Sunday, December 22, 2013


Aam Aadmi Party has resorted to get a fresh ‘referendum’ from ‘aam aadmi’ voters of Delhi, to form government or not to form the government.

The analysis of the recently held Delhi elections shows that 65 percent voters voted in Delhi, out of that 26 percent people voted for AAP. Those who voted for AAP definitely wanted AAP to govern as a result of anger against Congress. AAP got more negative votes than positive votes. Remember, more number of people want BJP to rule and therefore BJP got more seats and voter percentage than other parties. It proves that overwhelmingly most of the voters NEVER wanted Congress to come back to power so people would not like Congress coming near to power seat atleast for now.

The electorate has given a decision. First choice is BJP, second is AAP and NO for Congress. Contrary to this what we get here is opposite. AAP’s hurry to grab power or a case of misreading the vote,  AAP has joined hands with the party against whom they had fought the elections. This unholy nexus raise some serious issues and these are as follows

(a)          They have insulted the mandate by joining hands with Congress when overwhelmingly people have rejected Congress.

(b)          The ‘referendum’ gathered by SMS and by other means have much to be explained, it is quite clear that all of those who voted for AAP in any case wanted them to rule and therefore they must have again given YES for the government formation. Delhi has 1.23 crore voters, out of this, 66 percent voted i.e around 81 lakh voted. AAP got 30 percent of those votes that means 24 lakh votes. In other words around 19 percent of voters want them to govern. For this there was no need to go to people again. AAP went just to show others that they are more democratic. This is no way of exercising democracy. India has adopted a model to govern and to have people participation. So referendum comes as the result of election results and not by creating this farce of going to public again to ask them what should the party do.

(c)          The candidates selected by AAP are unknown faces barring one or two,  who got elected because of adverse reaction to Congress regime and hype created around Arvind Kejriwal. They were certainly not elected on their ability to govern or because of their social standing.

(d)          The promises which AAP have made should be implemented by them to show that they deliver what they promised, but while they carry out their agenda, it has to be seen that by doling out largesse (50 percent lower power tariffs and others included) the coffers of the government doesn’t go dry and empty. The opposition (BJP) should keep a strict vigil on this aspect. Otherwise these people would govern for some time (as Congress would definitely at opportune time pull the rug) and the next government would face the music of empty coffers.

(e)          As AAP is taking outside support from Congress so it goes without saying that now there cannot be any further fair and proper investigation into various omission and commission cases of Congress for last 15 yrs. Thus here is a classic case where Congress inspite of getting drubbing by getting only 8 seats, again assumes power by supporting AAP. True face of AAP has emerged.

Tail Piece – The habit of going to public and taking referendum between the elections is divisive. If they get into habit of asking referendum on issues in between the elections it is a serious threat to sovereignty. Already one of the known faces of AAP has indicated that, let people of J & K decide whether to be part of India or not. If a referendum is taken at this juncture of skewed demography in J & K then the results would be disastrous and anybody relying on referendum would take a wrong decision which will affect out integrity. 



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