Wednesday, October 23, 2019


There are three personality traits which guide our actions, reaction to the situations and help in forming perceptions. One of the three traits is dominant. The rest two are present in some degree in the individual. As the conscience level increases the dominant personality trait gets sharpened. Knowing the trait helps the individual in making choices and creating comfort zones for self. 

Lets define some personality traits –

  1. Rationalists – Persons guided by reasoning. They use this tool to look at their existence as an event in this vast universe and fill the available time trying to understand who they are, why they are here on this earth and try to relate their existence to the vast universe.

They try to understand by reasoning whether the event of they being alive could be attributed only to a chance chemical reaction out of billions happening at every moment which turned it into a special one giving them the intelligent energy and consciousness together to form a living being or is it that they are part of whole universe somehow interconnected and influencing and getting influenced by each happenings in the universe or whole universe is a manifestation of energy and they are also manifestations of that energy with intelligence added?  They try to understand that energy. They try to understand how the energy is manifested as matter.   When the energy gets united again with the universal energy they lose the form.

To know about the energy and its manifestation is one thing. To get convinced require higher thinking. To act after realization of this is the goal. It is difficult operative part in the life. If it is lived after such realization then the individual is true rationalistic.

By reasoning, these individuals try to live the life as a realized one. Once they understand the energy and get convinced then the manifestation goes and energy remains. Once understood the play of energy, the outlook about life changes, wisdom sets in and the rationalist then become one with the energy.

Thereafter till the person is alive, a rationalist passes his time in remaining one with the energy and other things doesn’t matter to the person, or become too trivial to the person to even register and act.

In the worldly phrase they are realized souls. Others may perceive them as pessimists but typical rationalists remain calm and in a state of constant bliss in a state of steady intellect. They are very rare to find. In fact such people often lead a secluded life. They dwell in meta physical world. They never come to limelight, they are not famous. Society may not even notice their existence and the state which they are in. Therefore no specific examples of such persons can be given. They are thinkers. They may be scientists who dwell into serious research. They may be yogis and sages. Sant Gnyaneshwar, Ramana Maharshi, August Kekule, Albert Einstein, Newton, Stephan Hawkings (although last three are famous for physical world) may come close to be quoted as rationalists. The followers of this way of life may be termed as atheists. They may be termed as agnostics. They are not of any religion. They don’t consider themselves of any religion. Actual atheists are a result of realization of energy states and consciousness and are rare to find.

Most of the worldly atheists are due to ignorance and many as fashion. Many young who declare that they are atheists declare it to gather more attention or to show how modern they are or how progressive they are in thoughts. Being atheist or not being one has no bearing on whether a person is progressive or not. Many declare they are atheists only to be politically correct. Many are part time atheists as per convenience. True followers of rationalism are called as practitioners of Sankhya Yoga. Many of them are recluse. Many of them lead a very normal average life. what makes them different is their outlook towards life. Keep reading ……………………..!!

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