Wednesday, May 10, 2017


On 9th May Delhi Assembly had a special session where Saurabh a MLA from AAP showcased how an EVM can be tampered for getting desired results by employing the cheat codes. Further he told to the assembly that this can be achieved in 90 seconds by changing the mother board of EVMs. He demonstrated it by using a look alike model of EVM designed by a computer firm. Following can be concluded after seeing that drama. 

1. By changing the mother board he claims, anyone can tamper the results - Changing the mother board amounts to changing the EVM itself. That means he is suggesting that by changing the EVMs results can be tampered. What is so great about it. Can it happen ever under the Election Commission to change all the EVMs by some one? Election Commision is an autonomous constitutional authority and it works independently. So suggesting this means creating confusion in the minds of gullible, illiterate electorate and computer illiterate including literate older generation people. This is intentional cheating and becomes a criminal offence. Election Commision should take suo moto cognizance of this and restrain any party from indulging in such kind of cheating. It should be denotified for this act of cheating. Here is the official rebuttal of Election Commission of India on the farce -

  • The Election Commission, through media, has learnt about a so-called demonstration of tampering of ‘look-alike’ EVM. In this context it should be understood that it is possible for anyone to make any electronic gadget which ‘looks-like’ ECI EVM and demonstrate any Magic or Tampering.
  • Very simply put, any ‘look-alike’ machine is just a different gadget, which is manifestly designed and made to function in a ‘tampered’ manner and has no relevance, incidence or bearing on the Commission’s EVMs.
  • It is common sense that gadgets other than ECI EVMs can be programmed to perform in a pre-determined way, but it simply cannot be implied that ECI EVMs will behave in the same manner because the ECI EVMs are Technically Secured and function under an elaborate Administrative and Security Protocol.
  • Such so-called demonstration on extraneous and duplicate gadgets which are not owned by the ECI cannot be exploited to influence our Intelligent Citizens & Electorate to assail or vilify the EVMs used by the Commission in its electoral process.
  • Election Commission of India (ECI) has scheduled an All Political Parties meeting on 12th May 2017 for EVM Issues and other Electoral Reforms. 

2. People should understand Arvind Kejriwal is using Delhi Assembly to indulge in free AAM AADMI PARTY propoganda by touching on such issues where only TRP ratings and confusion can be achieved but good for the society cannot be. 

3. The farce was attempted to divert the attention from the implosion within AAP and from various scams faced by Arvind Kejriwal and his late Brother in Law. 

Tail Piece - This happens when an incapable over ambitious person like Arvind Kejriwal heads an ideology-less and cadre less junta. A  ruderless ship and wastage of trust of electorate.

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