Saturday, June 1, 2019



In every walk of life, whether a person is salaried, or in management, self-employed, businessman, artist, homemaker, laborer, policy maker there happens to be many instances where we find ourselves confused, depressed, frustrated, insecure and weak. We often come across persons who are well off but unhappy, persons who are lonely, those who think void in their relations, those who think they haven’t achieved anything, persons who think why for they are living and still alive and also we come across persons who think what more different and interesting is ahead in their otherwise boring and repetitive life. We come across persons who think they are alone and no one with them, persons who think they are lonely even if they are surrounded by people and those who think the relations and friends are not up to their expectations. Those who are well settled, have a grudge they are not celebrity, they are not popular. Sometimes people feel a void even as they have everything for themselves. Those who are celebrity have a grudge that they don’t get personal space. People mistake daily difficulties and term them as miseries of life and further get depressed and sink their morale.

In our life, we often come across predicaments, whether to do a thing, or not to do. We come across dilemma whether to act or not to act. We get confused whether to say a thing or not to say. We have to make a choice whether to be or not to be. Predicaments are the result of conflicts. Conflicts arise from beliefs, ethics and morals. Conflicts arise from faith, from learnings, from convictions, from principles, while tackling circumstances in life. 

We see people being restless. We meet persons in search of something and still don’t know what is that something that they are searching for. We then start thinking that living a life is very difficult.

Is there any way out? There are philosophies, there are sermons by mass leaders, there are classes, there are tutorials, there are satsangs, there are babas, there are gurus, there are counselling sessions, there are antidepressants, there are addictions, there are drugs,  there are shopping binges, there are eating binges and there are more kind of distractions to somehow make life forget the misery. Are they effective? To some extent yes but the effect subsides quickly and again the doom looms large. Seems life is going haywire, seems it is going to be difficult each passing day and therefore becomes difficult to pass each day.

How to be in control of life? How to be in control of emotions? How to be happy? How to lead a worthwhile life? It requires experiencing life in a different perspective. We will try to visit this perspective. Watch this space and ………………….. Keep reading.


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Neeraj Gupta said...

Sir it touches a cord...very well explained

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