Thursday, May 21, 2020


This piece is for connoisseur of Hindi film music. During this lockdown period I came across a Pakistani drama premiered in year 2014 (they call it as ‘Drama’ we call it ‘Serial’).

A story of young lovers. Crisp acting by famous actress Mahira Khan. A drama well scripted and filmed. Family drama which a family can enjoy together. The story line is simple but dealt superbly. There is a title song sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and a gazal sung by unknown female singer. The story and songs keep the viewer enthralled. The viewer is compelled to listen to the gazal number of times because of superb poetry, setup and the haunting music. Enjoy the gazal clip followed by the poetry.

हज़ार बातें कहे ज़माना
मेरी वफ़ा पे यकीन रखना
हर एक अदा में है बेगुनाही
मेरी अदा पे यकीन रखना
मेरी मोहब्बत की ज़िन्दगी को
नज़र न लग जाए इस जहां की
यही सदा है धड़कते दिल की
मेरी सदा पे यकीन रखना
किसी को हँसता न देख पाए
अजीब शय है ये बैरी दुनिया
ये बेमुरव्वत है बेवफा है
न बेवफा पे यकीन रखना
नज़र में रहना है खुशनसीबी
नज़र से गिरना है बेहयाई
हया है औरत का एक गहना
मेरी हया पे यकीन रखना
Meanings of some key words for appreciating the gazal.
अदा – Grace, सदा – Echo, शय – Thing, बेमुरव्वत – Unkind, Inhuman, हया – Modesty.
The gazal which I happened to listen in the Pakistani drama kept reminding me of our yesteryear songs. Being a great fan of our film music and old songs, I felt this is the gazal which aptly fits into the old film songs’ playlist. I almost imagined the gazal being sung by Lata Mangeshkar. As if made for her singing. The poetry would make some of the present Bollywood songs look like trash and the music composition would make some of the present Bollywood music composers to rethink of their capabilities. I tried to know more about the song. The credits were in Urdu, and was unable to find out if there was any mention of the female singer. I googled and tried all stunts on the web but I could not get the name of the female singer of that Pakistani Drama. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is the singer for the title song "Haey Re Hum Sadqay Tumharay". To my surprise, instead I got this – The gazal has been taken from the Indian film of 1974 ‘Ghatana’ Music was composed by Ravi. Some sites say the lyrics were also by Ravi, but I doubt as I don’t remember Ravi penning any songs. Lata Mangeshkar has sung it. Being a gazal it has minimal background music (no music when she sings) and that makes the song more difficult and apt for Mahira Khan for the role she plays in the Pakistani drama. The Pakistani drama has lifted the almost forgotten song of 1974 Indian film and brought in front of the connoisseurs of music in 2014. The Pakistani Drama producers need applause for apt selection of this heavenly song and making it immortal but also should be rapped over the knuckles for lifting the song without permission if it is true. Music lovers will find out that and hope that it has not infringed the copy rights of the song.   

Here is the clip of the original gazal sung by melody queen Lata. Connoisseurs will not miss the way she brings to life words यकीन and धडकन to make the difficult song melodious and soulful to the discerning ear.   



KShar said...

This was a reasonably popular song on Radio for 3 to 4 years in my school days. Heard it many times and funny that I remember all the lines even after some 40 years when I would have heard it last. I claim to have a good memory full of such stuff only..

KShar said...

And Ravi was almost like khayyam as poets like Sahir only trusted them and not SJ. I heard last interview of Ravi a few years back and realised how humble and under represented he was inspite of great compositions and talent.