious issue as regards to the Transaction of Business Rules.
The fourth step was to somehow resign and blame it on Congress and BJP. Having done that now Arwind Kejriwal is free to start Loksabha Campaign.
Arwind Kejriwal resigned on the frivolous issue of not being able to table the bill. In the first place the bill was purposefully not introduced properly as per the transaction rules. Here are some facts –
(a)  Delhi public was consulted (or atleast a show was done) when AAP wanted to form the govt and a referendum was taken. Why was it not taken then before resigning as Chief Minister?
(b)  The moment he resigned AAP declared that, they would contest more than 300 seats and an announcement of country wide rallies was made, which shows it was decided and scripted earlier than his resignation.
(c)  They got defeated during the bill introduction stage not on any other account. His support was intact. There was no reason to resign he could have concentrated on other 17 issues on which he formed the government and then tackled this issue but it seems they never wanted to govern it seriously. It shows that they wanted to make use of this govt to further their agenda of contesting Loksabha elections.
(d)  Arwind Kejriwal comes out with mostly hit and run type outlandish allegations terming all others corrupt except him. This is a classic case of demagogue who wants to cash on ignorance of the public, extreme populism and extreme narcissism.

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