Thursday, January 30, 2020


3. Devotion Minded – Persons whose mental makeup is that of indulging in rituals and being devotional utilize their time in practicing rituals. They are religious or in other words have faith in some kind of ideology. These persons like to spend their time in chanting, praying and practicing rituals. There mental makeup is very similar to the service minded where mind is attached to the end outcome they get influenced by end result. Still they are more grounded and anchored (than work minded persons). They are able to absorb shocks arising due to favorable and adverse outcomes to some extent more deftly than the ‘achievers’. As being devotional they tend to outsource all their worries to their ‘chosen’ GOD and lead a worry free life thinking that somebody there is taking their responsibility. As a result they lead more joyful life. Same way when the married daughter comes back to her parents place to spend some time, she feels relieved at her parent’s place. The daughter knows that all house responsibilities are that of her parents. When she comes back to her in law’s house she mentally assumes all the responsibilities and gets burdened under it. The devotional minded persons have the inherent mental protection in that he thinks that GOD does only right things for them and they have to only travel the distance. This makes them stress free as if the devotional person has outsourced all his mental burdens to his GOD. Such persons remain blissful and are seen more contended in life. Many service minded types are also devotional to some extent. Complete path of devotion leads to permanent bliss. Though this is difficult to attain persons have attempted it and have become successful. Deep devotional persons are rare and examples are Sant Tukaram, Sant Eknath, Nath sampraday, Guru Nanak, Saint Kanakdassa, Janabai, Mirabai, Tukdoji Maharaj to name a few. …… Keep reading.

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