Thursday, November 6, 2014


Prime Minister Narendra Modi exhorted citizens of our nation to take in SWATCHA BHARAT ABHIYAN during Republic day speech and thereafter launched country wide programme. We all keep complaining about our dirty public places and we all know the importance of cleanliness. Therefore I am not going to write much on the necessity of cleanliness. From TV channels, other media and also we experience that this cleanliness mission is not getting the drive as it should get because of deep rooted apathy towards cleanliness. To inculcate proper civic sense, this drive should be continued for one generation atleast otherwise the habit of living in self-created garbage. So here are some very practical suggestions to atleast ensure that individual garbage creation is less.

-         Please identify a place or a corner outside your place of residence and adopt it for cleanliness drive. Clean it every week regularly. Desist others from dumping garbage in the selected place whenever you find somebody about to dump. Do it regularly.

-         Please instruct servants how to and where to dump your garbage. Many times without proper instructions the servants just dump at the nearest and easiest place available the moment they come outside the house with garbage. People frown at the households who have not instructed the servants.

-         Those who keep pets should always carry a polyethylene bag and news paper. One should not feel shy in collecting the POO of the pet and throwing it in the garbage dump. It shows good etiquettes. An owner not cleaning the POO is as bad as squatting outside for defecation.

-         Try and do community cleaning every week with your children along for about an hour outside the house. It will give healthy exercise and would inculcate cleanliness values to next generation. It will also creat sense of belongingness towards the vicinity area and would compel you to keep it clean always.

-         Please lessen EGO for cleanliness. Many times when it comes to cleaning an area which does not belong to us our ego comes in between. We start searching for excuses for not cleaning. This is actually job of corporation, only last week only I cleaned the place, people dirty it  - I am not their servant to clean and they dirty the place. Take cleaning the surroundings as a mission this would make you more tolerant and persuasive when others don’t cooperate.

-         Be regular in cleaning the selected corner / place. Take pride in keeping it clean, be restless when it is not clean, this sense of restlessness would come if you grow sense of belonging and attachment with the selected place. Try to do so.

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