Friday, November 4, 2016


Frustrated Rahul Gandhi has started stooping to lowest rung to gain cheap popularity. He says that OROP has not been implemented and MODI is lying. There are equally rash statements from Kejriwal and AAP.

For years Congress denied to act upon OROP issue (nearly 40 years). NDA government not only adopted the OROP but also implemented it in two years.

Some ex servicemen are unhappy as they say that it is not implemented in toto by their definition. The civilians and ex-servicemen should understand that by implementation of OROP so many ex-servicemen could get the arrears in time during their life. For 40 years which congress denied OROP, hundreds of thousands of ex-servicemen could have benefitted which Congress denied all these years. Many of them are not alive to see the OROP.

The government should put names of all the beneficiaries in public domain. To quell the misinformation strategy of Congress.

No doubt this is being done by Congress and AAP keeping an eye on the forthcoming elections and the winter session of parliament.

The civilians should note that EX SERVICE men have received OROP any struggle/ dharna by ex – service men at Jantar Mantar is a farce – promoted by Congress and AAP and some greedy ex – servicemen.  

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Unknown said...

Well said. Politicians can stoop to such low levels! Never expected Arvind Kejriwal to act this way. OROP was never known to the world outside armed forces two years ago. Everyone is turning this sad episode into a theatrical farce.