Monday, December 30, 2013


I was reading the blog entry of Chetan Bhagat ( ) where he had advocated that BJP should have supported AAP (in government forming). BJP got highest number of seats and highest voter percentage. This is a fact. If we read the vote, more number of voters supported BJP, lesser for AAP and a big NO for Congress. It was because BJP did not get majority it did not form the govt. So to save from re elections AAP should have supported a non congress govt, if they wanted to keep Congress away. Instead, Chetan Bhagat says BJP should have supported AAP. Why should a party which got highest number of seats support a party which has got second largest seats? AAP may not be acknowledging but they are closer to BJP in their outlook without BJPs nationalist ideology. So BJP supporting AAP means BJP conceding its support base to AAP.

AAP has misread the vote and has gone to form a govt with Congress support. This would derail any investigations regarding omission and commissions of Congress during last 15 years. Here was a win win combination - Congress knowing that if re-elections are held then it would not get 8 seats and therefore jumped to support AAP. AAP wanted to show the people its delivery mechanism before Loksabha polls so that it can spread its party. So here we witnessed a marriage of convenience and less of serving people of the state of Delhi. Instead of debating about many other policies of BJP, Chetan Bhagat chose to concentrate on BJP’s stand on Article 377. This is a debatable subject.  

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