Saturday, August 10, 2019


Article 370

My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir – this was the book written in 1991 by Jagmohan Malhotra (known as Jagmohan) who was Lt Gov of Delhi and later Governor of J & K from 1984 to 1989.

He had given the exact problem of Kashmir, the steps to be taken to ensure its integrity with our nation. In those steps he had devoted a full chapter on article 370. What is article 370, how can we deal with it and how to take it out.

Today we remember this book as new dawn awaits Kashmir.

Almost all political parties were waiting for someone to bail the cat. Once Bharatiya Janata Party (its earlier avtaar as Bharatiya Jana Sangh was consistent since last 68 years in asking for repeal or abrogation or making it ineffective of article 370 and article 35 A) took the plunge almost all the political parties except confused Congress, nonexistent Left, NCP etc all other parties supported it in one way or other either by voting or by abstaining.

Like a Bhasmasura Article 370 itself was used along with Article 367 amended (some clauses added) by Presidential order C. O 272 and then 370 (1) and (3) were used to suppress the article itself.

A very innovative way to circumvent the problem!

With credits to Wikipedia, Abacus, and Indian Government following links are given for the learned persons to understand more on article 370 and Presidential Order C.O 272 -

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