Sunday, March 6, 2016


On 9th of February there was a “Cultural Program” organized by Abdul and supported by him in the JNU campus. The event was organized to remember Afzal Guru. Posters referring that were pasted all over the campus. The event took place to oppose so called judicial killing. It is irrelevant whether Kanhaiyaa shouted Anti India slogans or someone from the gathering shouted. The fact that it was supported by Kanhiyaa and attended it is enough.

Kanhaiyaa gets arrested on sedition charge. Next day Congress, Left all with their supporters throng JNU and term it as “Expression of freedom of speech”.

There are also rumours that Barkha Dutt met him before his speech. After a rap from the Court on bail now Kanhaiyya changes his tactics and says that he is for India and against Modi and RSS. Supporting Afzal Guru is not protesting against Modi Mr Kanhaiyaa. Your anti Modiesm is an afterthought just to get away from sedition charge.

Most of the English Channels laud him saying his speech was “electrifying” and he is the poster boy for future politics. Many channels forget the content and instead look for TRPs. Left and Congress wants to use him for their upcoming poll as the stakes are high for them.

For 31 year old Kanhaya who is a “student” in JNU, doing research in some subject has discovered a treasure in treason. Channels are concerned with their TRPs. Congress and Left want to manufacture some kind of nonsense. In this confusion if Kanhaiya thinks that by giving an electrifying speech people are going to forget his anti-India tendencies then it is wrong.

We will never forget that Kanhaiya has anti India tendencies. We will never forget that Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi supported such a person. We will never forget that just to get away from sedition charge you attacked Modi and RSS. We will never forget Congress and Left just for their election used him. We will never forget that English Channels conveniently forgot that he supported anti India program and they used him for raising their TRPs.

Tail Piece – Who supports anti India movement is a traitor. There is no confusion in that. So electrifying speech or not. Kanhaiya or Abdul. if they are against India then any amount of afterthought would not change the perception in our minds. So Mr Kanhaiya you just concentrate on passing your PhD. You have proved that you are a very average student rather weak student and so concentrate on passing exams  rather than teaching us.

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Shekhar said...

Absolutely. 31 year old student ! Nothing but a puppet in the hands of Congress n Communists. I am surprised how the JNU management are still allowing him to stay in the campus and make speeches n give interviews.Doesnt he have any classes to aatend, research to do?