Saturday, November 6, 2010


Adarsh Society is in news for nexus between Men in Uniform – Bureaucrats – Politicians. Sanskrit word Adarsh means – Role model! What kind of role model our leaders have put before us. Should the Gen next emulate this, then there is a great danger of out country decaying because of corruption.

A true man earns money on his skill, talent, strength and not by selling his integrity and self respect. One cannot be priced and purchased for a few thousand rupees by an unscrupulous character. One cannot then stand up and tell his own family and himself that it is himselh, who have sold the self and family respect for a pittance. Remember there is always a greedy family behind a corrupt person. You cannot say that “he forced me, or they forced me” because; ultimately the decision is of the individual to succumb. Our sensitivities have become numb. People have started taking corruption as an instrument of showing one’s smartness. Those who resort to corruption and don’t get caught are considered as ‘smart’. Those who don’t resort to corruption are branded as ‘weak’ or considered as ‘not getting opportunity to indulge in corrupt practices’. This can be judged from the name the society promoter has given – Adarsh. This is the sad reality today.

We must understand that, those who are corrupt and resort to corrupt practices are anti nationals and should be treated as traitors of out nation. One cannot be corrupt, resort to corrupt practices and then keep on trumpeting his patriotism and nationalism. It is hypocrisy and those who think they are nationalists should boycott such persons. Those who think they are patriots and nationalists therefore should take a Rashtravrat ( To know more about it please read the following links -    or or . The last blog is in Marathi).

These scams put a brake on the real problems which our country is presently facing such as

– Kashmir issue and the act of sedition by the ilks of Ms Arundhati Roy
– Naxal carnage
– Terrorists activities.

These issues take a back burner in the face of the massive scams such as Adarsh society, CWG scams and 2G Spectrum scam.

To day we require a Parshuram to annihilate the corrupt people. Is there any Parshuram amongst us??

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