Wednesday, February 26, 2020


The three mental makeups explained are found everywhere in human beings. They are in combination or in rare cases we find a fully developed one type of mental makeup in a person.    

Bliss is experienced for the duration one practices, anyone of the three mental makeups. Practicing the mental makeup is not easy but can be done by exercise. If we practice anyone of the three mental makeups partially then the joy experienced is temporary. If the mental makeup is practiced throughout the life of a person then the person stays in a state of permanent bliss.

Very few of us are born with one of the explained mental makeups and practice it throughout the life. They are born great. All other humans are born with a certain mental makeup which is a combination of the three mental makeups with one dominant amongst others. Mental makeup of a person is influenced in the formative years by environment stimulation, societal interaction, upbringing, experiences gathered, mind, circumstances and health. The mental makeup gets strengthened, become weak or in some cases may get changed to a certain extent.

‘End Result Syndrome’ that is attachment to the outcome often obscures the mental makeup. This results in experiencing joy in bits and pieces. Now one is happy and in next moment one is sad.

Our job is to recognize our mental makeup and build upon it by teaching our mind to be in a stable state. To be in a state of bliss is an art which a practitioner can attain. True teacher makes the student realize his mental makeup and aids him to strengthen it. Therefore, once understood, instead of trying to change the mental makeup our goal should be to strengthen it during our course of living. Such a living ushers in happiness and sense of achievement.........Keep reading....!!!!

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