Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Rahul Gandhi says right to protest has to be respected. By showing his presence at the JUN gathering, Rahul Gandhi has shown less of leadership and revealed more about his understanding of issues.

Right to protest is a fundamental right given by constitution in a democracy and Indian democracy has this. Freedom comes with some constraints and as GBS says “your freedom ceases to exists where my nose starts” when a person citing his freedom starts brandishing his walking stick and precisely this concept of freedom and its constraints have been missed by Rahul Gandhi.

Protests against corruption, pay rise, price rise, rising crime or any such thing is okay. It is certainly not okay when a platform is used to eulogize a terrorist, to eulogize an antinational and supporting it is a serious flaw in once understanding. What happened in JNU is precisely that. The function and so called cultural programme was used to eulogize AFZAL GURU.

God save the Congress party.  

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