Tuesday, December 31, 2019


 2. Service Minded – We have two kinds in this. One refined and other coarse.

(a) Refined are the persons whose mental makeup is that of social service. They utilize their time in practicing conscious social service. Let us call them social service minded. They get engrossed in the social work without expecting any returns from the social work. The result of such kind of service is twofold. Firstly they spend the time effortlessly and secondly as there is no attachment while carrying out the service, they don’t get perturbed by the adverse or favorable outcome arising out of that social service.  Not getting perturbed by the outcome is the key to joy.  In the worldly phrase they are leaders. They dwell in the physical world unattached with any outcomes. Examples are – Chatrapati Shivaji, Lokmanya Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi. Recent examples are Narayan Murty, Azim Premji, Narendra Modi, Bill Gates and other giants.

(b)       Other than social service minded (refined) and rationalists almost all, belong to this class - from the successful entrepreneurs to failed beggars. These get engrossed in self service/ work but they get influenced by the end result. This is the major distinction between Social Service Minded just explained and Self Service / Work Minded, – that social service minded get engrossed in the social work without expecting any returns from the social work. This is the only distinction between social service minded and service minded. The whole perspective changes because of this attribute of social service minded from self service/ work minded persons. Self Service/ work minded persons get perturbed by adverse outcomes and get pleased by favorable outcomes. This attitude lands them in constant worry resulting in unhappiness and grief interspaced by some happy moments. This class is common in the society. Materialistic improvement and modernity of the world is because of them. Thriving of science, commerce and trade is because of them.  Growth of economy is because of them. In the worldly phrase, successful service minded persons are pathfinders and achievers. Failed self service / work minded persons are losers and culprits. Examples are entrepreneurs, salaried persons, artists and persons solely working to make money and win bread for the family. Majority of the society is made up by them. Many times they break down when faced by adverse outcomes or succumb to greed in order to achieve more in very less. They are devoid of any anchoring. They remain devoid of joy. They enjoy few happy moments but they seldom remain happy for long, unless eventually with maturity or with effort or with devotion they refine up from coarse to become social service minded or become rationalists.  

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