Thursday, April 30, 2020


Commentary – The most important question of ‘to be or not to be’ or ‘to do or not to do’ and ‘spending time consciously’ is addressed in this chapter. This chapter starts discussion on Rational thinkers renunciation type non action and Service minded desireless action or work minded action.

From the time of birth to death every living being try to fill the moments with some kind of actions. Every action leads to some kind of reaction on oneself or elsewhere. Every living being when in contact (through senses or through thoughts) with living being or nonliving matter results in action which has some kind of reaction on oneself or elsewhere. Living being cannot shy away from action even if one decides; there are some involuntary actions which keeps on happening.

If we break up the matter to its elementary particles and view all living and non-living beings in context, then there are chemical reactions happening everywhere. Some chemical reactions are dormant and some are active. Some are manifested and some are hidden. All chemical reactions are referenced with time. For if there was no time dimension then there would not have been any chemical reaction at all or all chemical reactions would have folded at once in one moment. Since the world is perpetual in the realm of our understanding, therefore it can be easily said that each chemical reaction takes some moments to happen. The universe is full of different chemical reactions taking place concurrently and sequentially.

In the midst of billions of chemical reactions all over universe there are some chemical reactions which are different and have something extra which all other chemical reactions don’t exhibit. That is life. When such a reaction happens, we say that a living being is born and when such chemical reaction ceases to exist, we say that living being ceases to live – though the rest of the chemical reactions keep on happening.  

In such successful special chemical reaction starts (birth), it takes some time before the chemical reaction ends (death). Start of chemical reaction event in our life is not in our hands and end of chemical reaction more or less is also not in our hands. So, we are actually recipient of a block of time till the end of the reaction. How we pass these moments marking the beginning and end of chemical reaction decide whether we are happy or not. Whether we enjoy bliss or not.

The time between two events cannot be lessened and we have to live with it. It is we who decide how we pass this time. So, some pass it by indulging themselves in hobbies, some by social work, some indulge in religious rituals, some for earning money and luxuries, some don’t do anything and wait for the time to pass, some indulge in activities which are antisocial and against the nature. It is based on their mental makeup. Till one starts treading own path, the method of passing the time largely depend upon upbringing, mental makeup and circumstances. Thereafter methods and actions to pass the time ideally should be channelized as per the mental makeup. If they are not channelized as per the mental makeup, then passing the time becomes difficult, dangerous and painful to self and others.

As per the mental make up the time can be passed by either reasoning (if one is a rationalist) and seeking knowledge (not information), if one is more service oriented then the time could be spent by doing unattached social service or if one is work oriented, then get involved in some kind of right action. If one is more towards ritualistic or religious minded then for him indulging in social rituals, prayers and chanting become primary way of passing the time. Our life is not strictly compartmentalized and all three mental makeups coexist. What is needed is to be aware of predominant mental makeup resident in self.    Keep reading ................................!!!!!!!!

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