Monday, February 25, 2013


First it was at Taj Hotel in Mumbai, and now terror attack on 21 Feb 13 in Hyderabad. The news reports say that there is a clear link of Indian Mujahadeen behind this terror attack. It further says that from the gathered evidences, IM is just a front propped up by Lashkar e Tayeba (LeT). Lashkar is wholeheartedly supported by Pakistan. That means Pakistan has violated our country’s territorial rights by indulging in an unprovoked offensive action by triggering this terror attack and killing our country’s citizens. We don’t have to call for a cabinet committee on security to understand what is happening. Any dictionary will give out the meaning of what is happening. If we look up in the dictionary the meaning of ‘action of another country in violating, by force the territorial rights by unprovoked offensive’ it will throw out ‘AGGRESSION’ as the word. Pakistan is engaged in an organized and prolonged conflict with our country, the ulterior motive of Pakistan is to take away our land. If we look up the meaning of this in the Dictionary, then the word for this act is ‘WAR’.


 What are we waiting for? Do we think that somebody else from other nation will come and tell us in our ears softly that “Pakistan is our enemy; and is engaged in the Dharma of an enemy. It is engaged in a War with us and this act of Pakistan should be viewed as an aggression upon us”.


It is for us to read the writing on the wall. We must see the reason and stop at once all kinds of cultural, sports exchanges and this ‘AMAN KI ASHA’ type behavior. Next Pakistan should be put on the notice, and if another such incident happens then we know what we have to do – hit them deep and devastate them. If we are still not ready for that then at least we must stop all kinds of confidence building measures with Pakistan. We take confidence building measures and they plan terror attack killing our citizens deep inside our territory. Both cannot go along. By indulging in these confidence building measures with our enemy, we compromise on our national will to fight our enemy. We can’t have friendly matches, friendly business and friendly ties and get assaulted by him at the same time. It is time we recognize our enemy and treat him like one.

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