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The 18 Chapters of Bhagwat Gita are dealt in such a manner that the reader will be able to take the relevant exercises as per his mental makeup, interests, inclination, situation and circumstances.

Mental makeup of humans can be divided into categories. The journey of life is all about knowing mental makeup of self and others. The moment our actions are in harmony with the mental makeup, the mental turmoil ends. The tragedy is due to external pressures, we forget to bring our actions in line with the mental makeup for major part of our life.

Studying Bhagwat Gita makes us aware that there are categories of mental makeup. Bhagwat Gita nudges us to discover our mental makeup. Once the mental makeup of self is discovered and we start recognizing the mental makeup of other persons around us, many of the questions get answered automatically. Understanding own mental makeup leads to change in our outlook towards life and expectation from life. Understanding the mental makeup of other persons by us leads to a change in our outlook towards others and expectation from others.

We must try to find out what type we are – Religious having faith in GOD, agnostic, rationalist, workaholic, atheist. Depending upon the level of conscience and temperament one gets naturally inclined towards one of the different ways of leading life as elaborated in Bhagwat Gita, many times unknowingly and sometimes knowingly. So all we have to do is to embrace any one path which one likes as per his temperament. Getting to know the temperament of self and getting aligned with it happens even if one doesn’t study Bhagwat Gita but then this process of knowing about self without external help takes time. Often late in life one understands his temperament, by then it is late to have a course correction.  The earlier a person knows about his temperament it helps him in the journey of life.

What is the correct age to start reading and exercising tenets of Bhagwat Gita –?

To change the outlook towards life and to remain free from depression and become positive in outlook 12 to 24 yrs of age is the best time to start the exercises. This is the best time to transform the mental makeup towards more positive one.  One sees the situations in a positive perspective. It is like insurance policy – the late one starts the more effort one has to put in.  Some parents may feel that to teach and make children understand Bhagwat Gita means to set them on the path of renunciation, sainthood away from worldly matters, away from formal education and playing. They fear that the child would be lost to them and he would be deprived of the worldly life if he follows the path. In fact in our scriptures and Bhagwat Gita it is never said that we have to renounce everything. Such pole positions are never prescribed nor advised in our scriptures. Our scriptures show us the path of leading life to the fullest. Bhagwat Gita tries to inculcate a way of life by which one becomes more positive in outlook, more involved in his work, it infuses more sense in whatever the goal is and gives more meaning to life. 

The second best time to fight the stagnation, depression, loneliness and various other nagging problems is 50 upwards. This can be best achieved by Sadhana or practice and conviction from experience. One starts seeing the world with a positive attitude and with a aim of giving to the society.

Most difficult time to reform and get the meaning of life is 25 to 50. In this period one is totally submerged in materialistic achievements and tries to find happiness in it. The person thinks that earning more money means securing happiness. The hollowness of this is realized just when he is crossing 50. This period is such where a person has least faith and least experience and the person is too indulged in life to practice or learn about Bhagwat Gita.

Atheists, sceptics pessimists and non believers should read and follow Bhagwat Gita as a tool, therapy and self-counselor. One should not view Bhagwat Gita as a religious sermon given by lord Shri krishna. Rather it is to be seen in a different angle – best is to practice Bhagwat Gita as a therapy, as a tool to make life more comfortable, secure and happy. Bhagwat Gita is that antidepressant drug which has good effects and no side effects. Bhagwat Gita is counselor without any prejudice. It is highly addictive though.  
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