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48926/ 0918/ 4                                                                                                21 Sep 18

BBMP Commissioner


Storm water drains are being constructed in Indiranagar. I observed the following -

1.)    The drains are not continuous meaning the storm water has no way to go beyond limited 30 to 40 feet and is not connected to any nala.  
2.)    The slope of the storm water drainage is not constructed well so the water will stagnate leading to mosquito breeding and menace.
3.)    The work is unscientific and it is only dumping of concrete cement and manhours would not result in any kind of storm water drainage.  
4.)    There are many households who resist the storm water drainage being constructed so the contractor avoids construction at those places resulting in further restriction of water drainage.
5.)    At cross roads, there is no place for the water to drain as there is no provision made by laying down pipes connecting storm water drains from across. This results in blockage and the very purpose of these drains gets defeated.

Seeing this I really wonder as an administration is BBMP serious about these works or it just doing these work for spending allotted money. There is no seriousness, no supervision and no checking. The storm water drains in this form is not going to make any difference in fact it will aggravate the mosquito menace.

I request the Commissioner to personally look into the matter and set the things right. If you give to the concerned department for comments (which is normal procedure) then concerned department would write back commenting that something is being done and would be written in such an English that the comment itself will not make any sense and the chapter would be closed. So please don’t let it happen and I request you to take immediate personal interest and make a qualitative difference in the further work. Already such kind of shabby storm water drains have been completed on 13th 14th main road and now they are doing it in 14th A main road.

I will follow up every two days so please take it seriously. I am sending you some photographs.

Col Ranjit Chitale

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