Saturday, July 21, 2018


Friday's no confidence motion. Congress President gave 50 min speech without any substantiated charges. The speech was marked with incoherent gestures interspaced with rhetoric which was devoid of any substance. At the end he suddenly went to the treasury benches and gestured Prime Minister to stand and accept his jhappi. After this the president goes to his bench and says this is what Hinduness is all about. As per Hindu tradition juniors lay prostrate in front of elders and not what he did to show his ‘Hinduness’.  

This was followed by yet another affront when he winked at his colleague as if to making light of everything happening in that temple of democracy. There is certain minimum decorum which is needed at such places, but for a dim witted, parliament and party hall seemed same.  

By resorting to such childish acts Rahul has vividly displayed his mental, intellectual and emotional capabilities and his seriousness towards the vocation that he is in. More than Rahul, those who second his speech or support what he did in the temple of democracy display their poor mental, intellectual and emotional capabilities to everyone.

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